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Throughout Middle-earth there are various factions, who may reward you if you gain sufficient standing (reputation) in their eyes.

Reputation may be gained by completing quests, defeating specific mobs, turning in specific mob-drop items, crafting items, and completing deeds. Handing in of Reputation Items was previously achieved through quests or a vendor interface with a reputation NPC, but the vast majority of reputation items can now be double-clicked and redeemed directly out of inventory.

For lists of all related subjects see: Category:Reputations

Benefits of Reputation

There are two primary benefits gained by earning reputation -
  1. Reduced Travel and/or Repair costs
  2. Access to certain "restricted access" items - especially true with Crafting Guild reputation

Reputation Levels

  • Benefits listed in this table may vary by faction. In particular, Travel and Repair benefits often occur at different levels. See Vendor and Travel Discounts for details.
  • While reputation vendors are unlocked at Acquaintance, some of the items they sell can only be used with higher levels of reputation.
Faction Level Guild Level Hobnanigans Level Points Per Level Total Points * Notes & Rewards
Enemy 10,000   -20,000   Only reachable in Ale Association, Inn League, Fushaum Bal North, Fushaum Bal South
Outsider 10,000   -10,000   Starting level for Lossoth of Forochel, Fushaum Bal North, Fushaum Bal South, The League of the Axe
Neutral Guild Initiate Rookie^ 0   0   Starting level for most factions
Acquaintance Apprentice of the Guild Minor Leaguer^ 10,000   10,000   Access to reputation areas & their vendors
Access to Guild Expert Recipes (T3)
Friend Journeyman of the Guild Major Leaguer^ 20,000   30,000   10-25% Travel discount from faction stables
Access to Guild Artisan Recipes (T4)
Ally Expert of the Guild All-star^ 25,000   55,000   Discounted Repair costs (approx 20-25%) and discount (5%) from faction vendors
Access to Guild Master Recipes (T5)
Kindred Artisan of the Guild Hall of Famer^ 30,000   85,000   Maximum level for most factions
Reputation mounts; Repair discount
Access to Guild Supreme Recipes (T6)
Respected Master of the Guild 45,000   130,000   Access to Guild Westfold Recipes (T7)
Honoured Eastemnet Master of the Guild 60,000   190,000   Access to Guild Eastemnet Recipes (T8)
Celebrated Westemnet Master of the Guild 90,000   280,000   Maximum level for Defenders of Minas Tirith, Host of the West, Conquest of Gorgoroth
Access to Guild Westemnet Recipes (T9)
Honoured Master of the Guild 200,000   480,000   Access to Guild Minas Ithil Recipes (T13)
^ Only available with the Hobnanigans reputation faction, the Chicken Chasing League of Eriador.
* Dol Amroth and Host of the West have additional subfactions. Those in Dol Amroth have only one level, Acquaintance. Allegiances use a different level/points structure.


Table of Reputation Factions:

