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  • Check your watchlist daily!
  • Help:Patrolling and Patrolling
  • Continue to organize the wiki
  • Add documentation outlining the organization of categories so others will know
  • Selectivly review documents and start helping in the overhaul of them

Things to check in-game

Maps that should be part of the lotro-wiki

Helpful Pages

Helpful Examples

  • sign or signature with four tildies ~~~~
  • for text you don't want the wiki to wiki-fi use the <nowiki> tags
  • example of a redirect #REDIRECT [[Lone-lands]]
  • example of a category tree dropdown <categorytree depth=1>Angmar Deeds</categorytree>
  • example of a table class="altRowsMed2 sortable collapsible"
  • altRowsMed collapsible collapsed
  • you can perform advanced searches on several key phrases by separating them in quotes "Creature" "Essence of"

Tooltip Test Coord

Currently Working Projects Below

Picture update

  • Sift thru all my screenshots and add the info

Mixing Categories

  • I think I am mixing the category that goes under Areas (which really is Landmarks or POIs) with the game mechanic that is the door portal thing

Regional Instances General Update

  • Raids don't seem to go in the World Instances section they have their own category but still need to also go into their regional instance category, so they are easier to find.
  • need to review each region and find its public dungeons and add all to the regional instances.
    • While working on public dungeons I noticed how messed up Category:World Instances are organized and will attempt to clear up
  • All Public Dungeons need to be added into the various Regional Instance category, they don't need there own category.
    • In fact all Instances in a region should go into the Regional Instance category including, Raids, Public Dungeons, World Instances, and Quest Instances
    • Quest Instances all go into this one region instance category - WORKING HERE, slowly working thru this
      • Each categroy quest instance page needs to have this added to it

All [[Instances]] in the [[Lone-lands]] including: [[World Instance‎|World Instances]] (from the [[Instance Finder]]), [[Public Dungeons|Public Instances or Dungeons]], [[:Category:Quest Instances|Quest Instance]] locations, [[Raids]], [[Skirmish]]es, [[Epic Battles]], [[Crafting Instances]] etc.

    • Also need to add each to the Category:Quest Instances table and list
    • Also need to add each to a table or list in regional instances category e.g. Category:Bree-land Instances
    • need to separate out instances from interiors, areas and landmarks for each Region. There is some overlap and both room for instances in any of these categories. Just need to decide and update the documentation so it shows it.
    • All of the various types of instances go in the by-region instance category by region - VERIFY
    • Need to review all of the Regions and their areas, Landmarks, other locations, interiors, and quests (look for instances) and find all the other public dungeons and add them correctly
    • update the page Public Dungeons needs to be moved back into the region Instances category
  • odd navigation template issue - added some comments for discussion to see what happens Template:Gondor and Template:Mordor - cleaned up 2019

Regional Instances 100 Level Update

Regional Instances 115 Level Update

Regional Instances Low Level Update

  • need to review each region and find its public dungeons and add all to the regional instances.
    • While working on public dungeons I noticed how messed up Category:World Instances are organized and will attempt to clear up
  • All Public Dungeons need to be added into the various Regional Instance category, they don't need there own category.
    • In fact all Instances in a region should go into the Regional Instance category including, Raids, Public Dungeons, World Instances, and Quest Instances
    • Quest Instances all go into this one region instance category - WORKING HERE
      • Each categroy quest instance page needs to have this added to it

All [[Instances]] in the [[Lone-lands]] including: [[World Instance‎|World Instances]] (from the [[Instance Finder]]), [[Public Dungeons|Public Instances or Dungeons]], [[:Category:Quest Instances|Quest Instance]] locations, [[Raids]], [[Skirmish]]es, [[Epic Battles]], [[Crafting Instances]] etc.

Instance clean up and boiler plates check

Category:World Instances need a combined Template:Infobox Instances right now they are separated into a dozen, with good but unorganized clusters.

  • need to verify each world instance has a:
    • infobox instance template at the top
    • Instance Navigation Templates at the bottom
    • the matching main landmark and region also has an Instance section or links to these pages so they are easily found from them
    • move all instance related sections from the WORLD page and into the various instance pages
    • the correct the MOBs or creatures section so it includes just the instance mobs insde the instance page and the world page just has the world mobs (if they exisit)
    • add a top italize link between similar named area or landmark and the instance pages
    • the correct Rewards section, include all rewards found in chests and dropped from BOSSes (do not include quest rewards or deed rewards).
      • WORKING HERE 8 Aug 2019 - Epic Battles, converting pages from quest boxes into full blown instance pages with transduced rewards section so people can find the rewards

regional documentation

update the Region Boilerplate and Template to include public dungeons and make sure the documentation views the instances the same way I do.

  • Meaning all instances go in the various regional instance category. Each regional instance category are also broken out into their separate types described in the Instances page (i.e. world instances, quest instances, pubic instances .etc).
      • some are already done

Instance scaling mobs and boss

Mobs and Bosses have some lvl specific information in the instance pages but this info is missing on the mob or boss page itself

  • used to index and table non-scaling mob boss info in the instance pages but since the advent of lvl scaling this is no longer just correct
    • move the lvl infomation to the mob or boss page or add a lvl scaled version to the index table on the instance page

Helegrod has double loot tables

Category:Herbalism and Wild Essence

  • missing all the recipes to craft the various Rangers' Journal of Dagorlad I need to add um
  • Essence is missing wild essences from the list, its missing from the entire site. Need to take pictures of the reciepes and intorduce to the Essences page
  • need to discover where all the wild essences recipes came from too
  • very difficult to figure out what all of the special items you get from the holiday quests really do or how to use them. Put some instuctions on what to do.

Skirmishes Groups

  • you built pages for the skirmishes but never build any of the categories!

Category:Bree-land Templates

the main category has a host a templates in it but these should probably be in a sub category of other templates

Category:Places what?

Do we really need a category for places? this is so uneeded.

