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Region: The Shire
Area: The Yondershire
Location: [26.6S, 82.4W]

Tighfield is a village located within the area of the Yondershire, in the Shire. [Yondershire]

The wonderful hamlet sits on the road towards Ered Luin and sees a steady stream of travellers of all sorts. The farmers here grow all sorts of vegetables and raise from chickens to goats and cows. Large orchards are found in the south.

Tighfield affords services such as stable-master, quartermaster for the Yonder-watch faction, healer, provisioner, and supplier. Near the stable is the famous inn, the Elbow's Bend.


The Elbow's Bend Inn
The Stable with the inn behind
The patio of the Elbow's Bend
Market Day at the village centre
A wonderful village farm to the west





The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:





NPC Function Coords
Healer Healer [26.6S, 82.4W]
Provisioner Provisioner [26.5S, 82.4W]
Quartermaster Reputation Barterer [26.5S, 82.4W]
Stable-master Stable-master [26.3S, 82.5W]
Supplier Supplier [26.6S, 82.3W]
Anson Roper Quest [26.2S, 81.9W]
Bingo Boffin Quest [26.2S, 82.4W]
Camellia Boffin Quest [26.2S, 82.4W]
Clotild Pott Quest [26.4S, 82.0W]
Dinodas Boffin Quest [26.2S, 82.4W]
Frothard Took Quest [26.6S, 82.4W]
Gildor Inglorion Quest [26.5S, 82.3W]
Hobbit Child Quest Everywhere
Lassa Brownlock Quest [26.4S, 82.0W]
Marigold Boffin Quest [26.2S, 82.4W]
Morna 'Old Mother' Goldworthy Quest [27.4S, 81.6W]
Nosey Hobbit Quest Roaming
Postman Hartclover Quest [26.3S, 82.2W]
Tílsa Hardstep Quest [26.5S, 82.2W]
Upset Hobbit Quest Roaming
Chief's Bounder



"This legend has its roots some years back, but not so distant that it has been forgotten, or might be disbelieved!" Bingo tells you. "Indeed, the prime movers in this tale can still be discovered by one who has visited every site in Yondershire... if you know where to look!
"In the town of Budgeford, far to the south, there was a great pig called Master Stiffbristle. He was enormous, just a tremendous example of the species, and his owner used to bring him throughout the Shire... not to sell him or eat him, never that! He merely intended to show off his impressive size.
"Not just hobbits took note of Master Stiffbristle, the impressive Hitherboar of Budgeford. Nay, there was also a beautiful Yonderboar who dwelled in Tighfield, and she was called Lady Uproot. When she learned there was a famous and impressive boar touring the Shire, why, no fence could keep her penned in! She broke out of every pen into which she was put, travelling dozens of miles to witness Master Stiffbristle in all his glory.
"This was quite unusual all on its own, but eventually Master Stiffbristle's owner put an end to the tour, or I should say he tried to; then it was Master Stiffbristle's turn to break through every wooden fence that stood between he and his lady-love, and his turn to travel dozens of miles cross-country!
"None could keep Master Stiffbristle and Lady Uproot apart, and it is said they still dwell somewhere within Tighfield. But who can say for sure?" — Deed