Level Faction Name Area Region World
to the Elves
1 Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall Ered Luin X
1 The Mathom Society Michel Delving The Shire X
1 Men of Bree Bree Bree-land X
1 The Inn League The Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving The Shire
1 The Ale Association Thorin's Hall Ered Luin
1 Chicken Chasing League of Eriador Bree-land Bree-land
22-35 The Eglain Ost Guruth The Lone-lands X
24-32 Rangers of Esteldín Esteldín The North Downs X
30-40 The Wardens of Annúminas Tinnudir Evendim X
35-40 Elves of Rivendell Rivendell The Trollshaws X X
40-50 Council of the North Gath Forthnír Angmar X
44-50 Lossoth of Forochel Sûri-kylä Forochel X
45 The League of the Axe Trader's Wharf The Wildwood
45 Woodcutter's Brotherhood Trestlebridge Gate (West) The Wildwood
50 The Eldgang Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu Angmar
56-60 Galadhrim Lothlórien Lothlórien X
50-60 Iron Garrison Guards
Iron Garrison Miners
The Twenty-first Hall Moria
60-65 Algraig, Men of Enedwaith Lhanuch Enedwaith X
60-65 The Grey Company Nan Laeglin Enedwaith X
60-65 Malledhrim Mirkwood Mirkwood X
65-75 Men of Dunland Galtrev Dunland
70-75 The Riders of Stangard Stangard The Great River
70-75 Théodred's Riders Isendale Gap of Rohan
70-75 Heroes of Limlight Gorge Limlight Gorge The Great River
75-85 Men of the Wold The Wold East Rohan
75-85 Men of the Norcrofts Norcrofts East Rohan
75-85 Men of the Sutcrofts Sutcrofts East Rohan
75-85 Men of the Entwash Vale Entwash Vale East Rohan
80+ Townsfolk of the Eastfold Eastfold Hills Homesteads West Rohan
80+ Townsfolk of the Kingstead Kingstead Meadows Homesteads West Rohan
85 People of Wildermore
Survivors of Wildermore
Forlaw Wildermore
85-95 The Ents of Fangorn Forest Entwood West Rohan
85-95 The Eorlingas West Rohan West Rohan
85-95 The Helmingas West Rohan West Rohan
95-100 Dol Amroth
Dol Amroth City Watch
Library District
Armoury District
Bank District
Docks District
Great Hall District
Mason District
Swan-knights District
Warehouse District
Dol Amroth Western Gondor
100 Men of Ringló Vale Ringló Vale Central Gondor
100 Men of Dor-en-Ernil Dor-en-Ernil Central Gondor
100 Men of Lebennin Lower Lebennin Central Gondor
100 Pelargir Pelargir Central Gondor
100 Rangers of Ithilien South Ithilien Eastern Gondor
100 Defenders of Minas Tirith
Burgsmen's Fellowship
Smiths' Fellowship
Builders' Fellowship
Minas Tirith Minas Tirith
100-105 Host of the West
Ithilien North Ithilien
100-105 Riders of Rohan Taur Drúadan Far Anórien
110-115 Conquest of Gorgoroth Udûn, Dor Amarth, Talath Úrui, Agarnaith The Plateau of Gorgoroth
112-115 Fushaum Bal North
Fushaum Bal South
Talath Úrui The Plateau of Gorgoroth
114-115 Red Sky Clan Agarnaith The Plateau of Gorgoroth
110-115 Allegiance System
Durin's Folk
The Kingdom of Gondor
The Court of Lothlórien
Hobbits of the Company
Dor Amarth
Talath Úrui
The Plateau of Gorgoroth
115-120 Dwarves of Erebor
Elves of Felegoth
Men of Dale
Eryn Lasgalen
The Dale-lands
Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
115-120 Grey Mountains Expedition Járnfast Iron Hills
120 Wilderfolk Beorninghús Vales of Anduin
130 The Great Alliance Adambel Mordor Besieged
130 The White Company Echad Uial The Morgul Vale
130 Reclamation of Minas Ithil Echad Uial The Morgul Vale
130 Protectors of Wilderland Limlók Wells of Langflood
  • World Renowned is a meta-deed which requires Kindred standing with the factions marked with an X in the column "WR" of the table above.
  • Ambassador to the Elves is a meta-deed which requires Kindred standing with the three Elvish factions marked with an X in the Ambassador column.

Factions by Region


Completing a reputation deed can provide titles, travel discounts, bonuses and will allow the purchase of special reputation items and horses.


Most reputation titles are awarded on completion of a deed.

Reputation Items

Some items are dropped by creatures that provide reputation when right-clicked. Some items can only be purchased after you have sufficient reputation, most notably horses.

Reputation Item level restrictions

As of Update 15.1.2 (January 2015), Reputation Items have had level restrictions placed on them. Players now must be at least the level listed next to the item below in order to use the item to gain reputation from it.

