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Crafting Guilds provide additional advancement for each crafting profession. There are no guilds for the Gathering professions (Farmer, Prospector, or Forester).

Characters may join a crafting guild once they have reached Expert level in a crafting profession. Players may join as many crafting guilds as they are eligible.

Switching a profession will abandon all guild recipes and reputation gained from the current guild.

Joining a Crafting Guild

Master of Crafting Guilds may be found in various crafting halls and locations throughout Middle-earth. Often they are found near a Master or Mistress of Apprentices

Speak with the Master of Crafting Guilds to choose a guild from the list of available guilds.

Crafting Guild Advancement

Once you have joined a crafting guild, you can track your progress within the guild by opening the Character Journal and selecting the Reputation tab, where you will find a progress bar displaying your current standing within the guild. Note that Free and Premium players will have to unlock the guild reputation with LOTRO Points in order to advance past Apprentice of the Guild status.

Table 1: Crafting Guild Ranks
To achieve this
Reputation Level
You need
this many Points
a Total
of Points
Recipe Tier
Guild Initiate 0 0 None
Apprentice of the Guild 10,000 10,000 Expert (T3)
Journeyman of the Guild 20,000 30,000 Artisan (T4)
Expert of the Guild 25,000 55,000 Master (T5)
Artisan of the Guild 30,000 85,000 Supreme (T6)
Master of the Guild 45,000 130,000 Westfold (T7)
Eastemnet Master of the Guild 60,000 190,000 Eastemnet (T8)
Westemnet Master of the Guild 90,000 280,000 Westemnet (T9)
Honoured (Minas Ithil) Master of the Guild 200,000 480,000 Minas Ithil (T13)
Umbar Master of the Guild 10,000 490,000 Umbar (T15)

Reputation items are consumed for gaining increased standing with the guild or as a component in improved guild recipes. They exist for the Expert through Westemnet crafting tiers and their recipes are available from the guild's reputation items recipe vendor. There are three different sizes of guild reputation items: small, medium and large. Medium and large reputation items require a higher number of crafting materials and have a longer cooldown to craft, but also provide more reputation points. No large reputation item exists for the Expert and Artisan crafting tiers.

All crafting guilds have a reputation item trader which barters a stack of smaller reputation items in exchange for one larger item. This way a character may obtain larger items a lot quicker. This is particularly useful for amassing items while crafting a complete set of, for example, jewellery or armour using the larger items that have a 7 day cooldown.

Below is a list of the different tiers and sizes of crafting guild reputation items, along with the number of reputation points they grant and the length of their cooldown. To go from Apprentice to Westemnet Master of the Guild takes a little less than a month if you craft all reputation items as often as their cooldowns allow.

Table 2: Guild Reputation Items
Size / Tier Points Granted Cooldown
Small Expert (T3) 300 18h
Medium Expert 900 2d 18h
Small Artisan (T4) 400 18h
Medium Artisan 1,200 2d 18h
Small Master (T5) 500 18h
Medium Master 1,500 2d 18h
Large Master 3,000 6d 18h
Small Supreme (T6) 600 18h
Medium Supreme 1,800 2d 18h
Large Supreme 3,600 6d 18h
Small Westfold (T7) 700 18h
Medium Westfold 2,100 2d 18h
Large Westfold 4,200 6d 18h
Small Eastemnet (T8) 800 18h
Medium Eastemnet 2,400 2d 18h
Large Eastemnet 4,800 6d 18h
Small Westemnet (T9) 900 18h
Medium Westemnet 2,700 2d 18h
Large Westemnet 5,400 6d 18h

There are two other ways to increase your standing with a crafting guild:

Crafting Guild Rewards

As you increase your standing within the guild, you can purchase and use the Improved and Legendary recipes sold by the guild's vendors respectively. Some of those recipes allow you to craft a stack of items for a fraction of the normal ingredients needed, while other recipes provide a fool-proof method to craft a critical success item.

The highest tier of crafting guild recipes allow crafters to produce class items, as well as items that can augment the accrual of item advancement experience points.

Umbar Crafting Guilds

After attaining Umbar reputation with a crafting guild, the player unlocks access to its corresponding Umbar crafting guild. These guilds function similarly to the Eriador crafting guilds in that each level of reputation unlocks new recipes. Reputation is gained by completing daily and weekly crafting quests found in the Swain's Guild-hall of Umbar Baharbêl.[21.3S, 97.3W]

Table 3: Umbar Crafting Guild Ranks
To achieve this
reputation level
You need
this many points
a total
of points
Guild Initiate 0 0
Apprentice 10,000 10,000
Journeyman 20,000 30,000

Each crafting guild has set of items which it can upgrade. These recipes use ingredients created with Luck-stones. The items can also be traded with special recipes and Umbar Writs of Trade.

Table 4: Umbar Crafting Guilds
Guild Crafted items Upgradeable items
Umbar Cook's Guild Fellowship-wide buffet table buff
Umbar Jeweller's Guild Earrings Necklace
Umbar Metalsmith's Guild Gloves, Boots Helmet (Heavy)
Umbar Scholar's Guild Incoming healing potion
Umbar Tailor's Guild Gloves, Boots Helmet (Medium/Light)
Umbar Weaponsmith's Guild Outgoing damage buff
Umbar Woodworker's Guild Pocket

Guild Hall Locations

In each crafting guild hall you will find the crafting guild leader, the guild's reputation items recipe recipe vendor, the guild's reputation item trader, and the guild's recipe vendors. Near each guild hall is usually found a Mistress or Master of Crafting Guilds.

Crafting Guild Halls can be found at different locations around Middle-earth.

Guild Name Location Region
Cook's Guild Michel Delving's Craft-fair The Shire
Weaponsmith's Guild Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall Ered Luin
Metalsmith's Guild Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall Ered Luin
Scholar's Guild The Last Homely House in Rivendell Trollshaws
Tailor's Guild Craft-hall of Esteldín North Downs
Jeweller's Guild Craft-hall of Esteldín North Downs
Woodworker's Guild Craft-hall of Esteldín North Downs
All crafting guilds Galtrev Dunland
All crafting guilds Snowbourn Sutcrofts
All crafting guilds Aldburg West Rohan
All crafting guilds Dol Amroth Western Gondor
All crafting guilds Minas Tirith Old Anórien
All crafting guilds Minas Tirith (After-battle) Anórien (After Battle)
All crafting guilds Minas Tirith (Midsummer) Anórien (After Battle)
All crafting guilds Dale Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
All crafting guilds Estolad Lân Morgul Vale
All crafting guilds Dol Amroth King's Gondor
All crafting guilds Umbar Baharbêl Cape of Umbar

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