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Lord Hirluin "the Fair" is the Lord of the fiefdom of Pinnath Gelin and a good friend of Forlong, the Lord of Lossarnach. When the beacons where lit, he and most of the men under his command came to Minas Tirith to aid in the defence of the White City.

Hirluin (Minas Tirith)

Image of Hirluin
Title Lord of Pinnath Gelin
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Old Anórien
Area Minas Tirith
Settlement Minas Tirith
Interior The Merry Swan
Map Ref [67.0S, 18.9W]

Hirluin can be found in the Merry Swan tavern awaiting the upcoming battle, reminiscing with his friends Lords Forlong of Lossarnach and Neldir of Minas Tirith. He later partakes in the Battle of Pelennor Fields.

Quest Involvement

Hirluin (Epic Battles)

Hirluin the Fair
Image of Hirluin the Fair
Role Epic Battle
Gender Male
Race Man
Level 100
Difficulty Master Defender
Morale 192,969
Power 7,356
Region Old Anórien
Area Minas Tirith Besieged

Hirluin the Fair joins the defence of Minas Tirith in the Epic Battles Defence of Minas Tirith and Hammer of the Underworld.