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Region: West Rohan
Landmark(s): Everholt
Folde Farm
Settlement(s): Aldburg
Beacon Hills
Levels: Mainly 87 - 89
Resource tier: Westemnet (T9)

Eastfold is an area within West Rohan.

Among the oldest Ridings in the Mark, Eastfold lies on the edge of Gondor, across the Mering-stream and is nestled against the White Mountains to the south. Eastfold has seen little of the destruction wrought by Saruman, due to being located on the far side of the realm from Isengard. Still, Eastfold is vulnerable with many of the Rohirrim being called to defend the Hornburg. Long thought destroyed and starved for vengeance, the Orcs of the White Mountains stir once more through Sauron's dark will.
The lands of Eastfold fall into three areas: the rich farmlands of the Folde, the swampy marshes of the Fenmarch and the thickly forested hunting grounds of the Everholt.
Rich with history, Eastfold is home to the former capital of Rohan; Aldburg. While still maintaining an air of majesty, Aldburg has become overgrown and rundown. The few that remain are prepared to defend their home at all costs. A new threat with ties to Eastfold’s past has recently made its presence known. Outside help is needed to combat this threat and to keep Eastfold’s beacon of hope shining bright.


Eastfold's lands divide into three areas: the Folde, the Fenmarch, and the Everholt. The Folde is rich farmland that has long served the realm. The Fenmarch blooms with wildflowers, tussocks, reeds. Everholt is an old oak forest and royal hunting ground running uphill to the White Mountains.


Home of Éomer, Third Marshal of the Riddermark, Eastfold is among the oldest Ridings in the Mark. The city of Aldburg was once the ruling seat of Eorl the Young when he first became King. The capital moved to Edoras during the reign of his son Brego, and Alburg now stands among crumbling ruins and a lightly wooded vale, but the Eastfold remains the site of many important moments of Rohan's history.
To the east, the Fenmarch lies along the banks of the Entwash, filled with wildflowers, tussocks, and newly greening reeds. The old North-South road can just be seen along a causeway by the fens' edge before falling into the oak-forests of the Everholt.
The royal hunting-forest of Everholt is home to many creatures, and its shady expanse is dotted with hidden caves and burrows.


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