Câr Bronach

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Câr Bronach
Region: Gundabad
Interior(s): Tûr Fúar
Landmark(s): Agal Dûn
Bálach Iaran
Crágan Bris
Mur Shatraug
Rathad Caul
Tâg Fógarrach
Toll Oivas
Pit of Stonejaws
Nan Gurth - Angmar
Levels: Mainly 135
Resource tier: T14
The entrance to Câr Bronach
The entrance to Câr Bronach

Câr Bronach is an area within Gundabad. It is in the northern part of the region and leads west towards Angmar. It serves as a base of operations for the Angmarim led by the Dourhand Brathar Crack-helm.

Câr Bronach, the Sorrowglen, once fell under the domain of Angmar at its height, and many remnants of those years can still be seen. The Zhélruka once fought against Angmar here, and Prince Ingór has sent many of his warriors here once more to reclaim it from the remnants of the Iron Crown that dominate the region after fleeing Carn Dûm in the wake of Mordirith's defeat.

There are several factions active in the Sorrowglen, most of them nominally unified under the banner of Angmar. Angmarim hold their old fortress of Agal Dûn, Dourhands hold the Witch-gate, Hillmen of the Trév Duvárdain encamp at Tâg Fógarrach, and stone-giants of the Grímklettar clan make their home at Hlídborg. The Zhélruka have made inroads in the region, making their current camp at Grúmachath. Their first, Leitstáth, largely serves as a supply post now. (There is also a small holding of Duvárdain dissenters high up the slopes, at Eiricháv.)

Câr Bronach can be entered from Elderslade to the south through Rathad Caul, the Narrow Way, from the Pit of Stonejaws in Mount Gundabad through Mur Shatraug, the Witch-gate, from the west through Bálach Iaran, the Iron Pass from Nan Gurth in Angmar, and from the Welkin-lofts to the southwest.


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