Limlight Gorge

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Limlight Gorge
Region: The Great River
Landmark(s): Limlight Gatehouse
Limlight Falls
Limlight Glade
The Fallen Watchtower
The Pothole
Prospector's Shack
The Old Sawmill
Levels: Mainly 75
Resource tier: Westfold

Limlight Gorge is an area within the Great River region in Rohan, designed for fellowships. It has its own reputation Heroes of Limlight Gorge and reputation rewards.

Caught between the rugged Misty Mountains and the northern reaches of Fangorn Forest, Limlight Gorge is a dangerous and untamed wilderness. Deep in its recesses the Roots of Fangorn Instance can be found.

Here, the Limlight River gushes forth over falls and rapids as it flows eastward to join the Anduin. Descending into the Limlight Gorge, an unnatural storm has cast the land into deep shadow. Fearsome trolls from the Misty Mountains wander freely, no longer fearing the sun. Investigate the mysterious grove spreading at the base of the cliff beneath Fangorn Forest.

Limlight Gorge Locations


These landmarks are located within Limlight Gorge:




Since Limlight Gorge is an area within The Great River, all Limlight Gorge deeds can be found under Great River Deeds.

Limlight Gorge Reputations



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of the Great River Topographic map of the Great River Map of Fangorn Forest


The appearance of the unnatural storms from the North and the encroachment of Fangorn from the South gives the area an uneasy feeling as unseen forces seem to fight for dominance over the canyon.