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The Stable-Master map


A Stable-master is a class of Non-player Character (NPC). Stable-masters are found in all major settlements and in many other locations as well. Characters can travel between locations by renting a mount -- a horse or pony, or in Moria, a goat. Some locations supply more exotic mounts, such as Elk in the Trollshaws, and boars in Gundabad

Renting a mount from a Stable-master is one of the quickest and simplest ways to travel across Middle-earth. All travels can be purchased by silver or Mithril coins.

Long ago, characters first had to visit and "learn to know" the stable-master at the destination, before they could travel there. However, now they can instead spend Mithril Coin  to travel, but they still better "learn to know" the stable-master for future visits by clicking on them. Unknown Stable-masters have glowing, blue icons.

Characters can only ride along predefined, shorter or longer routes. One or more stops at stable-masters along the way, to change mounts, may be required for somewhat longer trips. Some routes require a minimum level, reputation, deed, or having started or completed certain quests.

Achieving "Friend" status with regional factions grants a 10 % discount on travel fees within their domain.

It is possible to dismount a rented mount at any point along the route.

Many long-distance routes are available as Swift Travel, which is the quickest possible way to another stable. Prices vary from 1 Silver  in starter areas to 162 Silver  elsewhere, or from Mithril Coin  to many. Characters who have never been played during VIP may access swift travel by purchasing Writs for Special Passage at the Lotro Store. Swift routes between starter areas are available for anybody.

Certain Stable-masters are designated "Far-ranging Stables", which means they have direct swift travel routes to many of the major regional centers in addition to more local destinations. They are generally (but not always) marked with a blue icon on your map. Regional maps (click M) have a tab that shows travel routes for the entire land. It is called "Stable-master Collections". It displays all locations with known and unknown Stable-masters. There it is possible to purchase instant travel for one or more Mithril Coins. This way characters may travel to destinations that otherwise would be very dangerous, likely lethal.

A couple of additional notes:

  • Characters travelling via Stable-masters are completely protected from attack by creatures, which can allow for safe travel through dangerous territory
  • Stable-master horses explicitly travel on roads, with no exception. Before paying for a shorter travel route, check the road pathways on the map from the current position to the destination; if the only road pathway is a rather long, indirect route it may be faster for the character to simply use its own steed in a direct line.
  • Stable-master appearances are changeable, with the game pulling from a pool of random appearances for each region.
  • During various Festivals and events, there is a Festival Announcer at Bree's West Gate offering swift travel to the Festival Grounds. There are also Festival Announcers at Michel Delving, Celondim, and Thorin's Gate stables offering swift travel to the site of the current Festival. At the event site, be it the Treasure Field, Frostbluff or the Festival Grounds, there's another Announcer with swift-travel options to get you back where you came from.
  • In Moria there are a number of Stable-helpers who offer one-way travel to a single destination, sometimes requiring the player to be on a specific quests to use them. These can be found in the Foundations of Stone and the Flaming Deeps.



  • In some locations, especially along the river Brandywine and in the Shield Isles, there are special NPCs called Dock-masters. Their travel routes are always of the swift travel variety. They function identically to Stable-masters, but their routes are along water.

All Homesteads

Far-ranging Stable-masters are found in all housing neighbourhoods. They allow access to any Far-ranging Stable destination the character has discovered already and meets the minimum level requirements. All travel is Swift Travel.

