Lin Giliath

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Lin Giliath
Region: North Downs
Area: Meluinen
Location: [13.7S, 44.9W]

Lin Giliath is a settlement located within the area of Meluinen, in North Downs. [13.7S, 44.9W]

This Elven village is located in the north of Meluinen, where the north-going road for Othrikar begins. Having lived there for ages uncounted, the residents are becoming more worried as recently orcs have established a strong presence and are known for poisonous threats. And stone-trolls have returned to some nearby caves from which they attack, recently slaying the glade's keeper, Lachenn. During the attack, the refuge's food was ruined, and supplies were scattered. The Elves now seek vengeance against the trolls of Taur Gonwaith.

Lin Giliath houses the library Tham Giliath where one of the most renowned elves of Middle-earth pays his visits, lord Gildor Inglorion himself. The settlement provides the services of a Grocer, Lore-master Trainer, and Stable-master for local routes.



Lin Giliath Stable-master
Arches over the road into Lin Giliath
Ruined building within Lin Giliath


Destination Region Cost Prereqs
Esteldín North Downs 15 Silver 
Othrikar North Downs 15 Silver 


Tham Giliath


Epic quests - Tham Giliath



NPC Function Coords
Services & Class Trainer
Brethilwen Grocer [13.8S, 44.9W]
Dílath Stable-master [13.6S, 44.5W]
Glambaen Lore-master Trainer [13.8S, 44.8W]
Thaliollang Task-master - Quest [13.7S, 44.6W]
Aglardir Quest [13.7S, 44.6W]
Andyri Quest [13.7S, 44.6W]
Baranwen Quest [13.6S, 44.9W]
Gandelin Quest [13.7S, 44.7W]
Gwesgylliel Quest [13.7S, 44.9W]
Medlichen Quest [13.6S, 44.6W]
Silefalas Quest [13.7S, 44.9W]
Holly [13.6S, 44.9W]
John [13.6S, 44.9W]
Visiting Elf