Location 'Infobox' Templates

I am noticing there really is no template for a public dungeon/instance or private quest instances. So far I am using either the

  • Template:Infobox Interiors for friendly instances and Template:Infobox Landmarks for all private dungeon/instance.
  • GOAL: Should find a way to get the Infobox templates to auto categorize locations better
  • GOAL: What to do about Other Locations for example Category:Bree-land Other Locations, this is a catch all but shouldn't really exist as we should have good categories for everything
  • GOAL: I think the third level of Rigions-->Area-->(multiple categories: Interiors, Landmarks, Instances, Other Locations etc.) is very confusing, I think all of these should be considered locations and grouped into less categories.
  • looking thru the documentation turns out Boilerplate:Regions houses the guide to make new locations and also shows you what Infobox to use. Well the top half of the page does. This is an odd way to do it.
    • Articles and details at bottom describe how to setup the page, including the Infobox at the top and the Navigation Box at the bottom. There are really 2 things that bookend the pages.
    • Articles calls all locations Point of Interest but this is not a game term or a term consistently used in the wiki docs
    • Instances section is interesting it says the Template:Infobox Instances is to be used by all instances!
    • Article says to use the Region Template but doesn't offer a link to where it can be found! like the other location sections in this article. Perhaps cause I am already on it. Yes that's why. This is very confusing, cause all the locations documentation is always at the top regardless of which locations documentation you are viewing. This needs to be changed.
  • Template:Infobox Instances but its designed for Category:World Instances or is it? Right now its only used for ??
  • Location Categories:
  • All of these are connected via the Create new location page which then leads to Boilerplates
  • Each of these templates also has an associated Category:Boilerplates
  • Look for other docs that need to be updated with the way Location Instances are organized

Location Templates, Boilerplates and Boxes

    • Boilerplate:Regions - No individual "Create Article" exists - this is not really a template, it IS a boilerplate with instructions to use the Navigationddd template and setup the new region page but the instructions to use the template SHOULD be on the templates page's doc page not here, this boilerplate should take you to the specific templates! but it doesn't. this is not a template at all! how odd.
  • The real template is called Template:Region Navigation Box, this page name should probably be changed
  • the rest of the locations have Infoboxes at the top and Nav boxes at the bottom
  • Does a Region have an Infobox? Where is it? Its not in Category:Infobox Templates but probably should.
  • how many regions don't have these Infoboxes? Do any? should they?
  • Use the current templates and modify them (offline first) and make them auto categorize for me for Public Dungeons or Private Quest instances or whatever.

Quest Instances and Instance Quests

    • Instance and Instance Deeds pages and categorys have lots of great info that is missing in some places and duplicated in others need to find and combine useful data
  • Category:Instance Quests (quests only) and another!! Category:Quest Instances (locations only) this is an odd one.
    • need to check the quests for the name of the instance location they are in and then add that location to the region instance and in the correct instance category.
    • It has a lot of quests in it but none I can tell from skirmishes, perhaps some from instances else where but this is really poorly done and should be fixed or removed

Skirmish category relinking and Skirmish page relinking for creatures and items

  • Review the Category:Skirmish Deeds and reorg. it, as its has a number of double and triple deep categories that don't really need to exist. Fixed as much as I can for now. with a simple reorg.
    • Need to revive my bots to move the 61 Category:Skirmish Instances Deeds which are actually Barrow-downs Survival Deeds and move the to the Category:Barrow-downs Survival Deeds. Cause its way better.
    • NOTE: There are two sorts of deed types on the Skirmish tab in LOTRO. Skirmish Instance Deeds and Skirmish Lieutenants Deeds. my categories should probably reflect these names
    • Search for stray or poorly named quests or other items pertaining to the Skirmish - DONE
    • need to change the Template:Creature and Template:Item so they look for the new skirmish pages and not look to the old quest pages, this is very difficult and will requires the use of bots to find all the pages and change the text in all of them after I update the templates.
    • re-link all the pages that connect to the skirimh quest and move the link to the new pages. start by checking the What links here on the quest pages
    • relink all the Skirmish page links from the quest to the new page I am creating - hundreds of items, creatures and locations, need to use the bots. This could take a while.
  • Quest reward items: there is conflicting and duplicate information in these places

The North Downs Update

Regional Navigation Template Updates

On Deleting Spam Pages

update the Patrolling Help so it includes the removal of the link from the log quote as well so the link doesn't show up EVER anywhere EVER even in the delete removeal notes.

Categories that need to be reorganized

  • Monster Play and Category:Monster Play is a complete disaster and needs to be fleshed out
  • Category:Regional Titles and the page Titles is broke and needs to make use of the category dropdowns
  • Category:Crafting Quests has quests related to crafting but what about the quests that provide resources? Do they fit in this category and pages or do they go somewhere else?
  • Category:Slayer Deed Titles its not inclusive some deeds are in here some are not, either I need to change the template to include these or organize them much better and add all the missing slayer titles
  • Category:Places what is this?
  • Category:Shadows of Angmar Deeds - its a mixed hodge podge of some deeds but not all
  • Category:Shadows of Angmar Titles - includes some of the Angmar titles but not most, its not a particular type either. I think this was an initial attempt at Angmars category grouping
  • Category:Meta Deeds not sure what makes something a meta deed but I have noticed that they usually are the top teir deeds, the Deeds that require you to do just about everything else to get.
  • Category:In Their Absence Instances. Kind of a mixed bag of epic quests that go together, but they should belong somewhere and don't.
  • remember that categorization should be done automatically by templates, if you are doing a lot of it yourself you should make a template or use the ones you have better
  • Category:The Shire Quest Chains has a lot of duplicate data in it BUT don't delete anything just yet. I don't understand quests and quest chains yet. The goal is to capture all the non-quest chains listed here as quest grouping somehow. There are a lot of rules for quests Boilerplate:Quest
  • Category:North Downs Quest Chains, Category:Lone-lands Quest Chains - has static index at the top and the categories repeated at the bottom, same as with the shire not sure why this was done
  • Category:Lore Deed Titles this is an odd bird, its only a little bit done, lots of lore deeds need to be added
  • Category:Evendim Quests is just broke, when seen from Category:Evendim all the sub-categories are invisible and don't show up!
  • Category:Fortresses found this is Angmar not sure what it is, this might be a mistake for instances
  • Category:Public_Dungeons is pretty neat and should have categories for each region so you can find them easier
  • Category:Eregion Quests is all mixed up, a lot of the quests are in both the major category and sub categories but should only be in one. The quests related to instances should be in the School and Library sub category AND their starting location category but they are not.
  • Category:Eregion Creatures Needs to be split up, with instance MOBs put in sub categories for the School, Library, Forge? and the interior locations (2 of them I think)
  • Category:Enedwaith Locations needs to be broken out into Areas, Settlements and Landmarks like other regions are separated
  • Category:Enedwaith Creatures needs to be broken out by region or instance
  • There is a serious problem with these category pages, when you perform a regular search, they are not found. The search function doesn't look for a file with the prefix Category: so you need to create redirect pages for most of the big categories or someone will create a static index page
  • Might want to create a new region sub category, right now landmarks kind of cover the in-game landmarks and a ton of other things, like quest locations, quest hubs and quest instance dungeons.
  • Moria Instances !! Dâr Narbugud and many others and they are all hidden. Find all of them and bring them to light Category:Moria_Instances
  • Moria was updated a while back and needs to be updated in the wiki [Moria update link
  • Mines of Moria Deeds and Scourge of Khazad-dûm Deeds are odd things and need to be rolled into the Moria Deeds but not


