Thorin's Hall (Reputation)

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This page is about the faction. For the settlement, see Thorin's Hall

Thorin's Hall is a reputation faction located in Thorin's Hall, in Ered Luin.

The Longbeards of Thorin's Hall have had a relatively quiet existence since the expulsion of the Dourhands. However, the recent discovery of the Dourhand's ancient city, renamed anew Sarnúr, has caused many of the Longbeards concern.
With the blood-price set against the Dourhands not yet repaid, the Longbeards of Thorin's Hall are loathe to let the Dourhands begin construction of a fortified stronghold so near to their city.

Location and NPCs

Entrance to Blue Stone Garrison
The upper hallway of the garrison

Hangout: Blue Stone Garrison in the west of Thorin's Hall. [13.8S, 103.2W]
The garrison is found at the upper levels within the Hall of Merchants, near the waterfall.
Access requires Acquaintance standing with the faction.

NPC Function
Outside the Garrison        
Ísrath Reputation Recipes Vendor
Tórth Reputation Barterer
Rútur Quest
Snár Quest
Inside the Garrison        
Authun Reputation Vendor
Dúthi Reputation Vendor & Supplier
Wígthor Supplier
Gaddi Expert Jeweller
Fielò Expert Tailor
Óleif Expert Woodworker
Dwarf Guard

Gaining Reputation


Repeatable Quests


Tasks Bulletin Boards

Reputation & Barter Items

Item Drops from Points
 Dourhand Crest Creatures in Ered Luin, Sarnúr, and the Icereave Mines 30  
 First Age Relic Creatures in Ered Luin, Sarnúr, and the Icereave Mines 700  

Crafting Items

Item Crafting Tier Points
 Dwarf-jewel Artisan 60  
 Dwarf-ring Master 100  
 Dwarf-necklace Master 700  


Deeds that yield reputation points


Vendor & Barter Items

Barterer: Tórth outside the garrison barters Dourhand Crests for reputation items and potions.

Vendor: Authun inside the garrison

Item Standing Level Cost
 Award of Dwarf Virtue Friend 35 60 Silver
 Dwarf-make Axe Friend 47 144 Silver
 Dwarf-make Crossbow Friend 47 144 Silver
 Dwarf-make Drum Friend 44 Silver40 Copper
 Dwarf-make Great Axe Friend 47 144 Silver
 Dwarf-make Mace Friend 47 144 Silver
 Dwarf-make Staff Friend 47 144 Silver
 Pointed Chandelier Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver52 Copper
 Repair Anvil Recipe Friend 16 Silver52 Copper
 Silver Candlestand Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver52 Copper
 Military Prospector's Pack Ally Silver12 Copper
 Long-sleeved Dwarf-make Dress Kindred Silver12 Copper
 Prized Thorin's Hall Goat Kindred Gold823 Silver60 Copper
 Major Defender Herald Armaments Recipe 15 Silver
 Major Footsoldier Herald Armaments Recipe 15 Silver
 Major Warden Herald Armaments Recipe 15 Silver
 Masterclass Defender Herald Armaments Recipe 20 Silver
 Masterclass Footsoldier Herald Armaments Recipe 20 Silver
 Masterclass Warden Herald Armaments Recipe 20 Silver
 Supreme Defender Herald Armaments Recipe 27 Silver52 Copper
 Supreme Footsoldier Herald Armaments Recipe 27 Silver52 Copper
 Supreme Warden Herald Armaments Recipe 27 Silver52 Copper

Vendor: Dúthi inside the garrison at Ally standing

Item Standing Level Cost
 'Hailing Hero' Statue Ally 44 Silver
 'Lament for Oakenshield' Theme Ally 56 Silver
 Master's Lamp Post Ally 48 Silver
 'Noble Offering' Statue Ally 44 Silver
 'Ready for Battle' Statue Ally 44 Silver
 'Standing Tall' Statue Ally 44 Silver
 'The Protector' Statue Ally 44 Silver

Titles / Passive Skills






Note, this is not really related to the article per se.

There is a "Forge of the Blue Mountain" in Sarnúr Keep (keep entrance NW of the entry to the dungeon). It cannot be used by any crafter.
The Watcher's Workbench (in the Bree reputation dungeon) and the Forge of the Blue Mountain... there were plans for special recipes to drop within the Rift which could only be crafted at one of the two crafting stations, but that idea never made it into the game. —