Dol Amroth City Watch Library District

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Dol Amroth - Library - Dol Amroth has a large store of ancient books and knowledge.


Complete quests for tokens.

  • Max reputation (10,000 rep, Acquaintance level only) is granted "automagically" once you complete the first four quests inside the "Training Exercise" from Beriaudur
    • Quests will take place in Library of Saphadzîr
    • Unlocks all gear barter options
    • Unlocks the daily quests available from all faction representatives OUTSIDE the Training Exercise.
  • There are no other quests, items or creatures that provide reputation directly


Complete City Watch quests for tokens and the Training Exercise quests for more tokens.

  • Max of 6 quests per day outside the Training Exercise


Quest Rewards:  Library Box which contains:


Barter the Library tokens at select Quartermasters for specific items:


Complete all quests and achieve Acquaintance level with faction to obtain:

Dol Amroth - Library
Dol Amroth - City Watch - Library