Reputation Items
Item Level Faction Points
Gift Mathom-icon.png Gift Mathom 8 Mathom Society 700
Barrow-treasure-icon.png Barrow-treasure 20 Men of Bree 30
Cardolan-trinket-icon.png Cardolan-trinket 20 Men of Bree 700
Pilfered Arnorian Coin-icon.png Pilfered Arnorian Coin 20 The Eglain 60
Stolen Arnorian Heirloom-icon.png Stolen Arnorian Heirloom 20 The Eglain 300
Orc Battle-medallion-icon.png Orc Battle-medallion 30 Rangers of Esteldín 30
Orc Campaign-medallion-icon.png Orc Campaign-medallion 30 Rangers of Esteldín 50
War-master's Lash-icon.png War-master's Lash 30 Rangers of Esteldín 700
Tomb-raider's Sash-icon.png Tomb-raider's Sash 30 The Wardens of Annúminas 30
Black Badge-icon.png Black Badge 30 The Wardens of Annúminas 50
Band of Númenor-icon.png Band of Númenór 30 The Wardens of Annúminas 50
Signet of Rhudaur-icon.png Signet of Rhudaur 35 Elves of Rivendell 30
Goblin-town Tabard-icon.png Goblin-town Tabard 35 Elves of Rivendell 50
Elvish Relic-icon.png Elvish Relic 35 Elves of Rivendell 700
Mathom-icon.png Mathom 20 The Mathom Society 30
Well-kept Mathom-icon.png Well-kept Mathom 20 The Mathom Society 700
Dourhand Crest-icon.png Dourhand Crest 35 Thorin's Hall 30
First Age Relic-icon.png First Age Relic 35 Thorin's Hall 700
Bone Amulet-icon.png Bone Amulet 40 Council of the North 30
Wicked Dagger-icon.png Wicked Dagger 40 Council of the North 50
War Dispatch-icon.png War Dispatch 40 Council of the North 700
Lossoth Spear-head-icon.png Lossoth Spear-head  40 Lossoth of Forochel 30
Gauradan Claw-icon.png Gauradan Claw 40 Lossoth of Forochel 50
Lossoth Luistin-icon.png Lossoth Luistin 40 Lossoth of Forochel 700
League of the Axe Token-icon.png League of the Axe Token 40 The League of the Axe 1000
Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token-icon.png Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token 40 Woodcutter's Brotherhood 1000
Broken Engraving-icon.png Broken Engraving 45 Iron Garrison Miners 30
Cracked Etching-icon.png Cracked Etching 45 Iron Garrison Miners 50
Green Crystal Lamp Fragment-icon.png Green Crystal Lamp Fragment 45 Iron Garrison Miners 700
Durin Figurine-icon.png Durin Figurine 45 Iron Garrison Miners 900
Uncut Moria-adamant-icon.png Uncut Moria-adamant 45 Iron Garrison Miners 1200
Worn Dwarf Carving-icon.png Worn Dwarf Carving 45 Iron Garrison Guards 30
Cracked Dwarf Tablet-icon.png Cracked Dwarf Tablet 45 Iron Garrison Guards 50
Purple Crystal Lamp Fragment-icon.png Purple Crystal Lamp Fragment 45 Iron Garrison Guards 700
Durin's Emblem-icon.png Durin's Emblem 45 Iron Garrison Guards 900
Fracture Ruby-icon.png Fractured Ruby 45 Iron Garrison Guards 1200
Lothlórien Silver Branch-icon.png Lothlórien Silver Branch
Lothlórien Gold Leaf-icon.png Lothlórien Gold Leaf
56-60 Galadhrim Barter
Malledhrim Bronze Feather-icon.png Malledhrim Bronze Feather
Malledhrim Gold Star Emblem-icon.png Malledhrim Gold Star Emblem
60-65 Malledhrim Barter
Silver Token of the Anduin-icon.png Silver Token of the Anduin
Golden Token of the Anduin-icon.png Golden Token of the Anduin
Unhatched Spider Egg-icon.png Unhatched Spider Egg
70-75 The Riders of Stangard
Heroes of Limlight Gorge
Silver Token of the Riddermark-icon.png Silver Token of the Riddermark
Gold Token of Wildermore-icon.png Golden Token of the Riddermark
Token of Hytbold-icon.png Token of Hytbold
70-75 Men of the Entwash Vale
Men of the Norcrofts
Men of the Sutcrofts
Men of the Wold
Silver Token of the Riddermark-icon.png Wildermore Coin 85 People of Wildermore Barter
