Lake Evendim

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Lake Evendim
Region: Evendim

Lake Evendim is an area within Evendim, in the central region.

This is the grand lake that dominates the region of Evendim, and is the source of the Baranduin river.. No game content directly relates to this area, though four Dock-masters provide swift cruises over its surface, located at:

Coordinates Directions / Description
[6.0S, 71.8W] The Eavespires
[15.4S, 66.3W] Men Erain
[12.6S, 67.6W] Tinnudir
[12.9S, 70.7W] Tyl Ruinen




Its original name was Nenuial, or Lake Nenuial (Sindarin for Lake of Twilight). Ages since, this lake is mentioned several times in connection to Evendim, Annúminas, and for being the greatest contributory to Baranduin. However, it is not given any prominence in Professor Tolkien's work, neither does it play more than the scenery within Lotro, though a gorgeous looking one.

It was Elendil who founded the great city of Annúminas at the southern shores of Lake Nenuial after the ruin of Númenor. — The Silmarillion

Lake Nenuial is mentioned in connection to such visitors as Galadriel and Celeborn: "When they entered that region there were many Noldor in their following, together with Grey-elves and Green-elves; and for a while they dwelt in the country about Lake Nenuial (Evendim, north of the Shire). Celeborn and Galadriel came to be regarded as Lord and Lady of the Eldar in Eriador." This happened during the first millennia of the Second Age. — The Book of Unfinished Tales


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