Allegiance System

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Allegiance system

The Allegiance System is an efforts-for-rewards system, as an alternative to the traditional "reputation faction" track. It was initially released with the Mordor Expansion in August of 2017, and then extended in the Gundabad Expansion in November of 2021 and in 2023 as part of the Corsairs of Umber update,

User Interface

The allegiance panel is accessed through the game's menus, starting with the "chevron" or "caret" at the left end of the tool bar at the bottom of your screen:

this then brings up a list of options, the one you want is "Character", and underneath that is "Allegiances":

The panel itself looks as follows, with the upper "tab" for the Mordor Expansion in August of 2017 The Kingdon of Gondor allegiances, On the middle tab for the Gundabad Expansion The Zhélruka Clan allegiance and the lower tab for the Corsairs of Umber update the Ledger-keepers and Order of the Eagle clans:

From the main allegiance panel, the "Track" button can be selected, and this will create a persistent on-screen object, which displays a unique symbol for the allegiance, and an indicator of standing level, and progress towards the next level. This object can be repositioned, as desired, using the "Reposition UI" interface, or cancelled, with the "X" in the upper-lefthand corner of the object. The object can also be cancelled via right-click on character portrait, "Toggle UIs", "Allegiance Progress Display".

Note on Terminology

The initial launch of the Allegiance system (Mordor expansion) used the terminology and some of the UI elements of "reputation". As the game has evolved, however, Allegiance standing has diverged from the "reputation" model, although traces of the old terminology remain. The Allegiance panel is now separate from the Reputation panel. Also, reputation acceleration does not benefit Allegiance "standing" progression.

Mordor-expansion Allegiances Overview

See Allegiances (Mordor Expansion) for more details.
The Mordor-expansion allegiances consist of:
  • Dwarves: Durin's Folk
  • Men: The Kingdom of Gondor
  • Hobbits: Hobbits of the Company, and
  • Elves: The Court of Lothlórien
Access to Mordor-expansion allegiances first becomes available at level 110 and requires speaking to Eomer in the Udûn Foothold.
There are 30 "standing" levels for each Mordor-expansion allegiance, which are attained by consuming various "Last Alliance" relics, of differing denominations. These are acquired from completing various quests and deeds within Mordor. The standing gain is directed to whichever of the Mordor-expansion allegiance is designated as "active" at the time.
Each of the Mordor-expansion allegiances has a unique storyline, where Chapter 1 of each storyline originates from King Éomer at Udûn Foothold. Completing Chapter 1 of an Allegiance storyline grants a port ability which is unique to that Allegiance, either to Hall Under the Mountain, Hall of the King, Bâr Thorenion (for Hobbits of the Company) or Court of Lothlórien. These ports have a 5-minute cooldown. Beyond Level 1, upon attaining every multiple of 5 allegiance standing levels, a consumable item is awarded, which grants access to another chapter of that allegiance's storyline.
Upon completing a specific sequence of Mordor quests, daily quests for allegiance factions is unlocked. These award additional rewards and barter, including Motes of Enchantment

Gundabad-expansion Allegiance Overview

See Zhélruka (Allegiance) for more detailed information.
The Fate of Gundabad expansion introduced a new allegiance -- Zhélruka, one of the Dwarven houses whose personages have previously appeared in the Where Dragons Dwell and War of Three Peaks content. Unlike the Mordor-expansion allegiances, the Zhélruka allegiance is scalable, with a minimum level of 20, and is heavily intertwined with the Missions system.
  • The main hub for the Zhélruka allegiance is the Hall of Vérnozal in Gundabad. Since Hall of Vérnozal is a Missions hub, like other Missions hubs in Erebor, Trestlebridge and Elderslade, the Mission Recruiter stable-master can be used to swiftly travel to the Hall. Upon joining the Zhélruka allegiance, Prince Ingór offers Chapter 1 of the Zhélruka allegiance storyline, and subsequent chapters, as the allegiance standing levels are attained, up to Chapter 10 at allegiance standing level 30.
  • In addition to access to the storyline quests, each multiple of 5 allegiance levels bestows rewards, such as cosmetics or level-scaled armor. The level 30 reward is a mount, Goat of Kept Promises. Since a goat or boar mount is necessary for Moria, this award could be quite valuable to a lower-level character approaching Moria content, if they have not already acquired a goat or boar mount via reputation, festival, store purchase, or other means.
  • Completing Chapter 1 of the storyline unlocks access to the daily Zhélruka missions, obtainable from Ausma and Hórin, in the Hall of Vérnozal, aesthetically cloned from the daily mission quest-givers in Keep of Annâk-khurfu. There are 37 repeatable missions total, in the Gundabad expansion, but the quest-givers do not offer all of them daily: similar to how the missions in Elderslade work, there is a fixed 6-day rotation of Gundabad missions, with specific subsets -- 6 or 7 missions -- offered on any given day. See Gundabad Missions for more details. The loot boxes from Zhélruka missions contain a variable number of Gundabad Mountain-marks, and potentially a Relic of Gundabad, which can be consumed for Zhélruka allegiance standing. Mountain-marks have a barter list, for gear and housing items, as well as the option to barter for relics. If not desired for advancing allegiance standing, relics may also be bartered upwards to higher denominations of relic (albeit at a sub-parity conversion rate) and the highest -- "pristine" -- denomination of relics may be bartered for a quantity of Tokens of the Zhélruka, which has its own barter list, including gear, cosmetics and housing items. Relics of various denominations are also awarded for completing Zhélruka daily (5 missions) or weekly (20 missions) wrapper quests. Note that these wrappers can be done in parallel with the generic Missions weekly wrapper quests (On a Mission (Weekly), and On a Continuing Mission (Weekly))

Umbar-expansion Allegiance Overview

See Allegiances (Umbar Expansion) for more details.
The Corsairs of Umbar expansion introduced two new allegiances:
  • Ledger-keeper
  • Order of the Eagle

Claiming Allegiance-standing Levels

Unlike reputation factions, accumulating enough points to achieve a particular standing level does not automatically "attain" that level. The level must be "claimed" from the allegiance panel (bottom part, some side-scrolling may be required).
  • Standing levels that cannot be claimed yet, show up with a "Claim!" button, which is greyed out.
  • Standing levels that are available to be claimed, show up with a "Claim!" button in blue.
  • Standing levels that have previously been claimed, show up as "Claimed".
  • Any awards associated with claiming the allegiance level are shown in the panel.
Upon login, if there are levels which are currently unclaimed, the message "You have unclaimed allegiance rewards" appears.