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Beleriand (Region)

Beleriand was the region of north-western Middle-earth during the First Age. It is the setting for the great tales of that Age, such as The Silmarillion and The Children of Hurin.

Among the landmarks of Beleriand and its surrounding territories were the lands of Hithlum, Mithrim, and Dor-lomin; the hidden Elvish cities of Gondolin and Nargothrond; the great forest of Doriath, encircled by the magical Girdle of Melian; the seaside havens of the Falas; the forested region of Ossiriand (later known as Lindon); and the Dwarvish cities of Belegost and Nogrod.

The War of the Jewels was fought by Elves and Men against Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, in the lands of Beleriand. Morgoth's theft of the mystic Silmaril jewels, crafted by the elf-smith Fëanor, was the catalyst, but the war soon became a battle for survival against the Enemy and his forces. It was during this conflict that Morgoth first corrupted and bred many evil creatures who continued to plague Middle-earth in later centuries -- among them, the Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, and Belryg.

Beleriand was eventually destroyed in the War of Wrath when the Valar, the angelic guardians of the world, sent an army to Middle-earth to defeat Morgoth once and for all. In the epic clash of these cosmic powers, Beleriand was drowned beneath the sea and all surviving peoples fled east into Eriador. The Ered Luin and the land of Lindon, once the eastern borders of Beleriand, are now all that remains of that land. They form the furthest western regions in Middle-earth before the Great Sea of Belegaer.

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Beleriand Damage Type

Beleriand is a type of damage found on some weapons, usually those of Elvish design. There are some Creatures that have resistances to Beleriand and will take less damage for it. Beleriand damage is superior against Half-orcs, Spiders, Insects, Neekers, Crawlers, Ancient Evil, Morroval, Nameless & Gaunts.

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