Gold Token of Wildermore-icon.png Gold Token of Wildermore 85 Survivors of Wildermore Barter
Westemnet Iron Coin-icon.png Westemnet Iron Coin 85-95 The Eorlingas
The Helmingas
Dol Amroth - Bank Token-icon.png Dol Amroth - Bank Token 90 Dol Amroth - City Watch Bank 500
Dol Amroth - Docks Token-icon.png Dol Amroth - Docks Token 90 Dol Amroth - City Watch Docks 250
Dol Amroth - Armoury Token-icon.png Dol Amroth - Armoury Token 90 Dol Amroth - City Watch Armoury 500
Dol Amroth - Great Hall Token-icon.png Dol Amroth - Great Hall Token 90 Dol Amroth - City Watch Great Hall 500
Dol Amroth - Library Token-icon.png Dol Amroth - Library Token 90 Dol Amroth - City Watch Library 2500
Dol Amroth - Mason Token-icon.png Dol Amroth - Mason Token 90 Dol Amroth - City Watch Mason 250
Dol Amroth - Warehouse Token-icon.png Dol Amroth - Warehouse Token 90 Dol Amroth - City Watch Warehouse 500
Dol Amroth - Swan-knight Token-icon.png Dol Amroth - Swan-knight Token 90 Dol Amroth - Swan-knights 250
Ornamental Skull-icon.png Ornamental Skull 90 Men of Ringló Vale 50
Weathered Gondorian Relic-icon.png Weathered Gondorian Relic 90 Men of Ringló Vale 250
Pristine Wood-carving-icon.png Pristine Wood-carving 90 Men of Ringló Vale 500
Coast-raider's Sash-icon.png Coast-raider's Sash 90 Men of Dor-en-Ernil 50
Jewel-encrusted Scimitar-icon.png Jewel-encrusted Scimitar 90 Men of Dor-en-Ernil 250
Unblemished Swan Statue-icon.png Unblemished Swan Statue 90 Men of Dor-en-Ernil 500
Bone Carving-icon.png Bone Carving 90 Men of Lebennin 50
Gold-studded Staff-icon.png Gold-studded Staff 90 Men of Lebennin 250
Worn Medallion of Castamir-icon.png Worn Medallion of Castamir 90 Men of Lebennin 500
Fangorn Leaves-icon.png Fangorn Leaves 95 The Ents of Fangorn Forest Barter
Central Gondor Silver Piece-icon.png Central Gondor Silver Piece 100 Pelargir (Faction) Barter
East Gondor Silver Piece-icon.png East Gondor Silver Piece 100 Rangers of Ithilien Barter
Minas Tirith Silver Piece-icon.png Minas Tirith Silver Piece 100 Defenders of Minas Tirith Barter
Minas Tirith - Burgsmen's Token-icon.png Minas Tirith - Burgsmen's Token 100 Burgsmen's Fellowship Barter
Minas Tirith - Builder's Token-icon.png Minas Tirith - Builders' Token 100 Builders' Fellowship Barter
Minas Tirith - Smith's Token-icon.png Minas Tirith - Smiths' Token 100 Smiths' Fellowship Barter
Exquisite Wood-carving-icon.png Exquisite Wood-carving
Polished Marble Trinket-icon.png Polished Marble Trinket
100-105 Riders of Rohan (Faction) 250
Host of the West Silver Piece-icon.png Host of the West Silver Piece 105 Host of the West Barter
Metal Scrap (Wastes)-icon.png Metal Scrap
Armour (Wastes)-icon.png Armour
105 Master-armourer (Host of the West) 200
Broken Blade (Wastes)-icon.png Broken Blade
Weapons (Wastes)-icon.png Weapons
105 Master-weaponist (Host of the West) 200
Salt (Wastes)-icon.png Salt
Provisions (Wastes)-icon.png Provisions
105 Master-provisioner (Host of the West) 200
Silver Signet of the Thandrim-icon.png Silver Signet of the Thandrim 110 Conquest of Gorgoroth Barter
Relic of the Last Alliance-icon.png Relic of the Last Alliance
Relic of the Last Alliance-icon.png Well-preserved Relic of the Last Alliance
Pristine Relic of the Last Alliance-icon.png Pristine Relic of the Last Alliance
110-115 Allegiance System 2000
Token of the Lake and Rivers-icon.png Token of the Lake and Rivers
Malleable Shadow Essence-icon.png Malleable Shadow Essence
115-120 Dwarves of Erebor
Elves of Felegoth
Men of Dale