Terrible categorization for finding items. I need to update the template so I can find a specific group of weapons by type, level, bonuses and more

Icons, Images and Pictures Category

These really need to be included in the regions categories themselves, right now they are all separate and its hard to find pic categories when you want to use them.


General review of all reputations - DONE

Reputation Boilerplate

Now that there are finally detailed reputation categories and pages for each, there really should be a Boilerplate

  • want to build one and move all the rep pages over to it

Reputation Creatures

There is no place that holds reputation gained from kills I have been adding the rep gained to the Drop section but it probably goes somewhere else check Boilerplate:Creature and the Discussion there

Category: Regional Quests and Regional Quest Chains

There should be a quest chains category in each Regions but I am not sure if it should go into the Regional Quests Category or alongside it. - DONE

Dol Amroth (Faction) Fix

lvl 100-115 Reputation pages need work

  • Skip for now

Lvl 115-120 Reputation pages

Make the pages conform to the Boilerplate:Reputation Faction

Deed Reward Categorization

  • None of the other rewards are categorized but maybe they should be. What say you? - see response at Template talk:Deed
  • I think we should alter Template:Deed so it will auto-categorized each reward type so people can see a list of the rewards and choose Deeds to accomplish by reward

Added a new Deed category sub-type called Quest

This is huge Matt you have added a new deed type. Its designed to house:

  • review what you did here in the Template:deed and the Template:deed/doc
  • make sure you update the
  • some meta-deeds and lore-deeds that are mis-categorized
  • deeds that require a number quests to be completed in an area or region
  • This might be a terrible idea! What doe these type of deeds look like in the game? What seal do they use (Lore?)
  • need to add this category to all the regions and put stuff in it.

NPCs are a disaster

Delossad Instance

Delossad in the trollshaws is an instance with baddies and quests. but its not a world instance. its a quest instance. Maybe more of an interior? It used to be called Sithad

Deeds documentation update

reorganize the major deed categories

Then make a list of deed categories and put them on the Deed, category deed, boilerplate deed, project deed, template deed and every other related deed page

Category:Epic Deeds


  • there are deeds labeled Epic Book Deed or Epic Quest Deeds and none of them are in this category

Moria Deed Revamp

  • Category:Moria - is split into lower and upper and mines but that's not how its split up by area in the region page, need to convert to separate it out by area - DONE
    • Moria should have all Moria Deeds transcluded to it - DONE
    • Mines of Moria Deeds is a list of all the instance deeds so should move it to Moria Instance Deeds - DONE
      • its linked every where, need to move links BEFORE I remove the page - DONE
      • moved all content from Moria Central Halls Deeds, Moria Lower Deeps Deeds, Mines of Moria Deeds , Moria Upper Levels Deeds to the Moria Deeds page in summary- DONE
  • Fix all the Meta-deeds - DONE
  • convert Mines of Moria to a linked tables - DONE
  • Meta-deeds are different then Instance Deeds, ok got it - DONE
    • Instance deeds revamp- DONE
  • need to remove the Scourage of Kazand Dun from the Instance section - DONE
  • [Deeds]] page has an instance section that has links to categories that relate to the game releases NOT by region or area. Kind of neat. but its labeled wrong
  • fix the {{Deeds-infobox}}, it is now setup to goto category pages instead of the static index pages - DONE
    • need to move all Moria links in the info box to a single Moria one - DONE
  • need to add a new Region Deed sub-category called "Region Instance Deeds" for all regions, then use that to like to the Instance category - DONE for Moria
  • need to undelete all of the static index pages I changed and view what is inside them cause they capture some of the odd ball deeds not added properly into the deed categories - DONE, will be moving it to the deed category page soon.
  • Mines of Moria Deeds Category:Mines of Moria Deeds worked into Category:Mines of Moria Instance Deeds - DONE to be clear what it is
  • Scourge of Khazad-dûm Deeds and Category:Scourge of Khazad-dûm Deeds working these into Category:Scourge of Khazad-dûm Instance Deeds - DONE so its clear what it holds
  • Category:Moria has all these instance categories that only have deeds in them. Go find the rest of the data and put it in there as well.- DONE
  • Not all the deed titles are in the Moria Titles category - DONE
  • make my Moria Deeds tables collapsible and the same width, add more images - DONE
  • Category:Moria Instance Deeds this is double categorized, once by-region and once by-LOTRO deed log tab, keep doing this or change it ??- WAIT FOR TALK User_talk:Savitara#Moria_Deed_revamp
    • leave it double categorized, but only show the by-LOTRO deed log tabs version in the Instances Deeds category. Show a different organization by-region
  • Move all deed info from Moria Deeds into the category page Category:Moria Deeds, then delete the old page leaving a redirect - WAIT FOR IT
  • remove the Mines of Moria from the regional category groups but leave the double categorization. Moria will see the Moria Instances but when you goto the Instnaces category you will see the Mines of Moria, so you get both


