The Yonder-watch

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The Yonder-watch is a reputation faction located in the Yondershire, in the Shire.

While the upstart Lotho Sackville-Baggins aims to bully the hobbits of Yondershire, the Yonder-watch are not too keen on his designs. Instead they plan for their defence while accepting help from friendly adventures for interesting items offered by their quartermasters.
Originally an unofficial branch of the Watch, the Hobbits of the Yonder-watch have dedicated themselves to the preservation and protection of the wildest frontiers of the Shire. Traditionally led by the Reeves of Yondershire since the time of Bandobras 'Bullroarer' Took, they are now overseen by Rosalinda North-took of Long Cleeve. Although they count themselves among few dwelling in the Shire to come into regular contact with the Rangers of the North and dabble in other curiosities, they remain faithful to their duty: patrolling the borders of the Shire, or as they prefer to say, 'beating the Bounds'.

Location and NPCs

Quartermasters are found in Nobottle, Long Cleeve, Tighfield and Gamwich.
The Yonder-watch was introduced with the Yondershire quest pack, with Update 33.
Access requires the quest pack, or VIP account.

Gaining Reputation

This faction is unique in that each reputation level requires just ??? points to advance.


See the Yondershire quests for quests per location.


Deeds that yield reputation points


Barter Items

Barterer: Quartermaster at Acquaintance standing

Coordinates Directions / Description
[24.0S, 82.4W] The quartermaster of Gamwich
[22.0S, 78.9W] The quartermaster of Long Cleeve
[27.0S, 78.9W] The quartermaster of Nobottle
[26.5S, 82.4W] The quartermaster of Tighfield

Titles / Passive Skills