Stable-master's Stands are a housing services NPC that can be purchased and placed in the yard of a personal or kinship house. It can provide transport to the following destinations:


To rent a mount talk to one of the following Stable-masters:

Region Settlement Stable-master Location Notes
Angmar Aughaire Tavas [0.2S, 39.3W]
Bail Avarc Stable-master [70.3N, 27.8W]
Gabilshathûr Hórth [3.8S, 26.6W]
Gabilshathûr Mission Recruiter [3.6S, 26.6W]
Iorelen's Camp Stable-master [10.6N, 15.5W] Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
Gath Forthnír Loborcheron [10.4N, 24.0W]
Bree-land Adso's Camp Wes Brittleleaf [29.2S, 56.6W]
Bree Bert Goldenleaf [31.9S, 50.4W] South Gate
Bree Bill Rosewood [29.5S, 52.7W] West Gate
Bree Mission Recruiter [31.0S, 52.0W]
Buckland Sully Brandybuck [32.9S, 61.8W]
Combe Jack Cloverdale [28.6S, 49.5W]
Hengstacer Farm Earl Beechwood [22.3S, 52.3W]
Saeradan's Cabin Saeradan [25.6S, 52.9W]
Cardolan Gerwyn's Convoy Stable-master [37.6S, 49.8W] Andrath
Herne Stable-master [50.1S, 44.7W]
Sarn Ford Stable-master [48.1S, 55.8W]
Scurloc Farm Stable-master [43.3S, 33.8W]
Sírlond Stable-master [44.7S, 39.5W] Caranost
Stonecrop Encampment Stable-master [54.2S, 40.3W] Tharbad
Dunland Avardin Stable-master [83.5S, 20.4W]
Barnavon Stable-master [84.7S, 16.3W]
Echad Naeglanc Stable-master [77.3S, 15.8W]
Galtrev Stable-master [80.0S, 16.7W]
Galtrev Mission Recruiter [80.0S, 16.6W]
Gravenwood Stable-master [78.3S, 11.2W] Tâl Methedras Gate
Lhan Rhos Stable-master [86.8S, 23.0W]
Lhan Tarren Stable-master [75.3S, 22.4W]
Rohirrim Scout-camp Stable-master [80.9S, 10.6W]
Enedwaith Echad Daervunn Ferrif [66.6S, 21.5W]
Echad Dagoras Demúr [58.5S, 14.5W]
Harndirion Celenath [69.4S, 13.7W]
Lhanuch Barri [66.9S, 16.9W]
Maur Tulhau Avan Brocktull [62.9S, 23.2W]
Ered Luin Celondim Roherdir [28.1S, 92.4W]
Duillond Colchyl [24.6S, 93.1W]
Gondamon Sigdan [20.4S, 97.0W]
Gondamon Mission Recruiter [20.4S, 97.1W]
Noglond Leiknir [19.4S, 100.6W]
Thorin's Gate Wíli [15.0S, 103.6W]
Thorin's Gate Mission Recruiter [15.0S, 103.5W]
Thrasi's Lodge Reimar [21.6S, 94.1W]
Eregion Echad Dúnann Rocherves [50.6S, 7.8W]
Echad Eregion Rochdúr [47.0S, 12.6W]
Echad Mirobel Bregrochir [52.3S, 17.0W]
Gwingris Baidhrochiel [40.2S, 16.0W]
Ettenmoors Glân Vraig Rimdal [21.1S, 13.4W]
Evendim Annúminas Dannasmeth [19.1S, 70.9W]
Glass-blowers' Camp Grimric Brockhouse [20.8S, 64.7W] Dwaling
High King's Crossing Trevadir [13.8S, 64.0W]
Oatbarton Andy Deepwell [23.2S, 67.3W]