Region Instance Category revamp

  • Category:Instances, Category:World_instances and Category:Scaled Instances what a mess, these are all mixed up
  • Need to move all Instance data into the "Region Instance" category. So you don't have it mixed up.
  • Each Instance gets its own category but when its part of a region its put into the Region Instance Category NOT in the region general category
  • Performing a revamp of the regional deed category structure, making sure Instance deeds show up in the region they belong too. Also adding a regional Meta-deed sub-category and Quests deed sub-category.
    • Meta-deeds are top-teir or cap-stone deeds that require lots of other deeds, quests or have other requirements, they usually are hidden and require the player to really work-over an area, instance or region for completion. (e.g. Category:Moria Meta Deeds)
      • Meta-deeds are hard to categorize, they belong in the regional deed category if they are for a region but also in the regional meta deed section and in all the areas or Instances that are required for there completion.
    • Quests deeds are deeds that require a number of quests to be completed in an area or region. They are very similar slayer deeds and exploration deeds. (e.g. Category:Moria Quest Deeds)

Faction Category and Page revamp

Need to group Faction information into one single category. There should be a page or info on the main category page. Look in the Category:Reputation Deeds or other locations to dig up all the data

Mines of Moria revamp

Scourge of Khazad-dûm revamp

Angmar Category revamp

  • Angmar changed to Category:Angmar - NOT done - there are a couple of odd pages in the category that need to be moved around, and better located.
  • need to confirm the instances that are outlined already in the wiki

Meta deed, Hidden Deeds revamp

  • discussion Talk:Moria_Deeds#Differentiating_Hidden_Deeds_from_Meta_Deeds
  • Are Meta-deeds hidden deeds? I mean you don't know that you can get most of them until you accomplish all the requirements. Maybe these are one in the same.
  • Category:Meta Deeds wants to have regional meta deeds in the general category but instance deeds in there own group. BUT the instance deeds are grouped by expansion NOT by region, needs to be fixed. Either change the instance deeds to region grouping or by instance grouping
  • Need to add Meta-deeds page into the Category:Meta Deeds page.
  • There will be dual categorization for Meta-deeds, by Region and by LOTRO expansion cause that's how the LOTRO deed log book has them

Static duplicate region character Title pages

Static old duplicated region quest pages

Social and Event Deeds

Skirmish Deeds


ACK! The whole thing is messed up!! Category:Skirmish System

  • There is not category to hold Skirmish Instance stuff!
  • Its all labeled wrong in the regions as well (labeled as Instances)
  • Well at least the creatures are broken out into special cases Category:Skirmish Creatures
  • need to create a single category for each skirmish that will hold all its pieces and parts
  • Category:Attack at Dawn Creatures is all alone

Category:Undefeated Deeds

  • oddball category that needs to be moved to the social deed section I think

Naming Conventions I have noticed

Deeds name formats

  • LOTRO deed name (Advanced/Final) (Region specific)

Region Instance format

Category Conventions


  • are almost always mixed up with the region Areas of the same name. They should be separated using the word Instance somewhere in their name or in the category name that combines them. Make a redirect to keep people clear


  • are not even in the Regions at all! Crazy they need to be added with a post-name like "Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu Skirmish" or Skirmish:Rescue in Nûrz Ghâshu"


  • Noticed regions that have large areas in them usually have categories with the large areas name
  • Instances usually have there own category inside a region - so I made it a standard (since it was already) In the Boilerplate:Regions
  • Regions usually have a category called [[Category:RegionName InstanceName]] that holds all the instances so I made that a standard but it already was
    • Instances sometimes have a name format "InstanceName -- SpecificInstanceName" and sometimes "InstanceName:SpecificInstanceName"
  • Noticed Faction specific categories which include all things related to the faction, deeds, quests, titles etc.


  • Noticed Deeds categories have sub-categories there are 4 basic categories that always show up
    • Lore, Reputation, Slayer and Explorer
    • Noticed Regions usually have Faction specific categories which include all things related to the faction, deeds, quests, titles etc.
  • Faction Deed Categories usually have the word Reputation in them but I don't think I like it, it should just read "Category:FactionName Deeds" NOT faction "Category:FactionName Reputation Deeds". Though some or all do give faction they provide a lot of other bonuses as well.

Static duplicate index pages for Categorys

These pages hold duplicate data pulled from Categorys and the like they are trouble because they are not dynamically updated like the regular category. suggest removal or integration into Category pages themselves

These pages are bad copies of the category pages

Tier not sure what links here but its a useful page and should be link to from a number of places Virtues by Region is a pretty neat page but should be a summary page, its formatted terribly, this should probably have a link from each region too!

Virtues by Region

  • Someone made a list of all the virtues by Region
  • should probably just be a category called virtues by region that they all go into
  • There should be a list of awarded Virtues on each regional deed page which can be transduced into this page
  • OR I could categorize each deed with a virture into a category called "Region Virture" e.g. "Moria Determination" naaa that would take to long and only allow a couple of deeds per category
  • update with correct virtues and deeds, move to linked table somehow or just use category dropdown for now
  • might be able to do this by category: For a region add a new category called "Moria Innocence Deeds" or make a dropdown table that displays deeds with Moria and Innocence (virtue) something like that

Category:Slayer Deeds

  • There are tons of them with extra text at the bottom. Need to be moved to the |Extra= section
    • Player Tips
    • Tips

Bring Moria zones out of the shadows

Categories that need to be removed or fixed

  • OMG The Category:Profession Items and all its sub Categories need to be delete I think, almost all of the Items that belong here are in Category:Crafted Items
    • Review of Category:Profession Items, as they are not being used properly. Right now Category:Crafted Items, seems to hold all Crafting related stuff including the Professions Component Items‎ Category which is really in the wrong place cause these are components used by the profession NOT produced Matthew.zellmer (talk) 20:24, 21 February 2014 (UTC)
  • Category:Metalsmith Items - is barely started should be deleted
  • Category:Metalsmith Component Items is already built and has lots of entries
  • Category:Jeweller Component Items - looks like its in good shape
  • Category:Scholar Component Items - not to bad
  • Category:Weaponsmith Component Items - includes both crafted components but also the Suppler purchased items

