Men of Dunland

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Men of Dunland is a reputation faction with the Dunlendings of Dunland in Eriador.


The chieftains of Dunland have rallied beneath the banner of Saruman, but the common folk struggle beneath the yoke of Isengard's oppression, which demands that they supply Saruman's armies with food and armaments, while the people grow hungry and resentful.

Location and Dramatis personæ

In the Settlement of Galtrev in Dunland:

Gaining Reputation

Reputation with the Men of Dunland can be garnered by doing quests and tasks throughout Dunland.


You can pickup the Task quests from these locations (but turn-in only at Galtrev):

The task bulletin boards can be found at:
Tasks found on these bulletin board:
Task Level Faction Points
Spotted Ears 65 Men of Dunland: 300
Bent Metal Maces 65 Men of Dunland: 300
Metal Sword Sheaths 65 Men of Dunland: 300
Stretched Skins 65 Men of Dunland: 300
Mucky Filth 68 Men of Dunland: 300


Most of the Deeds in Dunland give reputation:


Many quests in Dunland award a higher standing with the Men of Dunland. Click arrow to expand a list of them.

Repeatable Quests

From Macsen in Galtrev:

From Bron in Galtrev: