The Harlond (King's Gondor)

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This page is about the Harlond following the Midsummer wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. For the port immediately before the Battle of Pelennor Fields, see Harlond. For the world instance, see The Quays of the Harlond
The Harlond
Region: King's Gondor
Area: Lossarnach (King's Gondor)
Location: [72.6S, 20.2W]


The Harlond (Sindarin for Southern Harbour) is a location in Lossarnach in King's Gondor. [72.6S, 20.2W]


The Harlond (King's Gondor) Quests

  1. [140] Mûmak of the Harlond
  2. [140] Sneaking Stones
  3. [140] The Path of Stones -- vector to Arnach

The Song of Waves and Wind


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The Harlond was held by Orcs of Mordor in the days before the Battle of Pelennor Fields, and the creatures burned as many of the Gondorian ships as they could. When Corsair ships flying black sails came up the river from the south, the Orcs were taken by surprise when the banner of the King was raised, revealing the vessels to be commanded by Aragorn and the allies of Gondor. Their arrival on the field of battle proved instrumental in the defence of Minas Tirith and the defeat of Sauron's forces.

Today, the folk of Gondor and dwarves from the White Mountains work to repair and rebuild the south-harbour, hoping that trade and goods will once again flow freely upon the river to ports both near and far.

The Harlond is a great river-port situated on the Anduin and along the southern edge of the Rammas Echor. In times of peace, much trade passes through the port here, and it's hoped it will do so again, once Gondor's fleet recovers.