Main page links are missing Items

  • Settlements page is missing anything past Moria
  • Area page is missing anything past Moria, needs to have the Cateegories added to it no manual links
  • Categories are missing all the towns and settlements as well
  • Category:Rare Signature is missing tons of baddies
  • What is this? Item:Apprentice Scroll Case this should be removed I think

clean-up Region Named Creatures maps and lists

  • fix all the category issues with the regions
  • Now build a special page that will include all the shard collections mobs index and another for all the named creatures indexes and update all the maps with ALL THE named creatures not just the shard droppers. - NOT DONE
  • Finish the mastery component lists for the Professions
  • When complete go back and find all the Instances and Dungeons (like Goblin-town and add the named monsters list there ) that drop shards/flakes

Region Dunland Category is all mixed up

Because its really 3 Regions in a Land, but initially it was treated as 1 Region with 3 big Areas and that's not right.

Shard Droppers Named Creature Tables

  • When your done, move all of these to their own pages then transduce them instead to a single page and individually to each region - DONE
    • and ench regions creature pages - DONE
  • Then you don't need a static index page for each of them - DONE
  • Combine these using 3 categories - DONE
  • add the maps given their own category i.e. Category:Images --> Category:Map Images --> Category:Named Creature Maps - DONE
  • add media (maps) to Categories and they will show up as thumbnails at the bottom! This is perfect! I should put each of these images in the Categories for the [[Region]] and for the [[Region Creatures]] so they show up in both - not sure I am suppose to do this,
  • Now I am confused again cause there is a Category:Bree-land Areas or Area categories section, do all the regions have these? Do the maps need to be links here? If they are area maps? - NO! All images and maps are suppose to be added at the Region Level! its in the Boilerplate:Regions So if you find maps in an Areas section move them back to Region

Maps not being shown

  • Category:Evendim Maps What! why are all these great maps not being displayed! WHats the deal? And how come Evendim gets its own Maps Category?
    • BROKE! The whole thing is broke. Maps are missing from the region categories
    • There are also quests to search for these things, make sure the maps are in the quests or somewhere they can be refereneced and used!
  • BROKE some regions have their own maps category and some don't, Maps should be added to the Region and to a sub category called Region Maps
    • that way people can find them if they are reviewing the region or the category
  • Moria and West Rohan and East Rohan maps are missing! The main region page should have a copy of each of the sub maps on it like this Bree-land

adding maps with POI and a list of them with locs

  • Trollshaws

updating the crafting pages and for Game Update 12

Notes and Tips for changes:

  • Use the youtube videos as a youtube video guides
  • DONT change table header Components to anything! The work components is embedded in everything
    • update this page its a change tracker
      • add new obsolete item recipes nad their multi-input - done
        • use the Other Ingredients Template to make it easier example below
        • this can be tricky need to verify all links still work to the new page
        • Categorize put into category these new item - done


  • DONE
  • changed recipes, ore, ingots etc.


  • Appretience already done - need to verify product stats
  • Journayman - done - need to verify product stats
  • Expert - done - need to verify product stats
  • Artisan - done - need to verify product stats
  • Master - done - need to verify product stats
    • There is a problem with the icons not sure they are right
  • NOT DONE - No char at a higher level will do when I arrive


Tailor_Apprentice_Recipe_Index Tier 1

Tailor Journeyman Recipe Index Tier 2

Tailor Expert Recipe Index Tier 3

Tailor Artisan Recipe Index Tier 4

  • changes similar to previous
  • did not fix the Expertise recipe issue
  • did not fix the produce icons some are wrong
  • DONE

Tailor Master Recipe Index Tier 5

  • make a bot that will allow at least 6 find/replacements at the same time (not just 1 like you have it now) - DONE now this is way easier
  • changes similar to previous
  • did not add the missing Captain Armaments
  • did not fix the Expertise recipe issue
  • did not fix the produce icons some are wrong
  • don't know what Lossoth armor material requirements look like
  • don't know what the Tailor's Guild for reputation material req. are
  • DONE

Tailor Supreme Recipe Index Tier 6

  • can not continue, no characters that have this level


Jeweller Apprentice Recipe Index Tier 1

Jeweller Journeyman Recipe Index Tier 2

  • same as previous
  • DONE

Jeweller Expert Recipe Index Tier 3 - DONE

Jeweller Artisan Recipe Index Tier 4 - DONE

Jeweller Master Recipe Index Tier 5 - DONE

Jeweller Supreme Recipe Index Tier 6 - DONE

Cant go any further I don't have any in-game characters of higher lvl


Made a video of in-game recipes Weaponsmith Apprentice Recipe Index Tier 1 - already DONE

Weaponsmith Journeyman Recipe Index Tier 2

Weaponsmith Expert Recipe Index Tier 3 - DONE

Weaponsmith Artisan Recipe Index Tier 4 - DONE

Don't have any character that has Supreme yet

  • noticed several Woodworker recipes need to be removed
    • Item:Smooth Ash Spear Recipe (Old) is an old version of a correct Item:Smooth Ash Spear Recipe, and should be removed - delete
    • Item:Smooth Ash Staff Recipe (Old) - delete
    • Item:Smooth Ash Bow Recipe (Old) - delete
    • Item:Smooth Ash Crossbow Recipe (Old) - delete
  • need to check if other pages linked to these as well and fix those links

Mastery pages need Rebuilding

There are additional pages and updates for Crafting that might need to be updated