Ost Forod Walerand Puddy [8.2S, 64.3W]
Tinnudir Nat Collop [12.4S, 67.2W]
Forochel Kauppa-kohta Kerkko [2.6N, 58.0W]
Kuru-leiri Kirsikka [19.5N, 83.7W]
Pynti-peldot Iri [11.3N, 69.4W]
Sûri-kylä Lalli [19.1N, 70.8W]
Zigilgund Eindrith [9.6N, 81.1W]
Gap of Rohan Forthbrond Stable-master [86.9S, 7.5W]
Grimbold's Camp Stable-master [87.8S, 3.9W]
Lone-lands Candaith's Encampment Candaith [30.1S, 37.9W]
The Forsaken Inn Pip Wortley [34.4S, 40.6W]
Ost Guruth Unni [32.1S, 29.8W]
The Last Bridge Stable-master [33.4S, 23.0W]
Misty Mountains Glóin's Camp Leiknir [24.9S, 4.0W]
Glóin's Camp Mission Recruiter [24.9S, 4.01W]
High Crag Vighar Roadwalker [24.6S, 1.3E]
Hrimbarg Sigbert [24.4S, 7.0E]
Hrimbarg Mission Recruiter [24.5S, 7.0E]
Vindurhal Stable-master [23.3S, 4.3E]
Nan Curunír Dagoras' Camp Stable-master [84.9S, 3.4W]
North Downs Amon Raith Pothlír [12.3S, 52.5W]
Esteldín Arochon [9.7S, 42.1W]
Lin Giliath Dílath [13.6S, 44.5W]
Othrikar Sam Pickwell [6.9S, 45.0W]
Othrikar Mission Recruiter [6.8S, 44.9W]
Trestlebridge Stable-master [18.0S, 53.6W]
Trestlebridge Mission Recruiter [17.7S, 54.3W]
Swanfleet Clegur Stable-master [64.9S, 29.3W]
Echad Terthas Stable-master [52.7S, 22.4W] Caras Gelebren
Glyn Helyg Stable-master [62.3S, 25.9W]
Idhobel Stable-master [47.2S, 19.0W] Western Eregion
Lhan Garan Stable-master [55.2S, 27.1W]
Lintrev Stable-master [61.7S, 24.2W]
Mossward Stable-master [60.8S, 34.7W]
The Shire Brockenborings Rory Primstone [27.5S, 68.1W]
Gamwich (Yondershire) Stable-master [24.1S, 82.6W]
Hobbiton Bogo Chubb [31.5S, 71.2W]
Long Cleeve (Yondershire) Stable-master [22.3S, 78.4W]
Michel Delving Andfast Tunnelly [34.2S, 75.5W]
Needlehole Hending Gamgee [27.9S, 76.1W]
Nobottle (Yondershire) Stable-master [27.0S, 79.0W]
Stock Gundo Bracegirdle [32.1S, 64.1W]
Tighfield (Yondershire) Stable-master [26.3S, 82.5W]
Trollshaws Barachen's Camp Stable-master [34.1S, 20.2W]
Echad Candelleth Loborelen [36.8S, 14.2W] [36.8S, 14.2W]
Gaerond Stable-master [34.7S, 22.1W] [34.7S, 22.1W]
High Moor Stable-master [34.7S, 9.6W]
The Last Bridge Stable-master [33.4S, 23.0W]
Nan Tornaeth Stable-master [28.2S, 15.3W]
North Trollshaws Stable-master [28.6S, 19.4W]
Rivendell Last Homely House [29.8S, 4.1W] [29.8S, 4.1W]
Rivendell - Elrond's Stables Ladrochan [29.3S, 6.4W] [29.3S, 6.4W]
Rivendell - Elrond's Stables Assistant Stable-master [29.3S, 6.4W] [29.3S, 6.4W]
Tham Lumren Stable-master [38.6S, 17.4W] [38.6S, 17.4W]
Thorenhad Breglobor [31.7S, 15.0W]
Tornhad Stable-master [42.4S, 23.3W] [42.4S, 23.3W]


