Northern Barrow-downs

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Northern Barrow-downs
Region: Bree-land
Dungeon(s): Haudh Methernil
Haudh Nogbenn
Haudh Taenthond
The Barrow of Ringdor
The Barrow of Taradan
Barrow-downs Survival
Landmark(s): The Dead Man's Perch
Northern Barrows
Northern Barrows Pass
Old Barrows Road
The Barrow of Orron
The Dead Spire
Old Forest
Southern Barrow-downs
Southern Bree-fields
Levels: Mainly 18 - 24
Resource tier: Journeyman

Northern Barrow-downs is an area within Bree-land in the southern region.

This area depicts the gloomy and hostile environment that Frodo and his fellowship struggled through not long ago. On September 26, III 3018, they set out from Tom Bombadil's House aiming at the eastern side of the barrows and Bree beyond. Exhausted and moody they sat down for a rest by the Dead Spire, which could have been an eternal rest unless Tom had reacted on a cry for help.

The northern section of Barrow-downs contains several tombs (public dungeons) with various creatures and treasures. This area is not considered hard, though an incautious traveller may find the challenges overwhelming. Entries are via the Northern Barrows Pass or via the Old Barrows Road. To the south is the harder Southern Barrow-downs.

There are provisioners and a few quest givers both at the Old Barrows Road and at the Dead Man's Perch to the east. Quest and creatures are generally level 18 to 21, with some exceptions. Many of the tombs contains artefacts for Scholars.


The Dead Man's Perch
The Dead Spire
The Barrow of Ringdor
Old Barrows Road


Public Dungeons


The following deeds relates to Northern Barrow-downs:


See "list of NPCs" within the Northern Barrow-downs

Amlach Wheatley [31.1S, 55.6W]
Lalia [32.9S, 54.0W]


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



The following creatures are found within the area, dungeons excluded:


Northern Barrow-downs
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Detailed maps
Northern Barrow-downs POIs Map of with Named Creatures and Locations

Map of Bree-land Bree-land map by Varghedin