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Map of Haradwaith
Map of Haradwaith

Haradwaith (Sindarin for Southland) is a Land in the south-east of Middle-earth. This land is comprised currently of Umbar and The Shield Isles.

To reach Haradwaith, a character must take a dock-master at Pelargir, Dol Amroth or Lond Cirion.

For a summary of levels, see Regional Quests, a page which also indicates the main level of creatures and mobs.

Cape of Umbar


Cape of Umbar is a coastal area on the western shores of Haradwaith. Here the Corsairs have their origin where the land gives them great coverage.

See Cape of Umbar for more details

Zîrar Tarka, the Shield Isles of Umbar

The Shield Isles
The Shield Isles

The Shield Isles (Tyll Thand in Sindarin & Zîrar Tarka in Umbari) is a region found in the Bay of Belfalas. The islands are accessed by boat from many Dock-masters, like those in Pelargir, Dol Amroth, and Lond Cirion.

The Shield Isles are a haven for freebooters and Corsairs and is also home to many of those who survive shipwrecks in the Bay of Belfalas. Many of those wrecks come to rest in the shallows of the Isles. Lucky survivors can make their way to Mâr Naphra or Halrax on the larger islands. The Shield Isles are original to LotRO and not from Tolkien's writings.

See The Shield Isles for more details


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