Torech Ungol (Imlad Morgul)

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This page is about the area in Imlad Morgul. For the landmark in Gorgoroth, see Torech Ungol. For the landmark in Imlad Morgul, see Torech Ungol (Morgul Vale landmark)
Torech Ungol
Region: Morgul Vale
Levels: Mainly 124-125
Resource tier: Minas Ithil (T13)

Torech Ungol (Sindarin for Lair of the Spider) is an area within the Morgul Vale. The tunnels lead into the depths of Shelob's lair and are dotted with gilgelair, star-glasses made by Galadriel to hold back Shelob long ago. The lair is filled with gredbyg and spiders. A contingent of elves from Lothlórien led by Lord Celeborn and some of the Rangers of Ithilien have established an outpost within the tunnels from which they plan to launch a final attack on Ungwetári in the deepest reaches of her lair, in the Remmorchant.

Torech Ungol Locations

Locations found within the area of Torech Ungol are listed below.


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Torech Ungol Creatures

The following creatures are found within the area:


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