Tyl Annûn

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Tyl Annûn
Region: Evendim
Dungeon(s): Haudh Valandil
Ost Elendil
Landmark(s): Port of Annúminas
Lake Evendim
Levels: Mainly 39 - 40

Tyl Annûn is an area within Evendim, in the southern region.

At the southern end of Lake Evendim is Tyl Annûn, the island that was once the seat of Ost Elendil, the royal palace. It is located north of Annúminas, north of the great bridge named Ariant. Here the enemy forces are stronger than those in Annúminas.

Tyl Annûn contains two World Instances and a handful of quests for levels 39 to 40.

Note: While Tyl Annûn is an area in itself, for convenience some information is also found at the page for Annúminas.


Lake Evendim from Tyl Annûn.
A view from Tyl Annûn, high atop Annúminas, from Lake Evendim.


World Instances


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The following creatures are found within the area:


Tyl Annûn probably means "Sunset Islet", but the Sindarin word "annûn" may also mean "west" so some readers assume "Islet of the West"; the "sunset" version perhaps better matches the meaning of Lake Nenuial, "Lake of Twilight", or maybe both interpretations are true.

In Lotro this island north of Annúminas, together with Ost Elendil, was the crown palace of the former kings of Númenor. The High Kings of Arnor are supposed to have ruled all of the North-lands from the throne room in Ost Elendil. However, neither of these locations are not mentioned in Tolkien's works but are created by Turbine as a grand setting for the history lesson about the early period of the Kingdom of Arnor, founded by Elendil after the Downfall of Númenor. For more detail, see Annúminas.


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