Long Cleeve

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Long Cleeve
Region: The Shire
Area: The Yondershire
Location: [22.1S, 78.7W]

Long Cleeve is a settlement located within the area of the Yondershire, in the Shire. [22.1S, 78.7W]

In the northern part of Yondershire a calm village lies at the feet of Twilight Hills, founded long since by no less than Blanco. However, chatting with some of the villagers reveals not everything is so calm after all.

Long Cleeve affords the services of a stable-master, quartermaster for the Yonder-watch, healer, provisioner, and supplier. Furthermore, here lies the Roaring Bull Inn which attracts many happy hobbit-folks, and others.


The Roaring Bull
Vendors gathered at the middle level
The Reeve of Yondershire at the upper level




The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:





NPC Function Coords
Healer Healer [22.0S, 78.7W]
Provisioner Provisioner [22.0S, 78.6W]
Quartermaster Reputation Barterer [22.0S, 78.9W]
Supplier Supplier [22.1S, 78.6W]
Stable-master Stable-master [22.3S, 78.4W]
Bill Ferny Quest [21.7S, 78.1W]
Blindsided Hobbit During quest only [22.1S, 78.6W]
Bounder Tudge Quest [22.8S, 78.4W]
Esmeralda Boffin Quest [21.9S, 78.9W]
Gruffo Knotwise Quest [22.2S, 78.4W]
Magetha Grubb Quest [22.2S, 78.5W]
Meregrot North-took Quest [22.2S, 78.0W]
Postman North-took Quest [22.5S, 72.8W]
Prunella Goldworthy Quest [22.1S, 78.9W]
Rosalinda North-took Quest [21.9S, 79.0W]
Nosey Hobbit Quest Roaming
Upset Hobbit Quest Roaming
Adraminta Woodrose [21.9S, 78.9W]
Alora Oakbottom [21.9S, 78.9W]
Holfast Clayhanger [21.9S, 78.9W]
Iona Diggle [21.9S, 78.9W]



In those early years, when it was a part of Arnor, the Shire was a small place, centered on the Brandywine and its tributaries: the Shirebourn, Stockbrook and the stream known simply, among the hobbits, as the Water. Beyond these the countryside remained wild, and while the hobbits set wardens called Bounders to watch over those lands, none settled there at first. These lands they called the Yondershire, to distinguish its roughness from the more pleasant vales of the Shire Proper, or, more formally, the Hithershire.
Marcho settled into his hall in Michel Delving, where the other Shire-folk named him Mayor, and he grew fat and comfortable. Blanco, who led the Bounders, still felt the call to wander, and he took to roaming far and wide, visiting the King in Annúminas, the Elves in Lindon, and the Dwarves in Ered Luin. Closer to home, he tarried in the wilds of Yondershire, and built his own modest home at Long Cleeve, a steep-walled dale in the southern slopes of the Twilight Hills, under the shadow of Bâr Faroth’s ruins, where the Water had its source.
Long Cleeve has been the home of the North-tooks and the seat of the Reeves of Yondershire since the time of Bandobras Took, who dwelt there until (and after) he was called to defend his folk from outside enemies. — Deed