To rent a mount talk to one of the following Stable-masters:

Region Settlement Stable-master Location Notes
Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799 Amdân, the Threshold Stable-master [63.4N, 135.2W]
Ashmargathâl Stable-master [69.2N, 133.1W]
Khur Azan Stable-master [64.4N, 133.0W]
Zirakazhâr Stable-master [66.2N, 136.7W]
Gundabad Asbaj-khîrfin Stable-master [46.2S, 112.2W]
Aslíf Stable-master [50.0S, 117.1W]
Bazanmanar Stable-master [37.0S, 120.3W]
Bárgstad Stable-master [44.1S, 113.8W]
Fellgát Stable-master [49.4N, 74.4W]
Grúmachath Stable-master [50.1N, 68.4W]
Hagbuth Stable-master [40.9S, 120.0W]
Hall of Vérnozal Mission Recruiter [45.3S, 115.3W]
Ibdêkh-buzru Stable-master [45.6N, 73.1W]
Imrêkh-guthlu Stable-master [48.9S, 115.0W]
Leitstáth Stable-master [47.0N, 64.9W]
Maergrind, the Noble Gate Stable-master [49.4S, 112.0W]
Watchers' Roost Stable-master [47.7S, 121.9W]
Zidir-nesad, the Steepset Stable-master [45.6S, 114.6W]
Lothlórien Caras Galadhon Rohiril [16.8S, 67.5W] Outside gate
Inner Caras Galadhon Santhiriel [15.1S, 68.2W] Inside gate
Cirin-en-Galadh Inurochon [11.8S, 69.1W] Cerin Amroth
Echad Andestel Loborwen [14.4S, 73.1W]
Egladil Rimdariel [18.3S,  64.2W] The Vineyards of Lothlórien
Mekhem-bizru Thalamab [11.5S, 78.6W]
Mirkwood Echad Sirion Húrien [15.3S, 61.3W]
Estolad Mernael Curuhen [16.8S, 54.5W]
Helethir Maercherves [16.1S, 44.6W]
Mithechad Midhram [17.6S, 48.3W]
Ost Galadh Toriel [14.3S, 51.2W]
Thangúlhad Candiel [12.8S, 46.1W]
The Haunted Inn Andambeth [13.5S, 56.2W]
Moria Anazârmekhem Warr [13.2S, 108.0W]
Chamber of the Crossroads Styrlak [5.2S, 112.1W]
Deep Descent Skolm [9.8S, 112.5W]
Dolven-view Dúfa [8.4S, 112.4W]
Dolven-view Mission Recruiter [8.4S, 112.0W]
Durin's Threshold Fith [7.9S,  116.1W]
First Hall Solsi [8.0S,  95.3W]
Jazârgund Rangi [3.7S, 106.0W]
Shadowed Refuge Kormák [13.0S, 101.6W]
Tharâkh Bazân Stable-master [3.2S, 108.6W]
The Door to the Clouds Sibbi [2.9S, 110.8W] Zirakzigil
The Fanged Pit camp Stable-master [3.5S, 103.3W]
The Orc-watch Thálfi [11.1S, 106.9W]
The Rotting Cellar Wáni [15.1S, 111.9W]
Twenty-first Hall Taf [5.7S, 105.3W]
Twenty-first Hall Mission Recruiter [5.9S, 105.2W]
Elderslade Annâk-khurfu Stable-master [32.7N, 60.9W]
Drenghól Stable-master [38.7N, 65.4W]
Zudramdân Stable-master [36.8N, 64.5W]
Eryn Lasgalen
and the Dale-lands
(Northern Mirkwood)
Dale Stable-master [24.0N, 26.1W]
Erebor (Akrâz-zahar) Mission Recruiter [14.7N, 136.1W] Inside the Dwelling-halls
Erebor Stable-master [29.1N, 25.7W] Outside city
Felegoth Stable-master [20.3N, 36.9W] Outside city
Lake-town Stable-master [17.2N, 27.9W] On bridge to city
Tham Taerdol Stable-master [12.1N, 46.1W]
Ered Mithrin
and Withered Heath
Dôm Goru Stable-master [31.1N, 38.6W]
Hammerstead Stable-master [30.9N, 12.1W] Iron Hills
Járnfast Stable-master [28.4N, 3.7W] Iron Hills
Járnfast Mission Recruiter [28.3N, 3.7W] Iron Hills
Skald's Drop Stable-master [21.2N, 15.7W] Iron Hills
Skarháld Stable-master [34.7N, 45.4W]
Vales of Anduin Arhaim Stable-master [5.8S, 61.2W]
Beorninghús Stable-master [13.5N, 53.3W]
Blómgard Stable-master [1.6S, 55.6W]
Hultvís Stable-master [5.4N, 54.6W]
Vegbár Stable-master [7.9N, 58.5W]
Wells of Langflood Hlithseld Stabled Horse [30.6N, 59.3W]
Limlók Stable-master [20.7N, 55.9W]
Lyndelby Stable-master [27.1N, 65.7W]
Thokvist Stabled Horse [26.0N, 58.4W]


