Thorin's Hall Inn

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Thorin's Hall Inn
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Settlement: Thorin's Hall

Thorin's Hall Inn is located in the basement under the Hall of Kings.

From the Hall of Kings two ramps lead down, one from the entrance into the Hall of Merchants, and one from the Maker's Hall. However, the quickest entrance is from outdoors, using the door just next to Bogi Deepdelver and via the Festival Arena. (Once in the Festival Arena, go through the doorway directly behind you. How that architecture works is nothing a knowledgeable dwarf is permitted to speak of, but nevertheless, it works brilliantly.)

This is the home for members of the Ale Association and those with Acquaintance standing may access the private chambers in the south-west. During festivals the inn attracts more visitors and some settle down for the period and offers the most suspicious quests, not seldom involving all sorts of practical jokes a dwarf's mom forbade and used to warn about the effect those have on the opposite sex (should a dwarf find one).


Merriment at the bar in the Inn

Reputation Factions


NPC Function
Services & Supplies
Walgarth Barber
Belg Clerk of Kinships
Lóthinn Healer
Rúnulf Tavern Keep
Festival NPCs
Ale Assoc. Tavern Keep Ale Association Tavern Keep
Andri Ale Association Member
Jónar Ale Association Founder
Lar Ale Association Barterer
Dýri Games-master
Inn League Tavern Keep Inn League Tavern Keep
Óli Inn League Member
Galmi Dance Leader
Hálgur Spring Rewards Vendor
Kylfa Fall Festival Trader
Imi Festival Cook
Jorfi Race Trader
Guthlág Trickster
Oxi Pipeweed Vendor
Húni Fireworks Vendor
Sparr Festival Provisioner
Ambi Quest
Annar Quest
Laufar Quest
Mákr Quest
Glói Party Planner


The following quests are available only during festivals

The Ale Association Tavern Keep:

The Inn League Tavern Keep:



Map of Thorin's Hall Inn