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Middle-earth: Starter Area, Lands, Regions, Areas, Settlements, Landmarks, Dungeons, Interiors, Maps

Areas are locations viewed on the second layer of the Middle-earth map; found on the region maps. Entering these areas in-game produces a medium, yellow pop-up text that flashes on screen. Each area is comprised of different Settlements, Landmarks, and natural places.

Areas generally have settlements, small camp-sites or villages, where you can barter, trade, and find quests. Each area has several Landmarks that are specific Points of Interest, whether in relation to the lore of the game or the quests you are attempting.

For a complete list of areas: click here.

Areas of Eriador

Areas of Rhovanion

Areas of Rohan

Areas of Gondor

Areas of Mordor

Areas of Haradwaith