Quest:Instance: Two Hobbits

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Instance: Session Play: Two Hobbits
Level 76
Type Session Play
Starts with Sandy Footprints
Starts at Parth Galen
Start Region The East Wall
Map Ref [58.9S, 47.4W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 7
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Two Hobbits
"Those footprints are hobbit-sized! What became of our mutual friends on that dangerous day?"


You're in quite a pickle, Samwise Gamgee. You know what Frodo thinks he has to do, but you want to ensure that he doesn't go off without you.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Pippin by the campfire

Pippin is at the campfire on Parth Galen.

You're worried, and should talk to your friends. Pippin is young and might need a friendly word.

Pippin: 'Why do you look so worried, Sam? You heard what Aragorn said. Frodo is just going to think about what to do for an hour, and then he'll come back and we'll all set off in whatever direction he's decided.
'We've got a job to do, after all. I'm sure Frodo will come up with something.'
Legolas says, "I say we call Frodo back and have a vote. My vote is for Minas Tirith."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Merry by the campfire

Merry is sitting by the campfire at Parth Galen.

You should talk to Merry to see if he is as concerned as you are.

Merry: 'We will go wherever Frodo goes, won't we, Sam? That's what we decided, even before we knew the far-off lands through which his road would take him, but nothing has changed, has it?'
  • Listen to your friends vote about where to go
Legolas says, "I say we call Frodo back and have a vote. My vote is for Minas Tirith."
Gimli says, "That is my vote as well, but if Frodo chooses otherwise, I will go with him."
Legolas says, "I will follow Frodo no matter his choice. It would be betrayal to do anything else."
Aragorn says, "It would be, if we all deserted him. But I propose something different."
Aragorn says, "I think Frodo should go east with three companions: myself, and Gimli, and Sam."
Aragorn says, "Boromir should return to his own city, with Legolas and Meriadoc and Peregrin."
Merry says, "No!"
Pippin says, "What? No!"

Objective 3

Aragorn is standing by the campfire on Parth Galen.

Aragorn: 'I know it isn't easy for your friends to hear, Sam, but I think it is the best course. Frodo has probably come to the same realization, that both ways are desperate. He may in fact be trying to decide which way is most desperate, in order to make his choice more clear.'
You think Aragorn may not fully understand your master, and apologetically tell him that Frodo has probably no intention of going to Minas Tirith at all. He intends to go east, to Mordor, but he's afraid for those of the company that go with him.
'You may be right, Sam. The hour is just about up. We should call for him.'
  • Boromir has returned from... wherever he had gone.
Aragorn says, Boromir, where have you been? Have you seen Frodo?
Boromir says, Well... yes and no.

Objective 4

Boromir has returned to the campfire on Parth Galen.

Boromir says, "I saw him a ways up the hill... and I... urged him to come with me to Minas Tirith."
Boromir says, "I grew angry, and he... he vanished. I have never seen anything like it."
Legolas says, "O Elbereth..."
Merry says, "Oh no! Why would he do that?"
Aragorn says, "Is that all you have to say, Boromir? How long has it been since you saw him?"
Boromir: 'It has been half an hour, perhaps, or maybe an hour. I do not know! I do not know.'

Objective 5

  • Frodo may be in danger! Stay with Aragorn!

Frodo may be in danger! You have to stay with Aragorn!

Legolas says, "Gimli, let us find Frodo!"
Gimli says, "Aye! He needs our aid!"
Pippin says, "An hour! Frodo! Frodo!"
Aragorn says, "We must divide into pairs, and carefully... no, wait! Come back!"
Aragorn says, "Boromir, I do not know what part you played in this, but redeem yourself now! Keep those hobbits safe!"
Aragorn says, "Sam, stay with me! We must not get separated!"

Objective 6

  • Use your hobbit-sense to learn where Frodo has gone

You need to use your plain old hobbit-sense to figure out what has happened to Frodo!

Hold on a minute, Sam,' you say to yourself. 'This is a time for plain old hobbit-sense.
Frodo can't fly, and he has no gear. So he needs to get back to the boats!

Objective 7

  • Get back to the boats, Sam!

Frodo needs to get back to the boats if he plans to leave for Mordor alone, and that means you need to get back to the boats if you are to catch him!

One of the boats is missing! Frodo has already taken it!

Objective 8

  • Swim out into Nen Hithoel and find Frodo's boat!

Frodo has already taken one of the boats! You have to swim as best you can out into the lake to reach him before he gets too far away!

Objective 9

  • Talk to Frodo on the boat

Frodo must be on this boat!

Frodo appears before you. He was wearing the ring, and now he has removed it!
Frodo: 'Sam, what a nuisance you are! Don't you know you can't really swim? What would you have done if I had not grabbed you?'
He shakes his head in an exasperated way.
'Sam, I need to go on to Mordor alone. It's the only way!'
You refuse to be left behind, to Frodo's growing consternation.
'Do not hinder me, Sam! The others will be back soon, and if they catch us here they will make us explain, and argue, and I will not be able to resist. If we are going, we have to go now.'
Frodo laughs.
'Oh, Sam. You have spoilt my plan, but... I am glad of it. We were meant to leave together, that much is clear to me now. Let us be off!'