Tol Fennas

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Tol Fennas
Type: Island
Region: Western Gondor
Area: Havens of Belfalas
Location: [79.0S, 81.3W]


Tol Fennas is a public and dungeon instance within the Bay of Belfalas opposite the city of Dol Amroth in the Havens of Belfalas of Western Gondor. [79.0S, 81.3W]

It is reached by boat from the Docks of Dol Amroth at [75.7S, 69.8W].

You can swim out to this island but its empty unless you take the boat. When you arrive by row-boat from Dol Amroth, you land at one tip of the approximately triangular shaped island.



Note that various creatures have fairly large agro ranges. It is also interesting to watch the Corsair Thugs fight different landscape mobs. Who wins is not certain.