Parth Celebrant

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Parth Celebrant
Region: The Great River
Landmark(s): Idmar's Camp

Field of Celebrant Ost Celebrant The Murderous Pit

Settlement(s): Brifard's Fort
Levels: Mainly 75+
Resource tier: Westfold - T7

Parth Celebrant is an area within the Great River region in Rohan.

The ruins of an ancient Gondorian keep, where brave soldiers once kept watch, stand at the southern edge of Parth Celebrant, overlooking the green plains.

Parth Celebrant Locations



These landmarks are located within Parth Celebrant:



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of the Great River Topographic map of the Great River


The site of the fiercest fighting during the Battle of the Fields of Celebrant, Parth Celebrant is also the site of a terrible betrayal. Gondorian soldiers allowed their fortress to fall to the enemy in exchange for safety and eastern riches, condemning their countrymen to death.