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Welcome to Project:Crafting, which concerns all aspects of Crafting found within LOTRO.


The following are basic guidelines for the Crafting section.

Be certain you are familiar with the contents of Help:Crafting

This is both convenient for editors to use and maintains the uniformity of these basic Crafting pages.

  • See the Master Recipe Index for links to the Recipe Index for each Tier of each Profession. Recipe Index pages are designed to be used by Crafters and separate Item Indices are maintained for those wishing to equip their characters.


All articles found in the Crafting category tree.

Only items related to crafting


  • Create an item pages for every crafted item (mostly done, may need checking)
  • Item Indexes by item category for those wanting to compare items
  • Create a recipe pages for every recipe (mostly done, may need checking)
  • Recipe Indexes by profession by tier for those wanting to make items

Things To Do

Each of these tasks require many pages to be checked. Track incremental updates in 'Work in Progress' below, then move to 'Completed Tasks' when done.

Item Indexes and Item Pages

  • "not certain why item index pages should match a receipe index page. There are other attributes to sort items for."
  • Complete missing information on item index pages (eg cost)
  • Check that every crafted item is recorded in the appropriate index
  • Check the crafted items section of each Item Index includes details of who makes these items
  • Check each item in the index links to the correct item page
  • Check that item details in the index match details on the item page (and are correct)
  • Reapply the tooltip template if needed when editing each item

Recipe Indexes and Recipe Pages

With the exception of Forester and Prospector which have a single Recipe Index page, each Profession has a seperate Recipe Index page for each tier. These tasks need to be done for every Recipe Index.

  • Check that headings on Recipe Index pages match those in Tradeskill Window (in game)
  • Check Basic, Vendor, Dropped, and Single Use sub headings are completed for every Recipe Index (if not split by item levels)
  • Check each section in each Recipe Index links to the appropriate Item Index
  • Check that every item in the index has a link to the correct recipe page
  • Check that the details on the recipe index match the recipe page (and are correct, including mastery components)
  • Check that every recipe is included in the appropriate index
  • Remove item descriptions from recipe index and put them in the item indexes
  • Component and Ingredient item pages list the crafted item recipes they are included in. Due to changes, these lists need to be checked for completeness and accuracy

Crafting Guilds and Reputation Pages

List update 7 August 2012
  • Check Crafting Guilds and individual Guilds (see below) and Reputation pages include all available recipes
* Not certain what "Reputation pages" refers to -- needs explanation and wiki pointers.
  • Note that Recipes are frequently "snuck" into the game in Patches and often are not mentioned in the "Release/Patch notes."
* Cook's Guild
* Jeweller's Guild
* Metalsmith's Guild
* Scholar's Guild
* Tailor's Guild
* Weaponsmith's Guild
* Woodworker's Guild
  • Check the page for each member (5) of the guild, with their recipes
  • Each of these pages needs to be updated to reflect the "generic" Title" and with a reference to the Galtrev Craftguld Hall.
  • Update the barter list of the Guild Leader, new items to identify at a relic-master to add
* Not certain what the "new items to identify at a relic-master to add" means -- needs to be explained
  • In each reputation section, add a column with the guild member offering the recipe.
* Not certain what this means. I.e "reputation section" -- see above also
  • This is an issue in all of the above: with the addition of the Craftguild Hall in Galtrev, all Guild Reps are "nameless," but merely "titled" -- <guild name> "Guild Leader," "Recipes," "Trader,""Legendary Recipe Vendor," "Improved Recipe Vendor."
This same is true of "nameless" trainers and Reputation Barterers.
  • Guild pages need to be updated for Craft Guild locations in Rohan. -- Snowbourn

Latest reviews

Update any cell with a date when review of the index page and all related craft results was performed.

(* for incomplete, I'm missing some Single Use recipes for edit)
Profession T1 Checked T2 Checked T3 Checked T4 Checked T5 Checked T6 Checked T7 Checked T8 Checked T9 Checked T10 Checked
Cook 01-10-2016 * ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Farmer ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Forester 25-08-2016 25-08-2016 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Jeweller 22-08-2016 27-08-2016 * 01-10-2016 03-10-2016 * 29-11-2016 * ? ? ? ? ?
Metalsmith 21-08-2016 21-08-2016 21-08-2016 21-08-2016 * 24-08-2016 * ? ? ? ? 26-08-2016
Scholar 05-10-2016 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Tailor 25-08-2016 12-12-2016 12-12-2016 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Weaponsmith 21-08-2016 25-09-2016 * 29-08-2015 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Woodworker 13-09-2016 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
NPC Last Checked
NPC Burglar Trainer ?
NPC Captain Trainer ?
NPC Champion Trainer ?
NPC Guardian Trainer ?
NPC Hunter Trainer ?
NPC Lore-master Trainer ?
NPC Minstrel Trainer ?
NPC Rune-keeper Trainer ?
NPC Warden Trainer ?
NPC Supplier ?

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