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The Haradrim or Southrons were the proud and warlike people, a race of evil Men from the South of Middle-earth, namely from Umbar and the lands of Harad.

Ancient enemies of Gondor, they allied with Sauron during the War of the Ring. They can be found throughout the regions of Gondor.

The Corsairs of Umbar are lead by Balakhôr the Scourge who has claimed the title "Heir of Castamir", seeking revenge for an attack by the fleet of Gondor that burned most of the Corsair fleet forty years before the War of the Ring.

The Haradrim live in tribes in the Great Desert and paid tribute to Gondor during the height of its power. Many wars have since been fought between the Haradrim and the Gondorrim, and now, with the Dark Lord Sauron's strength on the rise, the Haradrim are eager to conquer the Stone-lands once and for all.

Among the Hobbits of the secluded Shire, the dark-skinned Men of the far south were a people of legend, who rode to war on oliphaunts in stories that the Shire-hobbits only half-believed. They knew these people as the Swertings, a word related to the term 'Swarthy Men' used in the Common Speech (where 'swarthy' is an old word for 'dark-skinned').

In the War of the Ring, the Travellers discovered that the Hobbit-legends were true after all. The Swertings were the southern Men otherwise known as the Haradrim, who rode into battle on the great oliphaunts that they referred to in their own tongue as Mûmakil.



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