Great Barrow: Sambrog

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Great Barrow: Sambrog
Level: 20 - 150
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Shadows of Angmar
Region: Bree-land
Area: Southern Barrow-downs
Location: [33.8S, 55.8W]

Great Barrow: Sambrog is a World Instance within the Great Barrow in Southern Barrow-downs. [33.8S, 55.8W]

A prerequisite is to complete the previous two instances and their end bosses which will reward the character with the Skull Key. They are, in order, Great Barrow: The Maze and Great Barrow: Thadúr.


Fellowship quests:



Battle-caller Chamber

Part One

  • In the first room, once a player reaches the top of the opposite staircase, wights will start spawning from multiple locations in waves. These include Barrow-wight Bowmen, so healers should hide in an alcove out of LoS to force any archers that aggro them to run over so the tank can pick them up. Once all the wights are dead, the door will open.
  • Gaunt Battle-callers can stun as well as inflict a disease that, if not cured in time, stuns you for 15 seconds and drains all of your power. Bring disease potions or a Lore-master with Proof Against All Ills traited.
  • Bloated Barrow-crawlers will explode into an acid cloud if they reach their target, so try to pick them off from range. Once all 4 crawlers are dead, Accursed Fell Spirits will spawn and begin attacking.

Gaunt Battle-callers

  • The 2 Battle-callers in the next room will spawn adds continuously from their respective sides of the room until they are killed. Stay back and pull them to you with ranged attacks to avoid fighting potentially multiple waves of adds at once. Once the callers are dead, the adds can be picked off with ease.

Part Two

  • The Ancient Barrow-wight at the far end of the room spawns Accursed Fell Spirits when approached.
  • The next room contains Accursed Fell Spirits that spawn crawlers when defeated, but these spirits do not aggro immediately and can be bypassed by sticking to the center of the room (although doing so will prevent you from finishing their respective quests for extra marks).


  • Sambrog periodically drops purple clouds that cause shadow damage; pull him out of these and avoid standing in them.
  • As his morale decreases, he begins to spawn Accursed Fell Spirits that channel heal him. They can be dazed or stunned to interrupt the heal, but if your DPS is high enough you can just ignore them and fight through it.
  • The spirits will despawn once Sambrog dies, so if anyone is working on the quest Heading West, at least 2 spirits need to be killed before finishing him off.
  • When running Challenge mode, adds will continually spawn throughout the fight (including Gaunts, so a Lore-master is highly recommended for stun protection). These adds can be kited by a Captain/Warden, or tanked along with Sambrog if the DPS is fast enough to kill him before there are too many to handle.


Great Barrow: Sambrog - click for larger image

Level 85 Loot

Gear (The Great Barrow shared)




Hallway within Sambrog's barrow Large, dark chamber littered with many pillars One of several small chambers leading up to Sambrog Urns with in a side room of the barrow