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The Instance Join panel aka "Instance Finder" is an in-game tool used to find others who are looking to play a particular instance. First introduced in Update 5, its functionality was expanded in Update 6, Update 18 and Update 24.

  • While designed to facilitate PUGs (Pick-Up Groups) a pre-existing Fellowship can easily use the instance Finder to launch their encounter.

Some important bits

Please see the two Developer Diaries above for detailed information about the Instance Finder.

For an explanation of the different types of Instances and a list, see Instances:
  • You have to be at least level 20 to use Instance Finder.
  • Shift-F is the default keyboard shortcut for it, or you can use the Main Menu to select the Instance Finder item.
  • For each class, our system design team has decided what roles they think that class should be able to select, and the other roles are grayed out.
  • The Instance Finder operates BY SERVER - no cross-server PUGs can be created.
  • Many people "advertise" in World instead of using the Instance Finder.
Note: LFF is local to a particular region; World is global to the entire server.

Keep in mind that most instances require a certain set of skills for successful completion. This is especially true for 6-man and larger instances. Similarly, there is a tendency for many players to select certain roles, especially DPS. Consequently, there is frequently a mismatch between the roles needed for an instance and those individuals advertising their desire to participate as a particular class.

Instance Finder Simple Tab

Instance Finder is a tool for quickly finding and playing instances and skirmishes. On the Simple Tab, choose your preferences and Instance Finder will work in the background, allowing you to continue playing while it searches. When a match is found, you will be informed of the group's makeup and then teleported into the instance it found.
The preference you may set are as follows;
Role: Instance Finder will attempt to create groups that have a good mix of the different player roles. Select the role you are willing to fulfil in a fellowship.
Type: There are four categories of encounters Instance Finder can match you into: Skirmishes, Instances, Erebor and the Battle of Helm's Deep. Skirmishes consist of all Skirmishes you have access to. Instances consist of all the scaled Classic Instances you have access to. Erebor consists of the most current instance cluster, where you will find the most potent rewards.
Remember, the more options you select the better chance Instance finder will be able to find you a group!
  • The Instance Finder image to the right is as seen by a level 14 Hunter who is not yet eligible for Skirmishes. Skirmishes become available as a character reaches level 20 and different skirmishes become available as the character increases in level.
  • The Roles available to your character are determined by their Class. A Hunter is not a Healer, but can act in a support capacity with his ranged attacks; or directly as a damage dealer.

Instance Finder Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab of Instance Finder has all the functionality of the Simple Tab, with the additional ability to opt in or out of specific instances. Choosing Type, Size and Tier configurations up top will populate the list of instances below. Within that list, click on the instances you are willing to play then press join. Instance Finder will search only for the instances you've indicated.

The Specific tab as seen by a Level 14 character

Instance Finder Specific Tab

The Specific Tab of Instance Finder allows you to enter instances from anywhere in the game. Navigate the window below to find the instance you wish to play, then configure it with Size, Tier and Level as applicable. Press Launch Now when you are satisfied and you're off! Fellowship members will receive a travel invitation to follow their leader into the selected instance.
Size: Most Instances have only one viable group size, this option is used primarily for Skirmishes.
Tier: Choose the difficulty tier you wish to play on. All instances may be played at tier 1, some have the tier 2 option as well. Only Skirmishes have tier 3.
Level: Indicate the level you wish the instance to be scaled to. All instances have a minimum level. Rewards will be scaled to the level of the instance.


Featured Instances were added with Update 18 and are available to players with characters of level 100 and above. Every week, changing on Monday at 10:00 a.m. server time, a specific scaling instance (or raid) from LOTRO's old favorites is featured in the Instance Join panel. Characters level 100 and higher can launch it through the Instance Join panel Specific Tab.