  • Heavy Armour (Level 1-21) Index that might need to be adjusted - done - but others like it
  • Shields Index - done - but others like it
  • In GameUpdate 12.1 all the item icons were changed, need to take pics of all of them and update
  • Use the special page Special:WhatLinksHere on all the old components and find where else they are linked and fix or remove them
  • DONT KNOW the material required for most of the Tailor clothing for all teirs you can make! need to find out what it is
  • don't know what the Tailor's Guild reputation material req. are for any of the teirs are
  • don't know what Lossoth armor material requirements look like in Tailor_Master_Recipe_Index
  • for Tailor and Metalsmith the order of Guild items is odd, it should be after the regular crafting items not before.
    • need to adjust the crafting template examples boilerplates and talk abut the change with others
  • Page Prospector Mastery, Weaponsmith Mastery needs a lot of work with links and reformatting with a table or 2

updating the crafting recipes and items Game Update 12

need to fix deposits pages 
  • item and ore pages, item ingot, item recipe pages
  • Prospector_Recipe_Index page Apprentice section
  • Ore update the ore page
  • update individual ore, deposit, ingot and other pages

A Tin Ore is now a Piece of Copper-infused Ore

A Khazad-tin Ore is now a Piece of Khazad Metal

  • There is now only one ore deposit found throughout the regions pertaining to this crafting tier: Khazad Skarn Deposit
  • added Item:Piece of Khazâd Metal but it needs an icon - added by someone great!
  • added obsolete marker to Item:Khazad-tin Ore and Item:Piece of Khazâd Metal since both are being phased out
  • added redirect to from Item:Khazad-tin Ore to Khazad Metal
  • added obsolete markers to producers Khazâd-copper Deposit, Khazâd-gold Deposit, Khazâd-iron Deposit and Khazâd-tin Deposit and redirects to new Deposit
  • change all page links to use the new Deposit - DONE
  • added new Item:Khazâd Skarn Deposit but then moved it to just Khazâd Skarn Deposit.
  • do the teir 6 receipts that call for Kazad Tin ingots now need just Tin ingots? no Do vendors sell Khazad Tin Ingots? yes
    • need to find all products (recipes)that refer to Kazad Tin Ore and change them over
  • change all page links from old to new item - DONE
  • DONE

A Log of Mallorn Wood is now a Gnarled Ilex Branch that can be used to make Thin Ilex Planks.

  • There is also only one wood and one hide: Ilex and Magnificent. Any mallorn wood or extraordinary hides that players still have in their inventories have been renamed and will be able to be converted into useable planks/leather via multi-output options on the wood and leather recipes.
  • added obsolete marker back to the Item:Log of Mallorn Wood and added redirect to Item:Gnarled Ilex Branch
  • need to adjust all page links - DONE
  • added obsolete marker to source node Mallorn Branches and added redirect to Ilex Branches
  • need to adjust all page links - DONE
  • DONE

A Treated Mallorn Plank is now a Treated Ilex Wood that can be used to make Solid Ilex Planks.

  • There is also only one wood and one hide: Ilex and Magnificent. Any mallorn wood or extraordinary hides that players still have in their inventories have been renamed and will be able to be converted into useable planks/leather via multi-output options on the wood and leather recipes.
  • BUT Treated Ilex Wood does not exist! and looking at the Wood and Forester I am even more confused
  • BUT Item:Solid Ilex Plank does not exist! reviewed forester recipes, should be Item:Solid Ilex Board, so officials made another mistake.
  • need to adjust all page links and recipes
  • DONE

An Extraordinary Hide is now an Aged Extraordinary Hide and can be used to make Brushed Extraordinary Leather.

Updating Crafting for Update 13

[Forum Post]

NPCs categorys are messed up

need to review and fix them so they can be used on the pages.

Build LOTRO log file parser to automate the Creature loot inputs

I want to build a parser that will quickly spit out all the bad guys fought and their loot drops and use the wiki API to edit automatically (mostly) add the loot drops to the creatures.

  • I will leverage my previous work with PHP, the wiki API and cURL to develop a parser
  • automatic wiki design:
    • use an HTML form to input the log file locations
    • the form must have numerous checkboxes to turn ON/OFF different parsers or turn ON/OFF what to parse
    • the parser will review each line of the log file and setup an API edit to maybe add the new loot to the creature
    • verify the creature page already exists, if not STOP/skip
    • perform an API query to allow an initial review of the creatures drop section
      • visually view the Drops section of the creature
        • verify an addition is needed (used to STOP duplicates)
        • verify there is even a drop section, if not STOP/skip
    • manually OK the edit using a HTML form checkbox or submit button
    • perform an API edit to add the loot to the drops section
  • verify changes are correct by manually checked some of the pages just changed

Build Crafting fix bot for Game Update 12

  • I want to build a bot that will change all the obsolete components on a crafting page into the new crafting items and quantities - NOT STARTED
  • I want to build a bot that will find each recipe on a crafting page and goto it, change its obsolete component into the new crafting items and quantities - NOT STARTED
    • might be a half way solution, could do a find/replace for a single crafting page then manually adjust the number of new crafting items, would be a lot quicker.
    • need to find the conversion used by the LOTRO team, for conversion e.g. 1 Item:Leather Binding = 2 Item:Brushed Light Leather
  • in lue of a huge script to do all this work, I am using a half/manual half/bot approach:
    • for a crafting page Tailor Apprentice Recipe Index am converting the names over using a bot then converting the numbers over manually
      • manually verify each change looks good and didn't mess anything up
      • case-in-point: find/replace will replace even the Obsolete Conversion component names so I will need to manually put them back
    • for a recipe page Item:Heavy Padded Armour Recipe I can convert the names, then numbers, then remove extra items over using the bot (several find/replaces)
      • but I have to manually check each one to make sure it worked (lame)
    • currently using these techniques to convert Tailor crafting pages and recipes for Game Update 12

Building Bots to do the find/replace workload

I have moved all my Bot building stuff to User:Matthew.zellmer/bots

  • currently have bots made with PHP and cURL scripts that find/replace and find/delete lines using the API edit and query

Resource Spawn Node Template

Turns out the template used for Resource Spawns Template:Infobox Item is obsolete and was replaced by Template:Object but no one ever switched over the Resource Spawn

There is no boilerplate for the new object, need to create a standard for the resource nodes - reviewing need to build a simple boilerplate - working

The transclusion is doing it. {{:Riddermark Deposit}} One of the dangers/side-effects of auto-categorization.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 16:23, 10 March 2014 (UTC)

Other things I noticed while doing this

Removing ambiguity Pages

  • These pages are semi-redundant, they should be combined and one should redirect into the other

