Lossoth of Forochel

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Lossoth of Forochel is a reputation faction located in Sûri-kylä, in Forochel.

Lossoth (Sindarin for Snow Horde) but they refer to themselves as the Lumi-väki.
The Snowmen of Forochel are a distrustful and superstitious people, dwelling ever in the shadow of Angmar. It will take many great deeds to gain favour in their eyes.

A long time ago, a people known as the Forodwaith, who were used to endure the bitter cold of the realm of Morgoth, settled in the far north. In the Third Age a remnant of these people was known as the Lossoth or the Snowmen of Forochel. The Lossoth lived on the Cape of Forochel most of the time, but they also camped on the southern shore of the Ice Bay of Forochel, at the feet of the Blue Mountains.

Location and NPCs

Hangout: The Great Lodge in northwestern Sûri-kylä. [19.5N, 72.0W]
Lossoth of Forochel was introduced with the Book 13: Doom of the Last-king, in 2008.

Name Function
Arvo Lossoth Heavy Armoursmith
Mîmu Lossoth Furnisher
Rûsu Lossoth Reward Vendor
Sanelma Lossoth Medium Armoursmith
Untamo Lossoth Light Armoursmith

Gaining Reputation


Repeatable Quests

Tasks Bulletin Boards


Reputation Items

Item Drops from Points
 Lossoth Spear-head Any creature 30  
 Gauradan Claw Gauredain 50  
 Lossoth Luistin Angmarim, Dourhands, and Gauredain 700  


Deeds that yield reputation points


Vendor Items

Vendor: Mîmu

Vendor: Rûsu at Acquaintance standing

Vendor: Arvo at Friend standing — Heavy Armoursmith

Vendor: Sanelma at Friend standing — Medium Armoursmith

Vendor: Untamo at Friend standing — Light Armoursmith

Titles / Passive Skills