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Region: Ettenmoors
Landmark(s): Orc Camp
Tol Ascarnen
Southern Bridge
Western Bridge

Hoardale is an area within Ettenmoors in the central region.

Through Hoardale, a beautiful valley flows the great Hoarwell river from north-east to south-east, a natural moat around the island where Tol Ascarnen is located. Two bridges, South Tol Ascarnen Bridge (STAB) and West Tol Ascarnen Bridge (WTAB), control access to and from this island. This area is surrounded by Steps of Gram, Arador's End, Coldfells, and Hithlad.

It must be mentioned that in Ettenmoors and Hoardale the battles of Monster Play goes on and on. Camps for freeps and creeps are found around the area. Tol Ascarnen is a major keep which frequently changes hands in the ebb and flow of the battle.


These landmarks are located within Hoardale:



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Ettenmoors Topographic map of Ettenmoors