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Western Gondor is a region within the land of Gondor. It lies along the coasts of the the Bay of Belfalas.

Western Gondor Locations

Locations found within the region of Western Gondor are listed below.






Player Housing

Cape of Belfalas
  • Cape of Belfalas


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Western Gondor Quests(11 C, 2 P)


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Western Gondor Deeds(5 C, 2 P)


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Western Gondor Reputation

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Roving Threats

The following Roving Threats are found roaming this region:


Dol Amroth - Artisans' Quarter

Crafting Tier(s):

Westemnet (T9): Eorlingas Skarn Deposit, Walnut Branches, Eorlingas Hide, Adorned Chest

Crafting Facilities:

Primarily: Inside the settlement of Dol Amroth: Artisans' Quarter


Gondor was at first ruled jointly by Elendil's sons Isildur and Anárion. Both Elendil and Anárion were lost in the Siege of Barad-dûr, and his brother Isildur soon afterwards in the Disaster of the Gladden Fields, and so the Kingship of Gondor fell on Anárion's son Meneldil. Thus, the Kings of Gondor were descendants of Anárion through many generations until the time of Eärnur.

When Eärnur was lost in Minas Morgul in III 2050, the rule of Gondor was taken up by the King's Steward, Mardil Voronwë; the death of Eärnur was not certain, and so Mardil and the Stewards who followed him pledged to rule 'until the King comes back'. Unlikely though this seemed, it happened almost a thousand years later in III 3019 when Aragorn Elessar, descendant by right line of Isildur, elder brother of Anárion, reclaimed the throne of Gondor.

Its name means "Land of Stone", from Sindarin gond (stone) + (n)dor (land), most likely given to it because of the Ered Nimrais and other mountain chains in the land.

Darkness lies in the East. As the army of Rohan musters to join the forces of Gondor, Aragorn forges ahead through the Paths of the Dead. Follow his path to seek justice and stability for the Realms of Men. As the leaders in Western Gondor answer the call of Gondor and head east, a dark force takes advantage of their absence.

In the Blackroot Vale, Mountain towns hold strong after the Army of the Dead has marched through the Vale. Threats from the mountains and from the valley remain. Is there something at work here? Or is this merely the wilds acting amiss? These people need your help.

Farming villages lay quiet in the deep valleys on your path to Dol Amroth. Working their land has made them blind to the dangers that have seized their shores. Corsairs have made their way north and now, more than ever, pose a real threat to the people of Lamedon. Can you help them stem the tide?

The Ocean lies near. The abandoned Elven village of Edhellond awaits your gaze and Dol Amroth, the stronghold in the Havens of Belfalas, awaits your sword. The beaches stir as ships dock, bringing more Corsairs ashore. The air in Dol Amroth, however, is calm. Few know what is truly upon them.


Map of Western Gondor Topographic map of Western Gondor

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