Michel Delving

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Michel Delving
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Location: [33.9S, 75.0W]

Michel Delving is a settlement located within the area of the Delving Fields, in the Shire. [33.9S, 75.0W]

This is the chief township of the Shire, hosting the Mayoral Seat and several offices of the Mayor and the bounders; indeed by many hobbits considered to be the 'capital' of the Shire. For locals and strangers it provides an auction house, a training hall, vendors, and south of town a craft-fair coming second to none. Finally, Michel Delving is the proud host of the Mathom House which is the museum and mathom-store of the world.

Michel Delving has been the chief city for hundreds of years, embracing the Great East Road as it entered the Shire from the desolate western Far Downs, the city has indeed seen its fair share of strangers and queer folks coming and going. However, with the Downs Gate safely shut the hobbits seem to have forgotten all about the outside world and now spend their time gossiping and planning for the next breakfast, or remembering the one they just ate, unless shopping groceries.

Hence, this is a great place to explore for those who are new to the Middle-earth, whether hobbit or not. In Michel Delving the scariest that happens is somebody playing you a prank, or if you cannot find the others while playing hide and seek.


See also Civic Structures and Facilities below


Rally Point




Destination Region Cost Festival
Treasure Camp (Swift) Ered Luin Free Treasure Hunt
Winter-home (Swift) Frostbluff Free Yule Festival


Reflecting Pool

See "starting quests" and the locations for more quests


Reflecting Pool:


Bounder's Bounty

See "list of all NPCs" within Michel Delving and its locations

NPC Function Coords
Andfast Tunnelly Stable-master [34.2S, 75.5W]
Bert Bartleby Bingo Badge Barterer [34.3S, 75.5W]
Gammer Took Bard [33.8S, 74.7W]
Iris Goodbody Town Crier [34.1S, 75.0W]
Wenda Cranesbill VIP Rewards [34.1S, 75.0W]
Drogo Whitfoot Keeper of Gifts - Anniversaries [34.1S, 75.0W]
Ingwaldur Games-master - Anniversaries [34.1S, 75.0W]
Festival Announcer Stable-master - Events [34.2S, 75.5W]
Festival Horse to ... Taste of Hobbiton - Festival [34.2S, 75.5W]
Bingo Boffin Quest [33.0S, 75.1W]
Daisy Brockhouse Hidee [34.2S, 74.7W]
Graland Whitfoot Quest [34.0S, 74.8W]
Haerel Quest Roaming
Hugo Broadbelt Quest [34.1S, 75.1W]
Marigold Twospade Quest [33.7S, 75.5W]
Merrimac Fairbairn Quest [33.0S, 75.0W]
Myrtle Boggs Quest [33.0S, 75.0W]
Ned Diggins Quest [33.8S, 74.5W]
Odo Pipes Quest [33.3S, 75.4W]
Peony Grubb Quest [34.2S, 74.7W]
Polo Brockhouse Hidee [33.8S, 75.0W]
Poppy Bracegirdle Quest [33.1S, 75.1W]
Ruby Primstone Quest [34.2S, 74.6W]
Hungry Hobbit
Meg Proudfoot
Nosey Hobbit

Civic Structures and Facilities

Notice: Each location within this section individually lists quests, NPCs, and more, pertaining to it.

Town Hole

Town Hole

The Town Hole is the office of Mayor Will Whitfoot. [33.4S, 75.0W]

Here are the offices for the chief Shirriff, the Bounders, and the Quick Post mail service.

NPC Function
Mayor Will Whitfoot Mayor
Clem Underhill Escrow Broker
Osbert Fallohide Vault-keeper
Peaseblossom Tunnely Clerk of Kinships
Postmaster Proudfoot Postmaster
Second Shirriff Bodo Bunce Bounder Recruiter
Wistan Whitfoot Notary
Assistant Fallohide Quest
Rollo Newbuck Quest

Auction Hall

Auction Hall

The Shire Auction Hall is found at [34.2S, 74.8W]

The hall is located in the south-eastern part of the town, behind the outdoor market stalls. There visitors can buy and sell goods and equipment.

The Bird and Baby Inn

The Bird and Baby Inn

The Bird and Baby Inn is a lively tavern found at [33.4S, 75.3W]

The Bird and Baby is Michel Delving's major hub of social activity, and the largest tavern in the Shire. It also offers the services of a barber and healer. This is also the home of the Inn League and Friends of the league have access to a room where they may barter for faction items. And in a back-room are some members of "The Inklings literary discussion group".

Michel Delving's Craft-fair


Michel Delving's Craft-fair is found at [34.6S, 75.5W]

The craft-fair is located in the south-western part of the town, elevated above the market. Characters seeking crafting professions should speak with Blossom Proudfoot. East of the fair farmers will find the fertile soil of the South Fields. This is also the location of the Cook's Guild Hall.

Cook's Guild Hall

Cook's Guild Hall

Cook's Guild Hall is found at the Craft-fair. [34.6S, 75.6W]

This is the home for the Cook's Guild where it is possible for Cooks to gain reputation and obtain exclusive recipes and items not possible to obtain by other means.

  • Reputation vendors

The Mathom House

The Mathom House

The Mathom House is an interior and a landmark . [33.4S, 75.6W]

This is the Shire's museum of mathoms; anything that Hobbits had no immediate use for, but were unwilling to throw away, they called a mathom and often handed over to this house. This is also the home of the Mathom Society.

Training Hall

Training Hall

The Michel Delving Training Hall is found at [34.1S, 75.1W]

The hall is located in the south-western part of the town. Here skilled trainers from across Middle-earth offer and sell class specific quests and certain goods, recipes, and they repair worn equipment.

  • Class-specific trainers, vendors and quests

Vendor Hall

Vendor Hall

The Michel Delving Vendor Hall is found at [34.2S, 75.0W]

The vendor hall is found in the southern part of the town. Here customers can purchase a wide variety of cosmetic items, weapons and armour.


'Indeed, even in the hilly regions and the older villages, such as Hobbiton or Tuckborough, or in the chief township of the Shire, Michel Delving on the White Downs, there were now many houses of wood, brick, or stone...' — The Fellowship of the Ring, Prologue
The name means "large excavation" denoting the many hobbit holes dug into the surrounding hills. 'Michel' being adjusted to English from 'micel' meaning 'large'.



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