Trader's Wharf

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Trader's Wharf
Region: Evendim
Area: Bullroarer's Sward
Location: [21.4S, 61.5W]

Trader's Wharf is a settlement within the area of Bullroarer's Sward, in Evendim. [21.4S, 61.5W]

On Brandywine River's eastern side, the League of the Axe has set up a camp as they prepare to move into the Wildwood. The league members are game hunters and miners and plan to exploit the resources of this forested area. But the woods are not as peaceful as expected as unsavoury brigands and Tarkrîp Orcs also have claimed territory.

The majority of the Wildwood is in Bree-land but the shore and Trader's Wharf belongs to Evendim. By the two ships is the dock-master who swiftly takes travellers to and fro Buckland, High King's Crossing, and Tinnudir. At the jetty sits a Hobby Master but there are also quest-givers, vendors, and reputation barterers.

Reputation Factions


Trader's Wharf Dock-master


Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Buckland (Swift) Bree-land 25 Silver  Min. Level: 25
High King's Crossing (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver  Min. Level: 25
Tinnudir (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver  Min. Level: 25


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:






NPC Function Coords
Dock-master Dock-master [21.3S, 61.4W]
Hobby Master Hobby Master [21.2S, 61.4W]
Quartermaster Reputation Barterer [21.4S, 61.4W]
Supplier Supplier [21.4S, 61.4W]
Healer Healer [21.4S, 61.5W]
Provisioner Provisioner [21.4S, 61.4W]
Enid Nettlesting Faction Leader - Quest [21.4S, 61.4W]
Addy Rushtuft Quest [21.3S, 61.4W]
Grun Curldock Quest [21.4S, 61.5W]
Hunward Quest [21.4S, 61.5W]
Mal Knapweed Quest [21.3S, 61.4W]
Minda Heathertoes Quest [21.4S, 61.5W]
Nye Crowfoot Quest [21.4S, 61.4W]
Tegwen Spurrey Quest [21.3S, 61.4W]




Trader's Wharf is the home base of the League of the Axe and one of the few access points into the Wildwood. Merchants, hunters, miners, and others pass through this small port on their way to and from gathering resources in the forests. — Deed