To rent a mount talk to one of the following Stable-masters:

Region Settlement Stable-master Location Notes
The Great River Aculf's Camp Stable-master [29.2S, 55.2W] Rushgore
Etheburg Stable-master [31.2S, 52.0W] Brown Lands
Haldirith Stable-master [21.4S, 63.4W] Thinglad
Limlight Gatehouse Stable-master [25.6S, 67.0W] Wailing Hills (Limlight Gorge)
Parth Celebrant Stable-master [26.6S, 58.3W]
Stangard Stable-master [25.6S, 63.5W]
East Rohan Cliving Stable-master [43.4S, 56.5W] Norcrofts
Eaworth Stable-master [47.7S, 63.6W] Entwash Vale
Elthengels Stable-master [48.8S, 52.7W] Norcrofts
Faldham Stable-master [54.8S, 57.2W] Norcrofts
Floodwend Stable-master [45.3S, 48.2W] The Wold
Garsfeld Stable-master [54.7S, 61.8W] Sutcrofts
Harwick Stable-master [39.0S, 52.3W] The Wold
Hytbold Stable-master [57.3S, 55.4W] Sutcrofts
Mansig's Encampment Stable-master [52.2S, 51.3W] The East Wall
Parth Galen Stable-master [58.7S, 47.8W] The East Wall
Snowbourn Stable-master [60.5S, 61.3W] Sutcrofts
Thornhope Stable-master [42.5S, 67.5W] Entwash Vale
Walstow Stable-master [61.9S, 54.5W] Sutcrofts
West Rohan Aldburg Stable-master [68.7S, 63.9W] Eastfold
Beaconwatch Stable-master [69.6S, 57.4W] Eastfold
Brockbridge Stable-master [50.8S, 77.7W] Stonedeans
Eastfold Stable-master [63.6S, 68.2W] Eastfold
Edoras Stable-master [60.8S, 74.2W] Kingstead
Entwade Stable-master [56.0S, 65.9W] Kingstead
Fenmarch Stable-master [66.5S, 57.8W] Eastfold
Gapholt Stable-master [53.7S, 83.7W] Stonedeans
Grimslade Stable-master [62.3S, 82.0W] Westfold
Helm's Deep Stable-master [61.4S, 88.8W] Westfold
Kingstead Stable-master [59.0S, 67.5W] Kingstead
Middlemead Stable-master [53.7S, 72.5W] Kingstead
Oserley Stable-master [46.0S, 67.0W] Broadacres
Stoke Stable-master [49.3S, 69.6W] Broadacres
Underharrow Stable-master [66.9S, 73.8W] Kingstead
Woodhurst Stable-master [47.6S, 79.1W] Stonedeans
Isengard Isengard Stable-master [47.7S, 89.7W] Nan Curunír
Wildermore Byre Tor Stable-master [33.0S, 66.6W] High Knolls
Cerdic's Camp Stable-master [35.4S, 69.8W] Balewood
Dunfast's Refugees Stable-master [38.7S, 67.1W] Whitshaws
Forlaw Stable-master [39.4S, 60.9W] Writhendowns
Scylfig Stable-master [33.6S, 60.2W] Writhendowns


To rent a mount talk to one of the following Stable-masters:

