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Swift Travel correctly refers to special Stable-master routes that transport a character quickly between two stable points without having to pass through all the distance in between. Certain low-level swift travel routes are available to all, but most of the routes require a character to have Swift Travel unlocked by any of the following methods:

Some Swift Travel routes have additional requirements, such as earning reputation with a local faction or completing a deed in the region. See also Travelling.

Free to Play and Premium Characters

Characters who are Free-to-Play, and Premium characters who have never been played during VIP, may use Swift Travel by buying Writs of Special Passage at the LOTRO Store. Swift routes between starter areas are available for anybody, that is routes between these locations:

Ered Luin
The Shire

Alternative Meanings

The term "swift travel" is frequently used in chat as slang to refer to any skill or ability that allows you to travel from one location to another instantly, without any significant time passing regardless of the distance traveled. This category can include any of the following: