The Eavespires

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The Eavespires
Region: Evendim
Area: Northern Emyn Uial
Location: [6.1S, 71.8W]

The Eavespires is a settlement located within the area of Northern Emyn Uial, in Evendim. [6.1S, 71.8W]

At the western shores of Lake Evendim, where the waters from the Eave-mere discharge, lies this small camp that is set up and run by three elves. Here is also Longbough squeaking and rubbing his branches in annoyance of the evil that has poured in over Evendim, and with him came the Bog Guardians who are defending the camp.

The Eavespires provide a Dock-master for transports over the lake, and a Milestone, a Healer, and a Bowyer selling gear for level 32 to 44. Available quests are in the range 36 to 38.


The Dock-master of the Eavespires
Longbough stretching under the sunlight
Some kind of reflecting pool at the camp


Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Men Erain (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver 
Tinnudir (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver 
Tyl Ruinen (Swift) Evendim 25 Silver 


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:





NPC Function Coords
Remmenylf Dock-master [6.0S, 71.8W]
Erchiel Bowyer & Hunter Trainer [6.1S, 71.9W]
Lithuifin Healer & Lore-master Trainer [6.1S, 72.0W]
Longbough Quest [6.1S, 72.0W]
Bog Guardian


Few hunters or trappers come this far west of Ost Forod – tales speak of trees that walk and bears that build houses in these remote wilds. While there is little truth to most of these fanciful tales, there is certainly an aura of strange enchantment about the secluded grove called the Eavespires. — Deed