Wíli (Thorin's Gate)

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This page is about the stable-master. For the quest-giver, see Wíli (Twenty-first Hall)
Image of Wíli
Role Stable-master
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [15.0S, 103.6W]


Wíli is the Stable-master of Thorin's Gate, in Ered Luin.

Quest Involvement


Wíli sells travelling to the following destinations:

Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Minas Tirith (Midsummer) (Swift) Anórien 1 Silver 
Combe (Swift) Bree-land 1 Silver 
West Bree (Swift) Bree-land 1 Silver 
Annâk-khurfu (Swift) Elderslade Free Min. Level: 115
Ered Luin
Celondim (Swift) Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Duillond Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Gondamon Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Noglond Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Thorin's Hall Homesteads Ered Luin 1 Silver 
Thorin's Hall Homesteads (Swift) Ered Luin 5 Silver 
Mossward (Swift) Swanfleet 5 Silver  None
The Ettenmoors
Ettenmoors (Swift) Ettenmoors 1 Silver  Min. Level: 20 and, either VIP or travel pass
The Shire
Michel Delving (Swift) The Shire 1 Silver