Cirith Ungol (Imlad Morgul)

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This page is about the area in Imlad Morgul. For the small portion of Cirith Ungol in Lhingris, see Cirith Ungol (Lhingris)
Cirith Ungol
Region: Morgul Vale
Settlement(s): Echad Taerdim
Levels: Mainly 124-125
Resource tier: Minas Ithil (T13)

Cirith Ungol (Sindarin for Pass of the Spider) is an area within the Morgul Vale (or Imlad Morgul). The cliffs, stairs, winding valleys, and plateaus of Cirith Ungol stand on the far side of Torech Ungol from the tower in which Frodo Baggins was imprisoned until Samwise Gamgee rescued him. Shelob's many-legged children fill the area- spiders, gredbyg, and Ungoledain all make an appearance.

Cirith Ungol Locations

Locations found within the area of Cirith Ungol are listed below.



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Cirith Ungol Creatures

The following creatures are found within the area:


Morgul Vale map