Region Settlement Stable-master Location Notes
Western Gondor Calembel Stable-master [67.2S, 56.0W] Lamedon
Dol Amroth Stable-master [74.9S, 71.3W] Havens of Belfalas
Morlad Stable-master [56.9S, 67.5W] Blackroot Vale
Tadrent Stable-master [73.9S, 62.2W] Havens of Belfalas
Central Gondor Ethring Stable-master [72.2S, 50.1W] Ringló Vale
Linhir Stable-master [80.8S, 45.8W] Lebennin
Ost Anglebed Stable-master [79.1S, 39.0W] Lebennin
Pelargir (East)| Stable-master [82.8S, 31.6W] Pelargir
Pelargir (West) Stable-master [83.0S, 34.8W] Pelargir
Eastern Gondor Arnach Stable-master [76.3S, 24.4W] Lossarnach
Bâr Húrin Stable-master [73.5S, 12.2W] South Ithilien
Faramir's Lookout Stable-master [65.1S, 6.1W] South Ithilien
Glaniath Stable-master [80.9S, 29.7W] Upper Lebennin
Old Anórien Minas Tirith - Main Gate Stable-master [65.8S, 16.8W] Minas Tirith
North-gate Stable-master [59.5S, 17.5W] Pelennor
Anórien (After Battle) Aragorn's Pavilion Stable-master [65.6S, 14.8W] The Pelennor Fields (After-battle)
Osgiliath (After Battle) Stable-master [63.0S, 6.5W] Osgiliath (After Battle)
Minas Tirith (After-battle) Stable-master [65.6S, 16.8W] Minas Tirith (After-battle)
Minas Tirith (Midsummer) Stable-master [22.4N, 53.7W] Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Minas Tirith (Midsummer) Mission Recruiter [22.5N, 53.7W] Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Ithilien Henneth Annûn Stable-master [48.4S, 6.9W] North Ithilien
The Wastes Camp of the Host Stable-master [41.0S, 10.5W] the Noman-lands
Slag-hills Stable-master [34.4S, 3.5W] The Slag-hills

King's Gondor

To rent a mount talk to one of the following Stable-masters:

Region Settlement Stable-master Location Notes
Eastern King's Gondor Aerthir Stable-master [83.6S, 39.9W] Lower Lebennin
Arnach Stable-master [76.3S, 24.3W] Lossarnach
Erynos Stable-master [79.7S, 32.8W] Lower Lebennin
Furukzahar Stable-master [70.8S, 35.1W] Lower Lebennin
Glaniath Stable-master [81.6S, 26.6W] Upper Lebennin
Halach Stable-master [81.0S, 29.8W] Upper Lebennin
Imloth Melui Stable-master [74.0S, 23.5W] Lossarnach
Linhir Stable-master [81.9S, 45.0W] Lower Lebennin
Malbarth Stable-master [80.2S, 42.3W] Lower Lebennin
Ost Anglebed Stable-master [79.1S, 39.0W] Lower Lebennin
Pelargir East Gate Stable-master [82.8S, 31.6W] Upper Lebennin
Pelargir West Gate Stable-master [83.0S, 34.8W] Lower Lebennin
The Harlond (King's Gondor) Stable-master [72.6S, 19.9W] Lossarnach
Tumladen Stable-master [77.3S, 28.8W] Upper Lebennin
Zarsatrâd Stable-master [77.8S, 34.5W] Lower Lebennin
Western King's Gondor Barad Rill Stable-master [85.5S, 50.4W] Dor-en-Ernil
Calembel Stable-master [67.2S, 55.1W] Lamedon
Dínadab Stable-master [63.2S, 59.4W] Lamedon
Dol Amroth Stable-master [75.4S, 72.5W] The Havens of Belfalas
Ethring Stable-master [72.2S, 50.1W] Ringló Vale
Lancrath Stable-master [58.2S, 63.0W] Blackroot Vale
Lothgobel Stable-master [64.3S, 56.9W] Lamedon
Morlad Stable-master [56.9S, 67.5W] Blackroot Vale
Ost Lontir Stable-master [74.9S, 65.8W] The Havens of Belfalas
Parth Rest Stable-master [80.2S, 51.1W] Dor-en-Ernil
Sardol Stable-master [61.0S, 69.5W] Blackroot Vale
Tadrent Stable-master [74.0S, 62.4W] The Havens of Belfalas
Outer Gondor Barad Faen Stable-master [67.1S, 81.5W] Anfalas
Iáphel Stable-master [60.4S, 94.0W] Pinnath Gelin
Lond Cirion Stable-master [69.0S, 88.9W] Anfalas
Melgobas Stable-master [68.8S, 77.0W] Anfalas
Mereham Stable-master [57.7S, 81.5W] Pinnath Gelin
Ost Arndir Stable-master [52.4S, 84.3W] Pinnath Gelin


