Dol Amroth (King's Gondor)

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This page is about the city after the War of the Ring in Gondor. For the city during the war, see Dol Amroth. For the faction, see Dol Amroth (Faction)
Dol Amroth
Region: King's Gondor
Area: The Havens of Belfalas (King's Gondor)
Location: [74.9S, 71.3W]


Dol Amroth is a settlement located within the area of Belfalas in King's Gondor. [74.9S, 71.3W]

Dol Amroth (Sindarin for Hill of Amroth) is the largest city in western Gondor. It is governed by the prince of Belfalas, Imrahil, and is home to the famed Swan Knights, the finest cavalry in the realm of Gondor. Situated atop the high cliffs at the western cape in the Bay of Belfalas, the city's high walls and underwater chains protecting the sea gate have never fallen. The inner part of the bay to the northeast of Dol Amroth is named Cobas Haven, besieged by the Corsairs of Umbar during the War of the Ring. The men living in Dol Amroth are Dúnedain of the South, descendants of Númenor of old, and their rulers, the princes of Dol Amroth, are rumoured to have Elf-blood in their veins.


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The Song of Waves and Wind:


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Dol Amroth is the seat of Imrahil, the Prince of Belfalas, and is home to the noble and legendary swan-knights. With the siege of the Corsairs broken, the city's ports now lay open and ships are free to pass through the Bay of Belfalas once more.