Red Sky Clan

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The Nêbh Rûdh, the Red Sky Clan, is a reputation faction with the Drúedain located in Bhol Rûdh in Agarnaith.

Separated by an unreachable mountain pass for many years, the Red Sky Clan enjoyed peacefulness and solitude. Until Mount Doom erupted, causing a landslide, and once again opening the Red Sky Clan to the lands of Gorgoroth.

'Long ago, Red Sky Clan live peacefully with Alashi and Easterlings in Mesha Omûr, the Living Wood. The Chaydash was as pure as glittery jewels.
Then, the gods fought. Their great battle caused earthquakes. The mountains rose and the valley became Batakh Inâ, the Stinging Bog. Soon, Red Sky Clan can no longer reach the valley, trapped by mountains.
We live out our lives peacefully in Bhol Rûdh. The Great Eye cannot reach us here.
Burning Mountain erupts again. The way to the valley is again opened, but it has become infested with evil and plague.


  • Note: Reputation for the Red Sky Clan is apparently bugged prior to Update 23.
  • Bugs have been submitted on various issues.
Naming and other things simply do not match the pattern of previous Reputation factions.
You probably have to log out and back in again to get it to display in your Reputation tracker.
It is unclear if the Reputation bonus on the first turn-in of 20,000 will be credited until after you gain Neutral status, if at all.
The bonus displays on screen, but does not appear in your chat-log, and does not apparently increment the entry in your Reputation tracker.
The Deed: Known to the Red Sky Clan - is bestowed and completed immediately upon reaching Friend status.
  • First Rep turn-in bonus - 20,000 -- apparently an on-screen "typo"
This deed is created and completed upon earning Friend status to the Red Sky Clan.

Reputation Levels


The following quests are provided by Faeron and must be completed to achieve Neutral standing and obtain the next group of quests.


  • Deed: None
Title: None
  • Passive Skill: None


  • Deed: None
Title: None
  • Passive Skill: None


Title: <name>, Friend to the Red Sky Clan
  • Passive Skill: None
  • Maximum reputation level


Quests which grant reputation with this faction (Click [>] to expand the list):