Trolls and Troll-kind Orc and Orc-kind and Uruk

Lore and the Books

Here is a great link to all things Lord of the Rings Books and Lore Should add Lore to the pages where it is missing and link LOTRO wiki to this Lore site I am thinking of the Region Lore

Class Quest Drops

  • What is this and why is it not linked everywhere!
  • Each drop should have a link here or to a better page
  • Each creature that drops these should have a link
  • Each Region these are found in should have a link here
  • Each NPC and Quest should have a link here

Creature Loot Drops Broke

  • Someone combined all of the separate level Item:Guardian's Mace of the Third Age (Level 72) into a single Item:Guardian's Mace of the Third Age.
  • There are tons of broken links for each type and level and someone should go fix them all, most are listed in the Creatues Drop section

Add the Summary info in the Boilerplate:Regions to each page

  • talking about the basic level info

'''Level:''' <low>-<highest> '''Factions:''' [[<Faction>]] and [[<Faction>]] '''Crafting:''' <Tier Number> and <Tier Name> '''Introduced:''' [[<Game Expansion or Update Name>]], <Date>

Scaling Mobs

Instance bosses and mobs in instances (some) scale with the level of the instance. There is not a way to accout for the scaling on this website ... yet! I should add a comment or change the boilerplate on what to say or do when a mob scales

Reputation Boilerplate

need to create a rep boilerplate and create page

  • Description
  • locations and persons NPCs
  • Gaining Reputation
    • Mob kills that provide rep
    • Tasks Boards
    • Quests
    • Repeatable Quests
    • Deeds that provide rep
    • Items
    • Quest and other Barter rewards
  • Rewards
    • Barter
    • Titles
    • Deeds (rewarded for having high rep)

Barter Items double listings

All barter items are listed in the Barterer: Crafting Vendor and (Skirmish Camp) But they are also listed (as duplicate, NOT usually updated data) for each item e.g. Item:Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil - already done by someone else using the fancy new Template:Trade-info. Which keeps track of the cost as it changes. But its mostly used for skirmish crafting barters.

  • Use this same template but for all the rest of the barterers to keep their costs upto date when its related to marks. So any other vendors that use marks. Many of these are for reputation items.
  • there are 3 pages that have the barter items on them: 1) item page, 2) barterer page, 3) reputation page
  • item page, use a local copy of everything except the costs, use the Template:Trade-info for the costs
  • barterer correctly, use onlyinclude around the items so you can transduce just them to other pages
  • reputation page correctly, transduce from the vendor pages and then use the Template:Trade-info for the costs

Table of Factions:

Faction Name Area Region uses Marks complete
The Ale Association Thorin's Hall Ered Luin no
Algraig, Men of Enedwaith Lhanuch Enedwaith no
Chicken Chasing League of Eriador Bree-land Bree-land no
Council of the North Gath Forthnír Angmar no
Defenders of Minas Tirith Minas Tirith Minas Tirith no
Dol Amroth Dol Amroth Western Gondor no
The Eglain Ost Guruth Lone-lands no
Elves of Rivendell Rivendell The Trollshaws no
The Eldgang The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu Angmar WORKING HERE
The Ents of Fangorn Forest Entwood West Rohan
The Eorlingas West Rohan West Rohan
Galadhrim Lothlórien Lothlórien
The Helmingas West Rohan West Rohan
Heroes of Limlight Gorge Limlight Gorge The Great River
The Inn League The Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving The Shire
Iron Garrison Guards The Twenty-first Hall Moria
Iron Garrison Miners The Twenty-first Hall Moria
Lossoth of Forochel Sûri-kylä Forochel
The Grey Company Nan Laeglin Enedwaith
The Mathom Society Michel Delving The Shire
Malledhrim Mirkwood Mirkwood
Men of Bree Bree Bree-land
Men of Dor-en-Ernil Dor-en-Ernil Central Gondor
Men of Dunland Galtrev Dunland
Men of the Entwash Vale Entwash Vale East Rohan
Men of Lebennin Lower Lebennin Central Gondor
Men of the Norcrofts Norcrofts East Rohan
Men of Ringló Vale Ringló Vale Central Gondor
Men of the Sutcrofts Sutcrofts East Rohan
Men of the Wold The Wold East Rohan
Pelargir Pelargir Central Gondor
People of Wildermore Forlaw Wildermore
Rangers of Esteldín Esteldín North Downs
Rangers of Ithilien South Ithilien Eastern Gondor
Riders of Rohan Taur Drúadan Far Anórien
Survivors of Wildermore Forlaw Wildermore
The Riders of Stangard Stangard The Great River
Théodred's Riders Isendale Gap of Rohan
Thorin's Hall Thorin's Hall Ered Luin
The Wardens of Annúminas Tinnudir Evendim

Category:Item Indexes is broke

Need to review the categories and indexes and see what links to them, and get rid of static indexing instead use categories. Add a search Item box as well, cause no one knows you need to put the word item: in front of an item search

  • Some of the index pages are linked to the MAIN page e.g. Master Item Index but are out of date or broke
  • None of the static Class indexes (e.g. Hunter Items Index are actually linked to the class page e.g. Hunter
  • None of the static indexes are even treanduced into the real category index for each class e.g. Category:Hunter Items probably should have the static index at the

top of the category!

