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The Stable-Master travel map

Middle-earth is a big place. It's wise to know how to get around if you're going to tackle the many challenges you will face on your journey.

Old-Fashioned Running

Your feet are the most common method of travel in Middle-earth. You can toggle the run/walk option with the Insert key, and you can lock yourself in running mode (so you don't have to hold a key down) with the Numlock key.

To run from Ered Luin to the Misty Mountains takes roughly 45 minutes.

Run Speed

Run speed is the movement speed when running and this is the speed that is referenced to when talking about increases or decreases of speed. Run speed is around 6.5 m/s (metres per second) and is the base speed that buffs, debuffs, etc., relates to. Walking is about 40% of run speed which is a decrease of about 60%. A hunter may get a +15% speed bonus, which means 7.48 m/s.

For more detail, see Run Speed

Run-speed "Debuffs"

  • All characters run at the same speed, and there is no encumbrance penalty.
  • However, some monsters can inflict wounds that give you a movement speed debuff - especially Bears, Wolves and Wargs. Under such a debuff you might move very slowly.
  • If you injure yourself by falling, you will receive a 60% movement speed penalty that also prevents you from avoiding damage for up to 1 minute, depending on the distance of the fall. Should you fall farther than that, you will be defeated.

Run speed "Buffs"

  • Captains get a brief, fast speed buff for escaping danger at level 8.
  • Champions get a 25% speed buff for 15 seconds on a 5 minute cooldown at level 28.
  • Hunters gain a 15% out-of-combat speed buff at level 14, which applies to their whole fellowship if close enough. This can be increased up to 30% with Rank 5 of the Pathfinder trait.
  • Guardians get a trait that grants 5% increased movement speed while equipped.
  • Wardens get a 25% out-of-combat speed buff at level 14.
  • You can spend destiny points on a buff which increases your run speed for a limited time.
  • There are a few items that increase run speed while equipped. Normally, the increase is by 5%, but there are some rare items that increase run speed by 8%.
  • There are also "Movement Buffs" which can be purchased in the Lotro Store for both your character and your mount; +10% for your character and +20% for your mount. These are frequently bestowed as "Hobbit Presents."
These buffs are additive to other, normal, in-game buffs, however their duration is for a fixed amount of in-game time. That is, if you log out with 30 minutes remaining on a 60 minute buff, when you log back in, that remaining 30 minutes will be there and again begin counting down.

Some examples:


Characters can bind themselves to "milestones" at various locations in the world, and return to those locations at any time (with a 1 hour cooldown). The cooldown time can be reduced to 30 min with the skill Hurried Traveller (LOTRO Shop, 495 LP). It can be further reduced by 25 min to 5 min with the skill Expedient Traveller which also reduces the cooldown time of Return To by 25 min (LOTRO Shop, 495 LP).

See Milestone for more information.

"Return To" Skills

"Return To" skills allow a character to return to a specific location once an hour (one hour cool down). The cooldown time can be reduced to 30 min with the skill Returning Traveller (LOTRO Shop, 495 LP). It can be further reduced by 25 min to 5 min with the skill Expedient Traveller which also reduces the cooldown time of Milestone skills by 25 min (LOTRO Shop, 495 LP).

Once obtained, each skill can be found in your Character screen - Skills, Common Skills. You can add them to your Quick Slot bar, or access them via one of the Lua plugins, such as Travel Window.

General Travel Skills

Racial Travel Skills

Each race has a "Return To" racial trait (skill) which they automatically gain for completing certain deeds.

The use of the racial skill requires slotting of the matching trait.

Reputation Travel Skills

Additionally there are other "Return To" skills which can be purchased from following factions. Requirements for the acquisition and use of each skill is noted for each:

All of the Travel Skills mentioned above can also be purchased from the Lotro Store for 295 LOTRO Point .

