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Region: West Rohan
Landmark(s): Marton
Marton Farmlands
Marton's Refugees
Fushum Raus
Fords of Isen
Erkenbrand's Refuge
The Staging Camp
Settlement(s): Grimslade
The Deeping-coomb
Gap of Rohan
Levels: Mainly 93 - 95
Resource tier: Westemnet (T9)

Westfold is an area within West Rohan.

Ravaged and burned by servants of Isengard, the Westfold has crumbled into disarray. Its leaders scatter and lose skirmishes as they attempt to regroup, and even the mightiest begin to lose heart. The great refuge of Helm's Deep is the Rohirrim's last hope, and it is upon these sparsely defended walls that the enemy hordes assault.
The Westfold is a major hub of activity from the Two Towers. It contains Helm's Deep and the Fords of Isen, where the war between Isengard and Rohan primarily takes place, and is home to several important heroes of the land -- namely Erkenbrand and Grimbold.
When the player visits this land, Isengard’s forces will have already taken the Fords of Isen and crossed into the plains, and the heroes of the Westfold are now missing since the Fords fell. The brave soldiers have left behind women to look after their home towns, with young Agelwyn acting as Thane in Marton, and Hildith, wife of Grimbold, furious with her absent husband in Grimslade.


Rocky meadows dotted by elms and alders, many chopped and hewn by raiders, the Westfold is cut by the rushing river of Swiftwater. Three other rivers, the Deeping-stream, the Grimbrook, and the Woodwell, flow from the White Mountains, their banks peppered with stony outcroppings.


The Riding of Westfold is a land of green-brown grasses and lush woodlands. Four rivers flow out of the White Mountains: the Deeping-stream, the Swiftwater, the Grimbrook, and the Woodwell. In the west, the land rises to meet the Gap of Rohan, and then drops sharply to the Fords of Isen.
In the south-west, the green grasses run into a ravine in the mountains, the Deeping-coomb, which becomes rockier and narrower as it goes. This ravine is called Helm's Deep, and it is home to the fortress known as the Hornburg, which stands atop the Hornrock.
Helm's Deep is protected by a raised and semi-fortified earthwork known as Helm's Dike and the ancient Númenórean keep, the Hornburg. Beyond the Hornburg, the mighty Deeping-wall shelters the rest of the valley. The Deeping-stream runs through the wall's base.
The Deeping-stream issues from a cavern-mouth at the tip of the Deep. The caverns beyond are the Glittering Caves, full of crystal, flowstone, and deep pools. They are a great wonder.



The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Westfold:


Name Size
Helm's Dike Solo/Duo, Fellowship (Six)
The Deeping Wall Solo/Duo, Raid (Twelve)
The Deeping-coomb Solo/Duo
The Glittering Caves Solo/Duo, Small Fellowship (Three)
The Hornburg Solo/Duo



The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:



The following creatures are found within this area:



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