Lower Lebennin (King's Gondor)

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This page is about the area in King's Gondor. For the area in Central Gondor, see Lebennin
Lower Lebennin
Region: King's Gondor
Landmark(s): Amon AnglebedCamp of the Grey HostFurukzaharGilrain WoodsHata KebirLornostMalbarthOrlach's GhyllRuins of Ethillorn SarnhadThama AklamZarsatrâd
Settlement(s): AerthirErynosOst AngelbedLinhirPelargir
Upper Lebennin
Lebennin Valley
Levels: Mainly 140
Resource tier: Gundabad (14)


Lower Lebennin is an area within King's Gondor. It is located on the northern banks of the Ethir Anduin, where the great stream meanders into the Bay of Belfalas. Its main settlement is the great harbour-city of Pelargir. This area refers to the western part of the fiefdom Lebennin and therefore it is known as 'Lower Lebennin'. It is connected to the eastern part of the fiefdom, Upper Lebennin, to Lebennin Valley in the north, and to Dor-en-Ernil in the west (in future update).


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Lower Lebennin:

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The Song of Waves and Wind



The following creatures are found within this area:


The large city of Ost Anglebed is home to the keepers of the beacon of Amon Anglebed, which was lit during the War of the Ring. Unlike the other beacons of Gondor, the beacon here remains lit despite the arrival of the King's peace. Now the guards maintain a vigil over the townsfolk, fearful that some allies of disloyal Malthellim may think to continue his work and turn control of the town over to foes of Gondor.

The city of Linhir spans the River Gilrain, and during the War of the Ring the sky here was darkened by foul craft of Sauron. The sons of Comeldir organized the defences, and when the fighting at last was ended, the people stood strong, less divided than their city. Today, with the threat of war behind them and the skies bright and clear once again, the folk of Linhir have returned to their lives.

The settlement of Erynos was the site of one of the stranger occurrences of the war, when a number of Corsair raiders were discovered outside the walls of town, apparently drowned. Some folk believe this was the work of the Five Sisters of Lebennin, river-maidens thought to protect the lands through which their rivers flow, but some say they are only figures of myth.


Lower Lebennin.