Some quests reward reputation upon completion. There are a number of crafting quests that require the creation of items that reward reputation and once the quest is complete it also rewards reputation.


Crafting Guilds

See Crafting Guild for further details.
Guild Name Location Region
Cook's Guild Michel Delving's Craft-fair The Shire
Weaponsmith's Guild Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall Ered Luin
Metalsmith's Guild Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall Ered Luin
Scholar's Guild The Last Homely House in Rivendell The Trollshaws
Tailor's Guild Craft-hall of Esteldín The North Downs
Jeweller's Guild Craft-hall of Esteldín The North Downs
Woodworker's Guild Craft-hall of Esteldín The North Downs
All crafting guilds Galtrev Dunland
All crafting guilds Snowbourn Sutcrofts
All crafting guilds Aldburg West Rohan
All crafting guilds Dol Amroth, Library of Saphadzîr Western Gondor
All crafting guilds Minas Tirith, The House of Craft Old Anórien
All crafting guilds' Dale, crafting Hall Eryn Lasgalen
All crafting guilds' Estolad Lân Morgul Vale

Reputation Factions
Eriador: Algraig, Men of EnedwaithCouncil of the NorthElves of RivendellLossoth of ForochelMen of BreeMen of DunlandRangers of EsteldínThe EglainThe EldgangThe Grey CompanyThe League of the AxeThe Mathom SocietyThe Wardens of AnnúminasThorin's HallThéodred's RidersWoodcutter's Brotherhood

Rhovanion: Dwarves of EreborElves of FelegothThe Ents of Fangorn ForestThe EorlingasThe Gabil'akkâGrey Mountains ExpeditionThe HelmingasHeroes of Limlight GorgeIron Garrison GuardsIron Garrison MinersGaladhrimMalledhrimMarch on GundabadMen of DaleMen of the Entwash ValeMen of the NorcroftsMen of the SutcroftsMen of the WoldPeople of WildermoreProtectors of WilderlandThe Riders of StangardSurvivors of WildermoreTownsfolk of the EastfoldTownsfolk of the KingsteadWilderfolk

Gondor: Dol Amroth RegionalDol Amroth City Watch DistrictsMen of Ringló ValeMen of Dor-en-ErnilMen of LebenninPelargirRangers of IthilienDefenders of Minas TirithRiders of RohanHost of the West

Mordor: AllegiancesConquest of GorgorothThe Great AllianceReclamation of Minas IthilRed Sky Clan

Festivals: The Ale AssociationThe Inn LeagueChicken Chasing League of Eriador

Crafting: Crafting Guilds