The Path of Valour

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The Path of Valour is a reputation faction that is linked to the Landscape Difficulty system.

There are those who choose to follow the darkest and most dangerous roads of Middle-earth. A small faction of the Rangers of the North watches over such adventurous souls and may see fit to reward them in time.
Note: This faction is not affected by generic reputation accelerators.

Locations and NPCs

The Hardened Traveller bestows landscape difficulty quests and is the barterer for the Path of Valour faction. He can be found at the following locations:

Coordinates Directions / Description
[29.7S, 51.3W] (Bree) The Prancing Pony
[32.1S, 76.5W] (The Shire) Little Delving
[13.8S, 103.1W] (Ered Luin) Thorin's Gates
[28.1S, 92.3W] (Ered Luin) Celondim Across from the Stable-master
[25.4S, 48.7W] (Bree-land) Archet
[60.4S, 34.6W] (Swanfleet) Mossward
[5.9S, 105.1W] (Zelem-melek) The Twenty-first Hall

Gaining Reputation

This faction uses unique reputation levels. Reputation gain is not affected by generic reputation accelerators like Reputation Acceleration Tomes.

Faction Level Points Per Level Total Points
Novitiate 0 0
Stalwart 1500 1500
Daring 4500 6000
Intrepid 9000 15000
Indomitable 13500 28500
Fearless 18000 46500


Consuming a  Paths of Valour Token grants 500 reputation.


Quests which grant reputation with this faction (Click [>] to expand the list):


Barter Items

Barterer: Hardened Traveller (see Locations and NPCs for locations)