Enmity of Fushaum Bal north

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This page is about the reputation faction. For the Title, see Enmity of Fushaum Bal North

Enmity of Fushaum Bal north is a reputation faction in the Talath Úrui area of the Plateau of Gorgoroth.

Led by Khirgi the Hunter, Khundolar warlord and previous leader of Fushaum Tum, the Easterling had asked the leaders of Fushaum Bal to join his reign but the refusal drove him to feuding and a grasp for land.

The followers of Khirgi, the Hunter control Fushaum Bal North and strive to seize control of both halves of Fushaum Bal so that they may reclaim Fushaum Tûm. The faction is called "Enmity" because it is not possible to gain standing greater than Neutral with this faction. There are no rewards for this faction; its only point is to advance the quest The Fushaum Resolution. They are opposed to the faction Enmity of Fushaum Bal south and most positive reputation with one faction comes with negative reputation for the other.

Location and Officals

The leader of Fushaum Bal North can be found at the deepest end of the town:

Gaining Reputation


Quests which grant reputation with this faction (Click arrow to expand the list):

Repeatable Quests

Khirgi, the Hunter offers repeatable quests to build reputation (only before The Fushaum Resolution is completed):

Defeating enemies and destroying tents in Fushaum Bal South bestows repeatable quests to build reputation (only before The Fushaum Resolution is completed):


Defeating the inhabitants of Fushaum Bal South increases reputation with this faction and reduces reputation with Enmity of Fushaum Bal south: 8 Reputation points for Normal enemies, 12 Reputation points for Signature enemies, and 24 Reputation points for Elite enemies.