To rent a mount talk to one of the following Stable-masters:

Region Settlement Stable-master Location Notes
The Plateau of Gorgoroth Udûn Foothold Stable-master [41.2S, 0.5W] Udûn
Ruins of Dingarth Stable-master [48.0S, 8.7E] Dor Amarth
Magh Ashtu Stable-master [53.1S, 10.5E] Talath Úrui
Magh Ashtu Mission Recruiter [53.1S, 10.6E] Talath Úrui
Agarnaith Ranger Camp Stable-master [56.6S, 26.9E] Agarnaith
Mordor Besieged Adambel Stable-master [98.9S, 126.3W]
Barthost Stable-master [95.3S, 119.9W]
Díngarth Stable-master [97.7S, 131.3W]
Echad-in-Edhil Stable-master [96.3S, 127.6W]
The Morgul Vale Echad Taerdim Stable-master [61.9S, 0.4W]
Echad Uial Stable-master [65.1S, 4.2E]
Estolad Lân Stable-master [64.5S, 2.2W]
Minas Morgul Stable-master [65.4S, 0.7E]
Taen Orwath Stable-master [66.9S, 5.8E]


To rent a mount talk to one of the following Stable-masters:

Region Settlement Stable-master Location Notes
Cape of Umbar Jax Phanâl Stable-master [14.3S, 114.3W] Khaphâr
Khûtra Stable-master [19.1S, 108.2W] Bej Mâgha
Rakhatâb Stable-master [25.3S, 115.7W] Khaphâr
Umbar Baharbêl East Gate Stable-master [20.4S, 96.4W]
Umbar Baharbêl North Gate Stable-master [17.3S, 97.7W]
Umbar Baharbêl West Gate Stable-master [18.5S, 100.7W]

Stable-master interregional fast travel map

Travel Routes

Travel Hubs

Some stable-masters are "global travel-hubs" in the sense they allow travel from one region, or land, to another with a minimum number of stop-overs. See also stable-masters in the different homesteads.

Dunland, Enedwaith, the Great River, East Rohan, West Rohan, Dol Amroth, Dale, Lake-town, Magh Ashtu, Járnfast, and Skarháld
all of Moria, Inner Caras Galadhon , and Stangard
Galtrev, Lhanuch, Stangard, Snowbourn, and Rivendell
South Bree, Moria, Inner Caras Galadhon , Stangard, and Forlaw
South Bree, Twenty-first Hall, Aldburg, Western Gondor, Central Gondor, and Eastern Gondor
South Bree, Moria, Dol Amroth, Aldburg, Minas Tirith, Galtrev, and North Ithilien

Third-party Plugins

Travel Locations Reference Lua by Vinny.

This plugin provides details on all the travel locations in the game except for some boats. For each location it can list all the destinations with costs and travel restrictions. It can also find the best route between any two stable locations and factor in Milestone/Return/Guide/Muster skills, even providing a clickable icon for the skill when it provides the best route.

Travel Window Lua by D.H1icks.

Manage milestones and travel skills. This plugin creates a single window that contains all the available travel skills, including the race, class and reputation skills.

For details on how to use plugins see: Plugins