Each instance can be run daily at level 100-149 and at level 150. The instance must be run no more than eight levels below or above the level of your character to obtain the featured instance quest (i.e. the mobs in the instance must not be grey or purple). The instance also must be run at its maximum size -- 3, 6 or 12. Completing the featured instance quests will award extra rewards for completing the listed instance, in addition to the regular loot from the instance chests, resetting daily at 3:00 a.m. server time. The quests can additionally be reset with Mithril Coin, as well. The quest reward from a level 100-149 run is a Grey Box of Ancient Spoils. For a 150 run, the quest reward is a <Colour> Box of Ancient Treasures, with the colour depending on the instance. These boxes contain similar loot as the grey box.

Initially the challenge chests for any of the instances regardless of the current featured one, had a chance to also drop one or a few pieces of equipment from the featured instance set or jewelry. They were completely randomly rewarded out of the entire sets and not restricted to the classes that were actually in the group. This drop chance was removed in U18.2.

When featured instances were introduced, they awarded boxes of Ancient spoils, but have been replaced by boxes of Forgotten spoils when the level cap was raised to 115. With Update 32 they award boxes of Ancient Treasures.

As of Update 34.3, the featured instance level cap quest no longer require Tier 2 completion of the Instance.

A complete description of the Featured Instance mechanic is contained in an April 2016 Dev Diary by "EdgeCase."

Featured Instance Rotation

The Featured Instance rotation follows a six-week roster. The weekly instance changes on Monday at 10:00 a.m. server time, and the quests reset daily at 3:00 a.m. server time. On Monday it is possible to do the daily quests twice without using Mithril Coin to reset them: once after the daily reset time but before weekly rotation time, and again after the instance changes.

The list of instances in the rotation have changed several times after the introduction of featured instances, with U18.2, U19, U19.1.1, U20, U21, U22, U22.2, U23.0, U32.0, 34.3 and U38.

Featured Instance U38 Box Reward - Level 100-149 Box Reward - Level 150 Size Content Prerequisite Other prerequisites Theoretically-soloable?
Haudh Valandil  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Crimson Box of Ancient Treasures 6 N/A (in base game) None Yes
Woe of the Willow  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Malachite Box of Ancient Treasures 3 The Wildwood quest pack None Yes
Agoroth, the Narrowdelve  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Marigold Box of Ancient Treasures 3 The Wildwood quest pack None No. 3 characters are required to activate the end boss fight,
although they need not participate in combat
Stoneheight  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Amethyst Box of Ancient Treasures 6 N/A (in base game) Discovery (North Downs at [9.5S, 50.1W]) Yes
Ost Dunhoth - Gortheron Wing  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Obsidian Box of Ancient Treasures 12 N/A (in base game) Discovery (Enedwaith at [75.1S, 19.7W])
Completion of Wound/Fear Wing

Completion of Disease/Poison Wing

Yes. Note that the Wound/Fear Wing prereq requires 6 characters
to activate the initial gantlet of that wing, and at least 3 characters
to interact with objects along that gantlet.
Glinghant  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils  Azure Box of Ancient Treasures 6 N/A (in base game) None Yes

Featured Quest Reward Summary

The Featured Instance quest awards 50 Virtue Experience and a  Grey Box of Ancient Spoils.
The Featured Instance (cap level) quest awards 150 Virtue Experience, 100 Embers of Enchantment, a Newfound Coin a coloured Box of Ancient Treasures.

Both the grey and coloured boxes may contain the following items:
It always contains:

It may frequently drop:

It may sometimes drop:

It may rarely drop:

The coloured boxes additionally have a 25% chance to drop an armour piece of the Remembered Rivals set.

  • The Crimson box may drop armour for the head and legs slot.
  • The Malachite box may drop armour for the chest and gloves slot.
  • The Marigold box may drop armour for the head and shoulder slot.
  • The Amethyst box may drop armour for the shoulder and gloves slot.
  • The Obsidian box may drop armour for the legs and feet slot.
  • The Azure box may drop armour for the chest and feet slot.

Note that for each slot its armour piece can be obtained from two instances.