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Map of Falathlorn showing landmarks.

Landmarks are Points of Interest within the regions of Middle-earth. They are only revealed on the World Map after you have discovered them. Points of Interest are indicated as red flags on the World Map. Their display is controlled by the "Filter Map Notes" pulldown on the World Map. The name and coordinates for these locations are shown when the player moves their mouse over the icon.

Several deeds require the discovery of landmarks by exploration.

Note that red flags on the World Map are only approximately located at the coordinates they indicate. Also note that not all Landmarks or Points of Interest are represented by red flags on the World Map, but they always read their names under the mini-map. However, Lotro-Wiki provides articles for some exciting and astonishing locations which are not 'officially acknowledged' as landmarks; they are categorized under 'Other Locations'.

The list of Landmarks by region is;

For all settlements by area

Landmarks(48 C, 1 P)
Angmar Landmarks(64 P)
Bree-land Landmarks(4 C, 78 P)
Dunland Landmarks(1 C, 34 P)
East Rohan Landmarks(1 C, 98 P)
Ettenmoors Landmarks(2 C, 22 P)
Far Anórien Landmarks(21 P, 2 F)
Morgul Vale Landmarks(1 C, 33 P)
Moria Landmarks(9 C, 20 P)