  • A purchased skill can be used by any character and any race above level 10 without further prerequisites, except that they can only be used after you have visited the respective location.
  • Note Especially: All Races can use purchased skills instead of slotting a Racial Trait.

Journey to skills (Allegiance)

Once you complete the first chapter for an Allegiance, you receive that Allegiance's travel skill:


For PvMP, there is a travel skill to Glân Vraig. Completion of Tutorial: Outfitted for Battle is required.


There are also "Map to <location>" items available for purchase from the LOTRO Store for a nominal fee (10 LOTRO Point ) or occasionally found as drops, mail attachments, or quest rewards. These "Maps" are available to many locations not accessible to either Milestone, Stable travel or Hunter Camp Fires.

All of these maps are one-time use, although they stack and can be bought in batches, and will transport the character only directly to the named location.

These are also occasionally found in Festival Gift-boxes, as Hobbit Presents or included as other official LOTRO promotions.


Player characters are able to return to both personal and kinship homes and also visit other kinship member's primary residences. These four skills will appear in your Skills panel under "Housing."


Many settlements, from large cities to small camps, will have a Stable-master on hand with a few mounts ready to speed you away - for a small fee - to a number of nearby locations (or occasionally not-so-nearby). These travel routes can either be normal travel where your character will actually traverse the intervening distance atop a horse or goat, or "swift", where your character is almost instantaneously transported to the destination.

Characters are invulnerable (aside from the occasional game bug) while travelling using a Stable-master's steed, and can dismount at will at any point when not swift travelling.

See Stable-master for more information, including costs, routes, and locations.

In Game Travel Reference

For an in-game Travel reference use the "Travel Locations Reference Lua" by Vinny"

"This plugin provides details on all the travel locations in the game except for some boats. For each location you can list all the destinations with costs and travel restrictions. It can also find the best route between any two stable locations and factor in Milestone/Return/Guide/Muster skills, even providing a clickable icon for the skill when it provides the best route."

For a convenient way to manage your Milestones and Travel skills use: Travel Window Lua by D.H1icks.

This plugin creates a single window that contains all the available travel skills, including the race, class and reputation skills.
  • For details on how to use Plugins see: Plugins

Travel Discounts

  • Those available to a character appear in one's Skills - Passive Traits under Discounts.
  • Travel discounts are indicated by a Horse Head icon, and are usually related to achieving "Friend" reputation with a particular Faction.
  • These are normally a 10% discount and tied to specific Stable-masters related to a specific Faction.
Factions in East Rohan provide a 25% discount.
  • Note that the Faction a Stable-master belongs to is not identified in-game and is occasionally different than what is expected.
  • There is also a "Travel Discount," which was available to Founders through the 2nd year of LOTRO, which is a 20% discount and is additive with Faction discounts.

Moria quest hub Goats

Goats are available in several quest hubs in Moria to provide free instant travel to other quest hubs or settlements. These goats follow one of 2 patterns:

  • Specific quest only - The travel route is one-way and only available while you have a specific quest in your active quest log.
  • Access gated permanent - The travel route is two-way (a goat exists at both ends) and usually goes between a small remote quest hub and a nearby settlement. The goat on one side or the other is not usable until some quest has been completed.

Player owned mounts

Get a steed of your own!

Getting your mount

Your character needs to do two things: acquire the Riding passive skill, and purchase a mount.

You can acquire the Riding skill in several ways:

You can purchase a mount in several ways:

  • The standard mount can be purchased as soon as you have the riding skill, from Éogar. He has several types (colours) available. The first one you buy is 500 Silver ; with the first one, you get a trait that gives you a 60% discount in any other you buy from him, so the price drops to 200 Silver . You will get either a horse if you are Elf or Man, or a pony if you are Dwarf or Hobbit.
  • There are other types of mounts as festival mounts (purchasable during festivals), faction mounts (purchasable after achieving reputation levels with a specific faction), etc. More details at the Mounts page.