Essence page update continued

  • add generic grouped essence items need to finish adding all of them example: Item:Major Essence and Item:Shadowed Essence - DONE
    • but thats just the start.
    • Go over the entire wiki and update all the places that are not referenced correctly cause of this issue
    • reviewed all quests with the word Essence in them and found no issues - DONE
    • how to review Creatures and Locations? - WORKING HERE
    • quests and pages that either list all essences out (leave as is) but mostly the ones that dont list or even reference the essces correctly
  • Essence page itself - currently setup into sections Mob drop, quests rewards, barter, crafting, - I want to combine all of these sections and instead order by Essecne Tier - WORKING HERE

Dropped Projects

Excerpts The Block user page's link to the is dead

A while ago you had moved the, it looks like an attempt to consolidate several policy pages but it broke some links (e.g.Special:Block), but I don't think the policy page had useful information that the block page used anyway. I am guessing this is a work in progress. What was your underlying thought here, I want a useful policy statement as well, can I help you with it? Matthew.zellmer (talk) 11:37, 16 April 2014 (UTC)

Hoom ... Hum ... this is an interesting one.
A) at the time, no mention was made of any such reference to Special:Block. I.e. doesn't show up in the "what links here" page, and no one indicated that there was a reference.
B) That I am aware of, there has never been any "block policy" -- like most all of the other "policy" statements
C) The only discussion reference I have found to actual policy "stuff" discussion is this one, from User:Magill/Project-Documentation - I thought we had discussed stuff someplace, but I can't find it. (Our "flirtation" with LiquidThreads does make some portions of the archive no longer accessible.) -- Renamed Help:Policy; content removed to Help:SOP for Editors
::: This page needs to be renamed/eliminated as part of an expanded Policy section, probably in guidelines.
  • That particular "consolidation" I was attempting was basically stopped/reverted when it was pointed out to me that the 3 links at the bottom of the page existed. From what I can tell, the Special:Block entry is ALSO a MediaWiki "boilerplate" reference. i.e. the link is part of the standard MediaWiki distribution, like the 3 at the bottom of every page. It is then up to the "site" to "fill in the blanks." I keep telling myself that someday I should RTFM and install Media Wiki on my MacMini, but I did that for 30+ years and have no problems "finding excuses" not to do it :)
D) The only reference I have found to "policy statements" goes back to the beginning -- 2007, when the need for them was expressed.
E) All of that said, one of the aspects of the Great Documentation Project is "Policy Statements". (And I suppose I should stick this paragraph into these two)
In general, "policies" are integrated into various other documents rather than attempting to create a "rule-book" type listing. The three polices on Help:Policy are pretty much the only formal policies defined as such. Other "policies" have been described as "guidelines" if for no other reason than the simple fact that there is really no "policy making" process other than "User: Lotroadmin."
Over recent time, User: Sethladan and I have "chipped away" at the documentation problem. Writing/re-writing, etc. documents which currently exist (most of them were from "the beginning," 2007, and things both on the WIKI and in-game have changed dramatically since then) or which need to be created. The {{Template:Tips for New Editors}}, {{Template:Tools for Editors}}<nowiki>{{Template:Tips for New Editors}} and Help: Patrolling are a couple of recently created documents.
Help: Patrolling was one document in specific which was an attempt to capture the "oral tradition" of the Wiki. The Tips document is similar, but not as "policy oriented" -- more "how to."
So, in conclusion, Yes, feel free to "jump in." I would suggest starting out by drafting a new page and then figure out where to put it later. I have found in working with this sort of stuff that the original outline morphs quickly as you are writing and discover more questions and points which you wish to cover; frequently resulting in splitting one document into multiples.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 23:32, 16 April 2014 (UTC)
Wow. Ok ... kind of overwhelmed here. Well.. I umm.. ok. So ... lets see. ahhh, ... I can and should help.... got that part. start simple, ok got that. guidelines, not policy, sure. O! The link was part of the original mediawiki and it probably should be linked to a guideline page, which already exisits somewhere or I should create. There are lots of documentation issues and this is just one of them. OK.
  • Immediate plan: to remedy the policy link in the Special:Block page, I will add a sentence that says something about spam (since that is what I was after) and links to the Patrolling spam section and I will unlink the policy statement for now.
  • Long term plan: I will endeavor to start working on the documentation overhaul as well. Revamping docs as necessary in corporation with you guys. Matthew.zellmer (talk) 14:09, 17 April 2014 (UTC)

Completed Projects

Newest Projects completed go on top and don't forget to sign them for the date

Essence page update

  • adding all the missing essences to the page, add a list of creatures that drop essences, update the crafting, barter, add generic grouped essence items

completed and moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects#Essence page update Matthew.zellmer (talk) 14:32, 30 May 2019 (UTC)

Wild Essence recipes

Adding all the Wild Essence recipes. completed and moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects#Wild Essence recipes Matthew.zellmer (talk) 20:10, 9 May 2019 (UTC)

Regional Instances Low Level Update

half done decided to stop building the low level instances out and focus on the current lvl cap 115 instances and work my way back down Matthew.zellmer (talk) 17:49, 12 July 2018 (UTC)

work on updating Boilerplate:Regions

completed and moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects#work on updating Boilerplate:Region Template Matthew.zellmer (talk) 16:42, 5 December 2017 (UTC)

Western Gondor Warbands

completed and moved to [[User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects#Western Gondor Warbands] Matthew.zellmer (talk) 16:48, 10 October 2017 (UTC)

Legendary Items pages are broke

completed and moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects#Legendary Items pages are broke Matthew.zellmer (talk) 13:42, 26 April 2017 (UTC)

Dol Amroth (Faction)

completed moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects#Dol Amroth (Faction) Matthew.zellmer (talk) 18:49, 12 April 2017 (UTC)

Skirmish page re-vamp

complete moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects#Skirmish page re-vamp Matthew.zellmer (talk) 20:26, 13 October 2016 (UTC)

Essence Item pages combine into one

completed moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects #Essence Item pages combine into one

Add new Categories for regional Public Dungeons

Category: Reputation Deeds

Static duplicate region Deed Category index pages

Fixing Wiki-code Lootbox, Lootitems Templates

DONE moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects

Fixing Wiki-code updating creatures Item drops "Has Drop"

DONE, moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects

Find and Replace Request item obsolete line |imgtype

DONE, moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects

adding Regions Named Creatures map and list

Region Enedwaith Category is broke

All the Areas are in the Region section and should be moved into an Areas section.

Crafting Rare Components

-quality to -grade FIX

Completed, rest of the project notes moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects

Expertise Tolkens and how they work

DONE - moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects

Build LOTRO log file parser to quicken the Mob loot inputs

DONE, moved to User:Matthew.zellmer/CompletedProjects

Adding User talk:Laineth's awesome Scholar Artifacts Maps