The Midgewater Marshes

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The Midgewater Marshes
Region: Bree-land
Landmark(s): Bindbale's Rest
Goblinhole Ruins
Marshwater Fort
Midgewater Pass
Mustering Cave
Sunken Stones
The Weather Hills
Bree-land Homesteads
Annunlos - Lone-lands
South Downs - Cardolan
Levels: Mainly 14 - 15
Resource tier: Apprentice

The Midgewater Marshes is an area within Bree-land in the south-eastern region.

East of Staddle and Chetwood and north of the Great East Road a formidable flat expanse of treacherous bogs is opening away towards the Weather Hills. This is "the marshes", damp and dangerous are they giving home to insects and neekerbreekers. Recently marauding bands of vile goblins have set camp, mostly so in the south-eastern section.

However, avoiding such unpleasantness would be to overlook quests and treasures rich in the history of Rhudaur and Arthedain. Great battles were fought in this region, of which the many ruins silently testify. Yet today the Rangers of the North use old and secret hideouts in this hostile area.

In summary, the Midgewater Marshes features a hostile area where new characters will endure quests and tribulations to repel the advancing goblins. Quests and deeds aside the marshes provide no services; the closest services are found within the Bree-land Homesteads and at the Forsaken Inn. The east-most part of this area contains mobs and creatures of Annunlos and are not listed at this page.


Goblinhole Ruins
Marshwater Fort
Sunken Stones




See "list of NPCs" within the Midgewater Marshes

NPC Function Coords
Nan Henwood Bree-land Housing Broker [34.3S, 45.7W]
Barton Tyne Quest [34.4S, 42.1W]


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests




"The ground now became damp, and in places boggy and here and there they came upon pools, and wide stretches of reeds and rushes filled with the warbling of little hidden birds. They had to pick their way carefully to keep both dry-footed and on their proper course. At first they made fan-progress, but as they went on, their passage became slower and more dangerous. The marshes were bewildering and treacherous, and there was no permanent trail even for Rangers to find through their shifting quagmires. The flies began to torment them, and the air was full of clouds of tiny midges that crept up their sleeves and breeches and into their hair.
"'I am being eaten alive!' cried Pippin. 'Midgewater! There are more midges than water!'" — The Fellowship of the Ring, by Tolkien

"A fly-infested region of marshland in central Eriador, that lay between the Chetwood to the west and the Weather Hills to the east. Midgewater was a morass of shifting pools that took its name from the swarms of midges that filled the air. In the central regions of the marshes dwelt the Neekerbreekers: night-creatures of cricket-kind.
"In an attempt to avoid the East-West Road, Aragorn led Frodo and his companions through the marshes on their journey from Bree. Travelling slowly through the treacherous quagmire, their crossing took two days from the western to the eastern edge." — lorebook


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