You can test the mount system at an early level for free if your character was created after the introduction of F2P. The character will receive a Gift Box which will give a Temporary Horse item. This item allows you to call a special horse for a real-time day, anytime you want, without the need for the Riding skill.

Riding and Combat

  • You cannot fight while mounted, and you can't mount your steed in combat, except in the Mounted Combat areas of East Rohan and West Rohan, all of Gondor, and Mordor
  • Taking direct damage reduces the mount's morale bar. It disappears after 4-5 hits or 1 crit, and you get dismounted. Some mounts are sturdier than others.
  • This changes once you reach East Rohan and earn a War-steed.

What else should I know?

  • Your mount is a skill, so you mount (and dismount) your steed by clicking on the skill icon. This icon can be dragged to a quickslot.
  • There are also several Lua plugins which make mount selection simpler for those with many mounts -- "Mount Carousel Men and Elves" is one such.
  • You dismount also by clicking the Dismount button that appears when you're mounted.
  • You can also configure a keyboard-toggle to mount and dismount. In-game, visit "Options/Key Mapping" Scroll down to the "Miscellaneous" section (about 2/3 of the way down) and find "Dismount/Remount". Click on that, and the next key you press will be selected as your keyboard Mount/Dismount toggle. This toggle "remembers" what mount you last used and will automatically select that mount for you.
  • You'll get dismounted if riding through water that is too deep.
  • Mounted movement speed is slowed by falling injuries; however falling while riding a horse doesn't cause you to dismount.
  • You can make your mount jump by pressing space while moving.
  • You can't ride indoors or inside a dungeon.
  • You can interact with an NPC, mailbox, or door while mounted.
  • If you have completed the "Proving Your Quality" race and have purchased a mount by accident that you do not want or cannot use, you are now in luck! Horse-master Éogar has a quest that allows you to swap your mount for a receipt that can be used to purchase a different mount. Once you have your receipt from Éogar, speak to Cam Applewood, Éogar's stablehand, to select a different mount.

Mustering Horns

Mustering Horns are found in various locations around Middle-earth. Typically, they are associated with a questing area where Fellowships are normally needed and almost always have a Camp Site Fire nearby to which a Hunter can bind.

See Camp Site Fire for a list of locations.

Any character can use a Mustering Horn to summon other members of their Fellowship to join them at that location. All that is required is that the summoned character be of the appropriate level.

Class-based Travelling

Certain classes have unique travel abilities.


At level 38, Guardian's Promise creates an  Acorn Whistle that Guardians can trade or mail to another character. Anyone holding a Guardian's acorn and fellowed with them can summon the Guardian to their location.


At level 40, through the use of a  Finely Carved Rallying Horn a Captain can summon members of his Fellowship to his side.


The Hunter has the unique ability to travel to various locations around Middle-earth taking the members of his fellowship "along for the ride." When a Hunter uses one of these "wayfaring" skills, any member of the fellowship close enough to the Hunter will have the option to travel to the same destination for free.

See Wayfaring for a list of Hunter Wayfaring destinations.

At level 20, Hunters also gain the ability to quickly escape from danger with the skill  Desperate Flight which instantly transports them (and only them) to a nearby rally location.

Finally, Hunters level 26 and above can "bind" to a Camp Site Fire in much the same way as any character can bind to a Milestone. Once bound, the Hunter can use the skill  Return to Camp to transport the fellowship to that location.


The Warden has a unique skill called "Mustering," which allows the Warden to transport themselves quickly to certain locations to enable them to defend some outpost or other. Unlike the Hunter, the Warden can not take anyone along with them on their journey.

See Warden Travel Skills for a list of Warden Muster destinations.


The Mariner has the ability to travel to various locations around Middle-earth and bring the members of their fellowship along with them. When a Mariner uses one of these "sailing" skills, any member of the fellowship close enough to the Mariner will have the option to travel to the same destination.

See Travel Skills for a list of Mariner Sailing destinations.